That Blake Lively had a self-described “fanboy, Comic-Con, geeked-out” moment over being in the presence of Harrison Ford is not a surprise. The fact that she did so because the night beforehand she watched Ford’s Indiana Jones trilogy for the FIRST time (and still hasn’t seen Star Wars) however, is rather shocking. We’re willing to let this all slide since Lively’s re-telling of the tale is so self-deprecating and was preceded by a pointed discussion of sci-fi – all of which were in service to promoting her new movie The Age of Adaline.

The Lee Toland Krieger-directed Adaline is the story of a 29-year-old woman (Lively) who loses the ability to age after being involved in a car accident during a lightning storm and, after decades of uprooting her life to avoid suspicion, meets a man (Game of Thrones actor Michiel Huisman) who might be able to reset the course of her life.

Screen Rant recently spent a few minutes with Lively and Huisman to discuss the unique elements of the film, during which Lively shared her Harrison Ford embarrassment (he plays a key supporting role in the film), we prodded Huisman about his character’s arc on Game of Thrones and learned that Adaline and Star Trek have a few things in common.

This is sort of a tricky question, but I’m wondering if you can explain the magical science in the film?

Blake Lively: I don’t remember the name, the Vonn-something technology that will be discovered in the year 2047…

Michiel Huisman: Yes in the movie there’s a great word for it but what it kinds of means is that because of some bizarre accident that Adaline goes through, you kind of die in a car crash, but then there’s lightning in the water.

Lively: Yeah she crashes into freezing water, so the idea is that when she crashes it’s not the car crash it’s the freezing cold water [that stops her heart] and when the lightning hits the water it defibrillates her heart, so it’s something that it’s not ‘Oh one day a prince kissed her and now she can live forever.’ But they tell it in an interesting way because of a tech that won’t be discovered until blah blah year, that’ s what I loved about it, it’s scientific.

Huisman: It feels very scientific. I wouldn’t be surprised if people are like, ‘Let’s Google that, see if it’s actually possible’

Lively: It’s actually the next Star Trek, it’s a part of the franchise.

Yes, I could see that and then the next movie follows a different person with the same condition. Did you have to do anything in the water?

Lively: Yeah I did. I had to be in the car and crawl up the hill.

Huisman: You had to be upside down in the car.

Lively: But most of my aggressive and impressive things didn’t make it in, probably because they were only aggressive and impressive to me.

Blake Lively in Age of Adaline Blake Lively & Michiel Huisman Talk Age of Adaline Science, Harrison Ford & More

Blake Lively in ‘The Age of Adaline’

Like what?

Lively: Crawling up the hill broken and battered zombie-style, falling off the car and crawling out, stuff like that.

Huisman: I thought this was a super romantic movie.

Lively: It was, but we’re going for the sci-fi here, we’re hitting that audience in this interview. Then the next one we’re going to go for the romance.

She is very on point here for out Screen Rant audience. I have to ask a Thrones question of you, Ms. Emilia Clarke said Dany is going to be using her feminine wiles a lot more this season, I’m wondering if Daario is the catalyst for that?

Huisman: Yes, yes, for sure. Somehow I get to play all these characters that turn out to be the catalyst for something and yeah,that’s definitely the case for game of thrones this season. I’m very excited. But we’re here to talk about Adaline.

Lively: We can talk about ‘Game of Thrones’.

Huisman: Oh really?

Lively: Yeah.

Michiel Huisman and Blake Lively in Age of Adaline Blake Lively & Michiel Huisman Talk Age of Adaline Science, Harrison Ford & More

Michiel Huisman and Blake Lively in ‘The Age of Adaline’

What was the first Harrison Ford experience like for you both? I think he is so lovely in this.

Lively: He is really great in this movie. I met him at dinner before we started and he’s Harrison Ford and he’s a great actor and he’s and lovely man and a great father and all of these things, I got to just meet him as a person and someone I respect as an actor.  Mind you, side note, I’d never seen any ‘Indiana Jones’ movies or ‘Star Wars’ movies. My husband made me watch the Indiana Jones trilogy the night before shooting and then I just was like fanboy Comic-Con geeked out. It was amazing I didn’t show up to set with a whip and a hat.

Huisman: Don’t do that the night before you shoot.

Lively: It was such a bad [idea]. I could not speak to him, I so lost my cool, it’s all I wanted to talk about. I remember I finally confessed at the end of the day, I did that awful thing- I remember the crew members were like, ‘What just happened over there? I saw you turn bright red and your elbows were flying and Harrison went from smiling to looking disturbed and i saw you do an impression but you sounded like Cher and I think you were trying to do Sean Connery’ it was just a really bad moment in my life.

Huisman: But it wasn’t that bad. The cool thing is I think  when you get to work with great people like on our movie, Blake and Ellen Burstyn and Harrison and Kathy Baker, Amanda Crew, the first minute or two it’s like, ‘Oh my God, I’m working with you,or Harrison,’ people you’ve admired for so long, after like five minutes you realize we’re all trying to do the same thing, we all have a passion for telling good stories and we’re going to try to make the story the best possible.

The Age of Adaline opens in theaters April 24, 2015

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