AEW's Second Show, Fyter Fest, to Stream for Free

AEW (All Elite Wrestling) announces that its second show, Fyter Fest in June, will stream absolutely free on the B/R Live streaming service. Last month, AEW made its grand debut on the world stage with its inaugural pay-per-view card, Double or Nothing. The event was broadcast live from Las Vegas, and featured a main event of multi-time WWE champion Chris Jericho taking on Kenny Omega, a favorite of wrestling diehards that made his name having classics over in New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Following that match, Double or Nothing's biggest surprise took place, as wrestling's hottest free agent, Jon Moxley, debuted and attacked both competitors. Moxley, formerly known in WWE as Dean Ambrose, famously left that company earlier this year after his contract expired, and has since done extensive interviews detailing how much he grew to hate the creative process within WWE. Moxley grew tired of butting heads with WWE's writing team and his boss Vince McMahon, and decided long before his contract was up that he would leave as soon as he was able.

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Moxley will make his in-ring debut at AEW's second show, Fyter Fest, which is set to take place in Daytona Beach, FL on June 29. It's been a bit unclear what the plans were for Fyter Fest's broadcast, although some marketing has said it would stream on B/R Live, the online outlet that also carried Double or Nothing. Unlike that show, which cost $50 to watch, it's now confirmed that Fyter Fest will stream absolutely free. The news was revealed at the E3 expo today, by Kenny Omega himself. Check the video out below, via Twitch.

Streaming Fyter Fest for free is a very savvy move on AEW's part, especially after the high cost to watch Double or Nothing. While the company obviously needs to make money, wrestling fans can get five months of the WWE Network for $50,  enabling them to watch multiple pay-per-view events during that period. Charging $50 for one show is a bit much when wrestling's top dog charges so much less. It's unclear if future AEW shows will go back to the $50 pricing, but for now, offering Fyter Fest for free is a genius decision.

In addition to Moxley's debut match against "Bad Boy" Joey Janela, the Fyter Fest card also currently includes AEW boss Cody Rhodes taking on Darby Allin, "Hangman" Adam Page facing off with dastardly heel MJF, Jungle Boy, and Jimmy Havoc in a four-way encounter, and a six-man-tag main event of Omega and The Young Bucks vs. Pentagon, Fenix, and a mystery partner. Fyter Fest is being held in conjunction with the annual CEO fighting game event headed by Alex Jebailey, who will actually be stepping into the ring as well, against Michael Nakazawa.

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