'The Affair': Welcome to the Inner Circle

Noah learns more secrets about Alison's dealings in 'The Affair' season 1, episode 6: '6'.

[This is a review of The Affair season 1, episode 6. There will be SPOILERS.]


The Affair reveals its most intimate secrets this week, as Alison's drug dealing family business was finally exposed. Dominic West (Noah) channeled his former persona from The Wire by using his detective skills to uncover the truth behind the taxi stand's front.

This is another episode of firsts for the series, with Detective Jeffries noticeably missing, possibly due to the fact that he concluded his interviews in last week's outing. Did anyone catch the name of the bar plastered across a surfboard hanging from the ceiling?

Well, if you did, then you know that this is the same bar called "The End," which Jeffries alluded to last week while questioning Noah. The significance of that location still remains a mystery, but Noah lied nonetheless, which makes him all the more suspicious. Did something happen there with Noah and Alison that we missed, or is there an event still waiting to happen?

As with each episode of The Affair, there are small quirks and subtle changes to each point of view. Clothing and attitude typically take center-stage, with each story differing ever so slightly. After the party at the bar, Noah sees Alison rushing off in jeans and a black top, while Alison remembers herself wearing more subdued attire. Perhaps this is taking it too far, but in her recollections, it's like she sees herself as the victim through her clothing. Noah looks at her and sees a beautiful strong-willed woman who is confident in her sexuality as well as in her career choices (no matter how illegal they might be). She denies, or fails to admit the dealing when Noah confronts her at the ranch.

From Alison's perspective, Noah's confrontation takes place at her friend's home,  while she's wearing her comfortable simple country girl outfit. She cries in this scene, while also claiming that she doesn't care about the consequences of her actions. Alison continues to see herself as the victim. Noah has issues of his own, but he seems to want to fix his family life. He may be unfaithful, yet the aspiring writer doesn't look like he's trying to run away from anything. Last week he asked Alison if she'd go away with him - do you think he would actually leave his family?

Noah's son Martin (Jake Richard Siciliano) had his moment to shine this week, especially during Alison's story. The writers are doing a fantastic job of exploring more of the characters. It's easy to see that creators Levi and Treem have a deep respect for their supporting cast. Sure, this series is about the story of Noah and Alison, but like all relationships, there are friends and family that can have either a positive, or negative effect on the situation. The Affair boldly explores all of these intricate avenues while simultaneously creating one of the best dramas on television. Thankfully, Showtime has officially announced a second ten-episode season of the series, which should air sometime in late 2015. Are you excited to journey further into the lives of Noah and Alison?

With the Lockhart family drug ring exposed, one would have to assume that the families finding out about Noah and Alison's indiscretion would have to be made public as well. Will they be found out next week, or is this something that will wait until the finale? Keep watching to see what happens next.

The Affair continues with '7' next Sunday @10pm on Showtime. Check out a preview below:

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