Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson Talk 'The Adventures of TinTin'

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The Adventures of TinTin finally hits theaters this week, and if early reviews are any indication, director Steven Spielberg and producer Peter Jackson have a hit on their hands (which should be no surprise considering their respective track records).

Tintin follows the exploits of Belgian comic hero TinTin, his dog Snowy, and the irascible Captain Haddock as they face down danger in the hunt for a sunken treasure. The movie, which is 30 years in the making, was filmed entirely with motion-capture technology and looks to combine both Spielberg and Jackson's talents into a fun, Indiana Jones-style adventure.

Recently, The Hollywood Reporter had the fantastic opportunity to sit down and talk with both Spielberg and Jackson about The Adventures of TinTin. During their nearly 30 minute chat, the filmmakers discussed everything from their love of the original TinTin comics, their collaborative process, to the highly technical details of working with motion-capture technology.

Check out the interview below:

Sitting down for an extended chat with Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson would be a dream come true for any serious film fan, and it's easy to see why. In the interview, both directors offer illuminating insights into the multi-year process of bringing the famous European comic character to life.

Of particular interest were Steven Spielberg's comments regarding the actual process of shooting with a similar rig to the kind used by James Cameron on Avatar. While some have been critical of how TinTin's motion-capture looks, it's interesting to hear Spielberg discuss how much more footage he could film in a given day with the technology.

It's obvious why directors like Cameron and Spielberg have spoken highly of motion-capture technology. The ability to effectively see the movie in realtime is a huge creative breakthrough. Motion-capture performances may not be respected by the mainstream yet (though Fox hopes to change that with an Oscar nomination for Andy Serkis in Rise of the Planet of the Apes), but clearly mo-cap as a medium is here to stay.

Are you looking forward to seeing The Adventures of TinTin on the big screen this Wednesday?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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