Marvel TV Updates: New 'Agent Carter' Images; 'Daredevil' Completes Production

Marvel Agent Carter and Daredevil Preview 2015

While fans wait for Marvel Studios to once again deliver big screen action in 2015 (with team-up sequel The Avengers: Age of Ultronfollowed by an Ant-Man solo film), there will be offerings on the small screen to help keep those same fans immersed in the MCU. In addition to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s much-improved second season, there will also be the spinoff miniseries Agent Carter debuting in January, as well as the first of Marvel's Netflix shows, Daredevil, sometime later.

Today we have updates about both Agent Carter and Daredevil; the former has revealed a new gallery of images from the series premiere, while the latter has officially finished production.


Daredevil Finishes Production

Charlie Cox in his early Daredevil costume

For months Marvel has been shooting its Netflix Daredevil series in and around NYC (with Jessica Jones on deck), capturing the authentic look of the Man Without Fear's home (Hell's Kitchen). Showrunner Steven DeKnight commemorated the completion of season 1 with the following tweet:

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