Agents of SHIELD Clip: Coulson is on to Hydra's Plan

Last week, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. returned from its hiatus to bring the third and final arc of season 4. 'What If...' took viewers into the deep end of the Framework, catching them up on the new reality and status quo. In it, heroes are villains, dead traitors are living freedom fighters, and Hydra rules over America with an iron fist. It was an episode packed full of suspense and real world connections, but left a lot of mystery for the remaining episodes to address.

A recent promo for Wednesday's episode revealed a number of other characters will be reintroduced and the Resistance will gain the aid of Daisy, Simmons, and Coulson. It also teased more of Madame Hydra, who controls not only the world but reality itself. Still, the promo revealed that Coulson will quickly realize Daisy is telling him the truth about the Framework. Now, a new clip gives us a hilarious taste of what Coulson's awakening will look like.

ABC (via CBR) delivered an extended sneak peek at the next episode, 'Identity and Change', with Coulson summing up everything Daisy's told him and realizing his suspicions have been true. It's a little odd considering how unwilling he was to believe Simmons last week, but his folder did confirm he's had his suspicions. The clip highlights that not all of Coulson's theories about how Hydra have been asserting control are grounded in reality. Then again, his blue soap theory is hardly any crazier than what's actually going on with Aida, Hydra, and the Framework.

Agents of SHIELD Cliffhanger Coulson Classroom

Aside from highlighting the Resistance and Madame Hydra, next week will likely explain more about Ward, always the double agent, as well as the Cambridge Incident. Fans will also get a chance to see what Mace has been up to, considering he's still operating as the Patriot and looks to be leading the fight against Hydra.

Another clip from the upcoming episode also offers a glimpse into Mack's new life. Considering he's happily living with his deceased daughter, it will likely be pretty hard for our heroes to convince him that this world isn't real. Mack has surely had some flashes, but his life with his daughter will be much harder to leave behind than Coulson's as a teacher. Of course, that will just make the drama that much richer.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. continues with ‘Identity and Change’ this Wednesday, April 11, on ABC.

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Source: CBR

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