AFI Lists Top 10 Movies and TV Programs of 2010

AFI Top Ten Movies 2010

The American Film Institute announced its list of the Top 10 movies of 2010 today, giving film fans a likely glimpse at many of the movies in contention for the Best Picture Oscar at this year's Academy Awards.

AFI's Top 10 films represent a wide range of styles, from the brainy big budget action film Inception and the animated Toy Story 3 to the low-budget indie films Winter's Bone and The Kids Are All Right.

Several of the films on the list, including True Grit and The Fighter, have yet to make nationwide releases, but are already racking up major points with critics. Our own Kofi Outlaw gave The Fighter a perfect five star review.

Check below for the full list of the AFI's Top 10 films for 2010, as well as a video highlighting each of the movies.



The AFI's Top 10 Movies of 2010

The AFI awards are chosen by a diverse group of film professionals, including critics, writers, producers, and scholars. Some of the individuals who served on this year's AFI jury included producer Tom Pollock, screenwriter Diablo Cody (Juno), and famed critic Leonard Maltin.

The AFI also released its list of the Top Ten TV programs of 2010. The selections include several hit shows from cable channels AMC and HBO, as well as a handful of popular network comedies. Check out the full list below.

The AFI's Top 10 TV Programs

Of the TV selections, I've enjoyed Boardwalk Empire, The Pacific, and The Walking Dead immensely this year. I've heard nothing but good things about Breaking Bad, but still haven't gotten around to watching the show from the beginning.

What do you think of the AFI's selections for best movies and TV shows? Is there anything you would add that's missing, or anything that you don't think belongs?

Source: AFI

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