An Agent Carter Netflix Revival Wouldn't Work, Says Producer

Agent Carter producer Jose Molina increased doubts that the beloved Marvel Cinematic Universe TV series will return anytime soon. The series ended its run on ABC after two seasons a few years ago. It brought back Captain America: The First Avenger costars Hayley Atwell as Strategic Scientific Reserve agent Peggy Carter and Dominic Cooper as young Howard Stark. Episodes showed Carter's attempts to both combat the evil organization Hydra and to manage as a capable woman in a society that did not take her contributions seriously.

The show built up a loyal fanbase and earned critical acclaim, but ABC cancelled it when viewership failed to meet expectations. Regardless, hope has remained among both viewers and the cast and crew for a comeback for the series. And it's especially encouraging in light of reports that ABC will start filming the sixth season of Agent Carter's companion series, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., this week. Unfortunately, one of the show's producers dashes hopes of the series returning on one particular streaming service.

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In an interview with Den of Geek, Molina says a Netflix revival for Agent Carter wouldn't work. While Netflix does host its own branch of the MCU - and has revived other series before, like Arrested Development - Molina says this series wouldn't be a good fit. But he adds that everyone involved would be on board to make more episodes if they got the go-ahead.

"It would be lovely to think that Netflix (home to so many awesome Marvel shows) would pick it up, but their shows all share a common universe and timeline that Carter doesn’t share. Creatively, these shows tend to be very dark, and Agent Carter just doesn’t have dark and brooding in its DNA."

Hayley Atwell and Enver Gjokaj as Peggy Carter and Daniel Sousa in Agent Carter

The concern about the common timeline and themes of the Netflix MCU is valid. Those series, which include Luke Cage and The Punisher, are all considerably more violent and brooding than their counterparts on ABC. But the "common timeline" issue seems a bit misguided. Agent Carter and S.H.I.E.L.D. ran on the same network for two years despite taking place 70 years apart. Furthermore, every show is meant to take place within the MCU, but even Agent Carter's producer doesn't believe that to be the case, at least on a larger scale.

A third season would have presumably taken Agent Carter closer to converting the SSR into its modern incarnation of SHIELD. It also could have resolved the season-ending cliffhanger that had SSR agent Jack Thompson gunned down. The opportunity also existed to make more tie-ins to the films in the MCU. It's known from the first Ant-Man that Hank Pym has a history with the organization. So Agent Carter could have brought in a young version of the character to work alongside - or against - Stark. Molina isn't necessarily ruling out a return of the series - fan interest is definitely there - but he is still looking for a proper network to resurrect it, and he doesn't think Netflix is it.

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Source: Den of Geek

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