'After Earth' Set Photos: Jaden Smith's Space Suit & Abandoned Planet

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M. Night Shyamalan's name has become something in the way of a punchline for many movie fans, but his new sci-fi project (titled After Earth) has been generating some genuinely positive buzz, thanks to the Oscar-winning screenwriting talent and noteworthy cast members who're joining forces with the divisive filmmaker.

A new image of star Jaden Smith - wearing what could be described as a futuristic space suit - from the After Earth set has surface online. Additionally, we've rounded up a handful of older photos from the project's shoot down in Costa Rica, offering an early look at the film's "abandoned" version of Earth.

After Earth takes place in the far future and centers around a father and son duo (Will and Jaden Smith) who crash-land on our home planet - which, at that point, has been abandoned by humanity for centuries. The son has a chance to prove his own worth when he ventures out and explores the mysterious and "sometimes scary" world, in the hopes of finding help for his injured father.

Check out pics of the younger Mr. Smith and his A-list father - who's been made to look much older here than he does in the upcoming Men in Black III - along with additional images of Shyamalan and his production team working around the Costa Rican landscape:

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Shyamalan recently revealed on his Twitter account that he's shooting After Earth in the high-resolution digital format (via Sony's F65 camera) and that the film won't be conceived in 3D as that "creates an expectation" in terms of scale - whereas "the style of ['After Earth'] is quiet and eerie," taking its cues from previous film works such as Kar Wai Wong's In the Mood for Love, in terms of atmosphere and lyrical visual style.

That all looks and sounds intriguing enough. Plus, truth be told, it would be nice to see Shyamalan's newfound willingness to actually collaborate with others on the screenplays for his movies pay off - with After Earth being a return-to-form for the auteur, especially in the aftermath of universally-despised releases such as The Last Airbender and The Happening.

Here's hoping for the best when After Earth arrives in theaters around the U.S. on June 7th, 2013.

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