Why The Adventure Time Season 11 Comic Series Isn't Canon

Adventure Time to conclude in 2018 after season 9

The Adventure Time Season 11 comic may have continued the story of Finn and Jake beyond the events of the TV finale, but it isn't a canon continuation either. Adventure Time is an acclaimed animated series that debuted on Cartoon Network in 2010. The show is set in the Land of Ooo and follows the surreal adventures of a young boy called Finn and his shape-shifting dog Jake. Ooo is filled with all sorts of bizarre characters, from vampires to demons, and Jake and Finn frequently find themselves clashing with the Ice King.

The lore behind Adventure Time is also incredibly dense and well thought out, with Ooo being a fully fleshed out fantasy world. The quality of the show attracted a grown-up audience too, who could appreciate some of the show's darker humor and storytelling. The show soon became a cult hit, inspiring video games, comics, toys, and assorted spinoffs. An Adventure Time animated movie version was also mooted at one point, but it appears there are currently no plans to pursue one.

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Despite the popularity of Adventure Time, its ratings started to wane during later seasons, with Season 10 bringing the show to an end in 2018. The series finale "Come Along With Me" found Finn and Jake trying to save the Land of Ooo from being destroyed in the Great Gum War, which was being fought between Princess Bubblegum and Gumbald. In keeping with the show's tone, it was a hyperactive, funny and emotional end.

It's becoming more and more common for movies and TV shows to receive comic books that continue the adventures of the main characters. Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season Eight and Angel: After The Fall are two examples, and comic book publisher Boom! Studios continued the adventures of Kurt Russell's Jack Burton in their Big Trouble In Little China spinoff series. Fans disappointed by the end of Adventure Time could take heart with the announcement Boom! would continue the misadventures of Finn and Jake in comic series Adventure Time Season 11.

Like the title suggests, Adventure Time Season 11 continues the story beyond the finale, with the characters picking up the pieces following the events of "Come Along With Me." While the comic received good reviews and helped eased the pain of the series coming to an end, showrunner Adam Muto would later state no one from the series was creatively involved with the Boom! comic, and calling it Season 11 was something of a stretch. He also stated the comic shouldn't be considered canon.

Sadly, Adventure Time Season 11 would prove shortlived, with writer Ted Anderson confirming Boom! canceled the comic due to low sales, ending with issue #6. Canon or not, the comic was still a fun series in its own right, so fans of the show should give it a try.

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