The Affair: 10 Questions We Need Answered Before it Ends

The Affair is a steamy TV show packed with plot twists. Going into its final season, we still have questions about Noah, Alison and everyone else.

The Affair has captivated audiences for four seasons. With a smart narrative switching perspectives every episode and a mysterious plot, fans have to a lot to come back for. The show was well-received by critics and the scores on sites such as Rotten Tomatoes and reflect that. The storylines switched in the following seasons and expanded to new cast members, helping us get a better picture of the characters' ways of thinking. Each viewpoint is differs with memory bias, leaving us wanting answers to the series’ dramatic questions before it ends this season.

10 What Will Happen Between Anton and Noah?

Anton proved himself to be a fan favorite at the beginning of Season 4. He wasn’t someone Noah had originally expected when he started teaching at a lesser-known charter school. With seemingly every student being bored with Orson Welles’ Animal Farm, Anton stood out from the pack with his writing and literary analysis skills. With Noah taking a liking to him, it leaves us to wonder if Noah will somehow warp Anton's very impressionable personality in the upcoming season.

9 How Will Joanie Find Out About Her Mother's Death?

With Alison's death in Season 4, fans can’t help but wonder how her baby daughter will find out. With Season 5 taking place two to three decades into the future, Joanie isn’t the five-year-old we last saw. She’s a grown adult who needs answers of what went down in her dark childhood. The audience knows what happened, but this is a pivotal point in this character's story arc. How will this affect the people she knew from her childhood like Noah? Will she cut off ties with the people she loves? How much like her mother is she?

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8 Why Did Alison and Cole Leave The Show?

Of course, Ruth Wilson won't be back as Alison, but it's confirmed that Joshua Jackson won’t be returning as Cole either. This left fans scratching their heads, and it didn’t help when Wilson revealed that she wasn’t allowed to speak on why she left the show or if she would even make a small appearance. Maybe this is to keep fans from guessing any plot twists ahead of time. Here's hoping we're in for a thrilling treat!

7 Why Is Noah’s Girlfriend Making A Comeback?

Sanna Lathan did a fantastic job portraying Noah’s new girlfriend Janelle in Season 4. The couple’s love signaled a possible happy life for Noah, but with the past season's events, it doesn't look like that happiness will last. Or maybe it will. With Lathan reprising her role in Season 5, fans are looking forward to seeing what happened in the last few decades. Janelle's ex-husband will also be showing up, possibly stirring up more drama. Let’s hope Noah and Janelle come out okay.

6 How Will Vik And Emily Work-Out?

Another shocking revelation in Season 4 was Emily’s pregnancy with Vik’s child, and this is right after we see Vik with a prognosis that none of us would want. Vic seems to accept this fate in the hospital bed, and he and Helen share their final “I love you" before Emily drops the bombshell. This leaves us wondering if Vik will even be alive to see the birth of his child or if his death will be in the first few episodes. Let's hope for a miracle cure.

5 Will Ben Be Outed?

We know Ben killed Alison in a very violent outburst before dumping her body in the sea, but other characters are under the impression she killed herself. With each character grieving her loss and blaming themselves for the gloomy event, Ben seems to have gotten a "get out of jail free" card and no one is suspecting him at all. This makes us wonder if Joanie will finally connect the pieces as an adult, and who else will be alive to find out the truth. How will they cope with the fact they let a murderer walk free for three long decades?

4 What's Happened Since The Time Jump?


It’s not abnormal for each season of a show to have a bit of time pass in between, sometimes even years. But twenty to thirty? That’s multiple generations. What did the characters do in this time span? Who worked out? Who died? How did Alison's untimely death affect everyone in the long run? Will Noah ever forgive himself? These are the questions we really hope get answered this next season and give us some much-needed closure.

3 Will Paul And Joanie Be Okay?

With Paul being the mother of Joanie’s two children, his character is one that seems to be refreshing. The love on his side is very real and he’s consistently shown himself to be a dedicated husband and father. He states he’s routinely helping his wife from “falling off the cliff of depression” . This is because Joanie doesn’t know what really went down in her extremely dark childhood and it’s starting to catch up with her now. Does Paul play a role in helping Joanie find out the truth about her mother? Or will he only worsen things?

2 What Role Will EJ Play?

Making yet another reprisal from the other seasons, EJ steps back into his supporting role to help cut loose ties in this final season. He’s an epigenetic scientist, which is someone who studies the heritable changes in our genes. Joanie meets him in Montauk and a strong friendship starts to grow . Will his role as a scientist help Joanie understand the deep roots of her depression? Will he help Joanie track down her mother’s real killer? There has to be a reason the writers brought him back and we’re sure it’s because he has a very important role.

1 Helen's New Boyfriend?

With Helen and Noah accepting it’d be best to part ways, we couldn't help but wonder if she'd meet someone new. Surprisingly, her new beau Sasha Mann is a charismatic A-list movie star, a stark contrast to Helen’s previous intellectual husband. We’re really excited to see the possible clashes between Sasha and Noah and how they will affect Helen. Will she finally have found someone suitable to settle down with for good? Or will the same vicious cycle that happened with her and Noah eventually starting up again?

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