After Axing a Story Line, 24 Elects a Woman To Lead The U.S.

Cherry Jones (The Village) has been cast as a female U.S. President in the next season of 24. An interesting development to be sure, but I'm hoping they get radical with the entire story.

And I pray that doesn't include the rumored/reported "Jack-is-a-villain" stuff I'm hearing. Vigilante? Sure, but not a villain. So what can they do?

I have only seen the excellent season 5 of 24 and the "started-great-but-ended-weird" season 6 (I haven't finished it yet because it got so strange by hour 18 or 19), but I feel like if the show can lose the Los Angeles surroundings for a completely different locale, it would help.

Plus, the idea of a vigilante Jack (also rumored, but I think the villainous Bauer was confused with the vigilante one, or vice versa) is appealing.

The studio killed a story line set in Africa, and now writers and producers are scrambling to pick up the slack as production looms. It also doesn't help that a potential writers' strike might happen soon, but let's hope they don't cope out and go back to the same thing.

I'm waiting for great things!

Source: ComingSoon

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