'The Affair' Seeks Reconciliation

With Summer break at an end, Noah and Alison try to keep their separate lives from falling apart in 'The Affair' season 1, episode 7: '7.'

[This is a review of The Affair season 1, episode 7. There will be SPOILERS.]


With only three episodes remaining in The Affair's stellar first season, Alison and Noah try to make everything right by starting over, but are their wounds too deep to mend?

For now, the interrogations are over, as we see Detective Jeffries slowly putting his case together. Last week we learned that Noah had in fact gone to that bar Jeffries asked him about, only to find out that the establishment has no record of him ever being there. Since this whole story is based on hearsay, or flashbacks, it's difficult to know who's truly being honest. Perhaps the good detective is hiding something?

Jeffries may not be the focal point of this season, but there are some interesting circumstances surrounding his investigation. Firstly, don't most detectives have partners when working a case? This reviewer is no expert in matters of criminal law, but in the world of television, there's usually a partner. It almost seems as though Jeffries is working this case without anyone even knowing about it. Do you think he has a separate agenda?

Sticking to what we know for sure, the Lockhart family is in a sticky situation in both their personal and business lives. Scotty, the one we know to be the murder victim, appears to be a hothead. Cole's plan for making peace with Oscar was sound, until his younger brother punched him in the gut. A miscalculated move for sure, but is that what will eventually lead to Scotty's death? Either way, the Lockhart boys are in way over their heads.

Neither party can come out looking like a hero after an affair, but Noah gets a golden star for at least attempting to find some semblance of reconciliation with his wife. He made one of the worst mistakes a married man can make, but somehow found the courage to admit his errors.

Maura Tiernry (The Good Wife) gave an outstanding performance this week as Helen. For most of this season, she has simply been the woman waiting at home, but now that the truth is out, Tierny proved how good of an actor she really is. With Showtime confirming a second season order for The Affair, we can hopefully look forward to seeing more of Helen's point of view.

Alison, unlike Noah, waited to be found out by Cole and her mother-in-law before admitting to everything. It's difficult to read what she's thinking since each version of her is so vastly different. Noah, for the most part, has a normal life, but Alison's is complicated beyond all reason. Even as Cole is pouring out his heart to her about his past, there's no way of knowing if she feels bad for what she's done. Noah may be conflicted, too, yet Alison seems to have already checked out of her marriage. From the talks with Jeffries, it's evident that she has another child some time in the future, but is that Cole's child? We'll just have to wait and see.

Now that their secrets are out, it will be interesting to see if Noah and Alison can keep their existing marriages together. Also, we still have Scotty's murder to solve. Keep watching to see what happens next.

The Affair continues with '8' next Sunday @10pm on Showtime. Check out a preview below:




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