• The women of Marvel Cinematic Universe come together in an A-Force fan-poster 1 / 11

  • Avengers: Endgame gave fans a taste of what they can expect in an all-female film... 2 / 11

  • ...with one single epic shot featuring the powerful women of the franchise. 3 / 11

  • With that tease in mind, digital artist, awedeope.arts, created an awesome one-sheet for the potential A-Force movie. 4 / 11

  • Using a similar A logo from the Avengers, this poster, however, only features the MCU's female heroes 5 / 11

  • No concrete commitment yet if this project is in the cards for the MCU... 6 / 11

    Gamora Guardian Vertical
  • ...but Kevin Feige said that MCU will soon have more female than male heroes... 7 / 11

    Valkyrie Thor Ragnarok Vertical
  • a version of the A-Force film isn't out of the question. 8 / 11

    Letitia Wright as Shuri in Black Panther Vertical
  • The important thing is that they have a strong narrative that justifies the existence of the film. 9 / 11

    Danai Gurira as Okoye in Black Panther
  • Otherwise, it will feel nothing more than fan-service. 10 / 11

    Vertical Mantis Star Lord Infinity War
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