Agent Carter Season 2 Clip: Jarvis Hates Los Angeles

Marvel gears up for season 2 of its period-piece actioner, Agent Carter this January. After saving New York from self-destruction, keeping her work for the Strategic Scientific Reserve under wraps, and attempting to escape the stereotypes of the '40s, Peggy Carter is on the case once more. The second season has Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell), Howard Stark (Dominic Cooper), and her cohort Edwin Jarvis (James D’Arcy) trading in the Big Apple for the City of Angels.

Switching locations won’t give Agent Carter much opportunity to enjoy the surf and sun of Southern California, though. Los Angeles brings new challenges, new villains, and new frustrations. One of those frustrations is dealing with Jarvis’ contempt for the city.

In the recent clip (see above) released by iTunes TV, Jarvis discusses his abject hatred for the city. Between calling out the denizens of Los Angeles as "uncivilized" and obsessed with avocados, as well as decrying the weak foliage (palm trees) and arid climate, it seems that there's some serious bad blood between Jarvis and the city. His dislike for the sprawling metropolis may be further explained when we finally meet his wife later in the season.

Agent Carter Season 2 Promo Just Getting Started

The first season found Peggy reeling from the apparent death of her beau, Steve Rogers (following along with Captain America: The First Avenger’s plotline). Cap’s death also paved the way for Carter’s second round, which will bring further growth to the character and revealing new pieces of the Marvel Cinematic Universe puzzle. Aside from battling new foes, teaming up with heroic West Coast comrades, and uncovering new menaces in post-WWII America, the season 2 also teases a new love interest for the super spy.

Agent Carter’s second go-round will be a true test for the show. Regardless of the early negative criticism, season 1 showed a lot of promise. Its snappy spy adventure-serial feel, retro settings, and golden-age costumes provided fans with a what-if sneak peek at the formative years of Marvel’s iconic heroes. Playing on the dark side of Hollywood also offers a lot of potential. If, as promised, the 10 episodes of season 2 are chock-full of film noir-inspired set pieces and atomic menaces, while offering new insight into the expanding Marvel Universe, Agent Carter could become an integral corner of Marvel’s heroic pantheon.

Despite Agent Carter's potential, the success of season 2 will depend largely on how well the show addresses its first season's shortcomings. If the show’s writers can move beyond the show's overblown nostalgia, as well as Carter’s at times almost satirical feminism, season 2 will be off to a great start.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. continues Tuesday December 1st with ‘Closure’ at 9pm on ABC. Agent Carter season 2 premieres Tuesday, January 5th at 9pm on ABC.

Source: iTunes TV

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