Agents of SHIELD: 10 Theories For How Coulson Returned From The Dead

Agent of Coulson Alive Theory Scarlet Witch

One way to tie The Avengers in with a new character to be introduced in its sequel is to have the "cellist" that was intentionally written into The Avengers script by Joss Whedon in reference to someone Coulson was dating (Stark mentions it) be the Scarlet Witch. She has magical powers and in the Agents of SHIELD pilot, Whedon again intentionally uses the word "magical" in the script when Clark Gregg references Tahiti.

What if Coulson was reanimated by the magic of Scarlet Witch? She raised the dead in the comics...

It's not a coincidence that these choice words were used in these choice moments in both the film and TV series, both of which were written by Whedon. The question is whether or not they're connected.


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