• Avengers: Endgame settles the debate about who's right during Captain America: Civil War 1 / 10

  • Cap and Tony were split regarding the Sokovia Accords which would put the Avengers under the U.N. 2 / 10

  • Cap was against the Accords, refusing to take orders from anyone after The Winter Soldier 3 / 10

  • Iron Man was for it, as by signing the Accords, they can better negotiate the best deal for how they operate 4 / 10

  • The argument caused the Avengers' breakup making it easy for Thanos to attack 5 / 10

    Avengers Infinity War Poster Thanos Vertical
  • In Endgame, Tony recalled how he repeatedly warned them of his visions 6 / 10

  • His anger was geared towards Cap, blaming him for refusing to compromise in Civil War 7 / 10

  • Had they found a middle ground to continue operating as a unit, they might've been able to stop Thanos 8 / 10

  • Instead of arguing his case, Cap remained silent, conceiving to Tony's points. 9 / 10

    Iron Man Endgame EW Cover Vertical
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