'The Age of Adaline' Trailer: A Timeless Romance with Blake Lively

Old age comes to us all eventually, unless we happen to be in a car accident and the wrecked car happens to be struck by lightning. As the Flash can testify, lightning carries some mysterious qualities that, under the right circumstances, gift its victims with superpowers; for the eponymous protagonist of Lee Toland Krieger's upcoming romantic drama The Age of Adaline, that superpower is eternal youth.

Adaline (played by Blake Lively) is born in 1908 and a century later is still stuck looking like a 35 year-old. The unwanted attention has led her to conceal her identity and avoid getting too attached to anyone, but her meeting with a handsome bearded man (Michiel Huisman, reprising his handsome bearded love interest role from Game of Thrones and Orphan Black) leads her to wonder if she it's time to start using her eternal life to actually live.

The first trailer for The Age of Adaline has now been released and the movie looks about as a close as possible to being based on a Nicholas Sparks novel as it can get without actually being based on a Nicholas Sparks novel. That might be because one of the screenwriters, J. Mills Goodloe, previously wrote the screenplay for Sparks adaptation The Best of Me. The other screenwriter is Salvador Paskowitz, whose only other credit is family skateboarding movie Nic and Tristan Go Mega Dega. This is quite a departure.

The Age of Adaline also stars Harrison Ford as an old friend of Adaline's who encounters her years later, and Ellen Burstyn as the daughter who grows up to look years older than her own mother. Krieger's previous films inslude romantic comedy Celeste and Jesse Forever and indie drama The Vicious Kind. The Age of Adaline arrives in theaters a couple of months too late for Valentine's Day, but nonetheless looks like a perfect date movie.



The Age of Adaline is out in theaters on April 24th, 2015.

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