Hayley Atwell Would Be 'Tentative' About Agent Carter Return

Hayley Atwell isn't sure if she'd be down to reprise Peggy Carter if a Marvel's Agent Carter revival happens. Two years after the period TV series was unceremoniously canceled, calls for its revival once again picked up steam in the last few weeks after fans pushed for the show to replace Roseanne's vacated primetime slot on ABC, only to be further intensified by Marvel TV boss Jeph Loeb's comments about finding the small screen project a new network.

While fans are optimistic about Peggy's eventual return on the big screen with next year's Avengers 4 (due to the possibility of time-travel) and/or Captain Marvel (considering it takes place in the early '90s), there are some who would rather see the character back on the small screen in her own TV series. However, it seems like even if there are plans for a revival, it turns out that Atwell isn't sure if she's signing back up for it.

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Appearing on a panel at Ace Comic-Con over the weekend (via ComicBook), Atwell was asked during a Q&A session whether she's down to reprise her memorable Marvel role should an Agent Carter revival happen. However, the actress candidly shared that while she loved playing Peggy, she's unsure if she'll be willing to step back into her shoes just because a third season is happening.

“Well, I feel incredibly lucky to have been able to play a beloved character for so long, as is. It’s very unusual. I wouldn’t have thought starting off in my career that that would happen. You do one character for however many months and then you go and do the next. So I think it’s an unusual position to be in - it would be very unusual to have the choice to do that again.”

“I think the main thing, though, is if it were - if there were interest in Netflix or in her being in a film or something - that it would have to feel... it would have to feel right. I wouldn’t want to go over old ground. It would have to be new, there would have to be higher production values so she could do more. I’d have to feel like it’s not just, you know, ‘a case a week with Peggy Carter.’ If she’s had an impact on audiences, let that impact grow, so it delights them, but I think it should be to do with more of the current climate now. What are smart issues to bring up? How to create any sort of kind of social weight, an emotional kind of gravitas to the show.”

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“So I think on the principle of it, if somebody approached me with it, I would be appropriately kind of tentative about it. Because I would go, ‘Well, but, you’ve got to convince me of why we need this, and what for, and how is this a development of the two seasons that we’ve done?’ So that’s more of the question - I’d just want to do something new with her.”

Atwell's most recent comment about the possibility of coming back to an Agent Carter revival is noticeably different from her previous stance on the matter. In past interviews, the actress was very open in wanting to reprise the role if a third season ultimately happens - something that the fans are still interested in seeing. Having said that, Atwell's explanation about her seemingly change of heart is perfectly understandable considering that at the end of the day, she's the face of the show and she obviously wants to represent a project that she's proud to be part of.

To say the least, Atwell would be pleased to know that there's still a need for a Marvel's Agent Carter show - or frankly, any Peggy-centric stories. Despite MCU efforts to increase their female presence both on the big and small screen with characters such as Black Widow, Pepper Potts, Scarlet Witch, Gamora, Shuri, Okoye, Valkyrie, Jessica Jones, and Daisy Johnson, as well as the imminent arrival of the Wasp and Captain Marvel, the franchise is still far from having an equal number of male and female players. And while Peggy isn't a superhero in the traditional sense, she represents female empowerment not just in the MCU but in geek culture in general.

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Source: ComicBook

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