First Ever 24-Hour Adult Swim Channel Coming To Canada Next Month

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Next month, Canada will be getting its first ever 24-hour Adult Swim channel. Launching back in 2001, Adult Swim was one of the first programming blocks dedicated to bringing animated and live-action series to young adults. Though the exact lineup has changed over the years, popular TV shows like Rick and Morty, Robot Chicken, Tim & Eric's Bedtime Stories, The Eric Andre Show, Family Guy, Bob's Burgers, Lazor Wulf, and American Dad have entertained viewers for years now.

Often compared to some of the best comedy programming on TV, many of these series have even gone on to win Emmys. Rick and Morty most recently won an Emmy for Best Animated Program, singling out the season 3 episode "Pickle Rick" as a standout for writing. Adult Swim airs nightly in the U.S., only between the hours of 8pm to 6pm, but now Canadian viewers will get a chance to watch the network's programming any time of day for the first time ever.

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Corus Entertainment revealed that a 24-hour Adult Swim channel will come into effect on April 1. Canadians will have access to a two-month free preview of 24-hour Adult Swim, from the launch date to May 31. Adult Swim programming will also be available On Demand for free until January 2020.

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Until recently, Adult Swim programs have only aired in Canada on Teletoon at Night, a programming slot dedicated to more adult-oriented shows such as American Dad and Rick and Morty. But come April Fools' Day, that programming will shift to the new Adult Swim channel, while Cartoon Network and Teletoon will air more family-friendly content only. For those Canadians wondering where to specifically find this new Adult Swim Channel, the Action channel will be rebranded to become Adult Swim. Daniel Eves, SVP of TV Networks, Corus Entertainment commented on the announcement, saying:

"We're thrilled to bring the unique Adult Swim experience to viewers in Canada. Building on the existing popularity of Adult Swim content, a 24/7 Adult Swim channel underscores Corus' dedication to delivering content that audiences crave. Adult Swim rounds out our specialty portfolio with its one-of-a-kind programming, and strengthens Corus' presence as the leader in specialty entertainment in Canada."

Many Canadians were disappointed when Bob's Burgers was removed from Netflix. However, this new Adult Swim channel will bring back the Belchers, making the platform a truly exciting one for Canada. So many of these shows prove to be popular both online and abroad, so a dedicated channel seems like a perfect fixture for many looking for a quick fix any time of day. This push for a dedicated channel may also prove a successful method to bring a focus back to cable. However antiquated the notion of cable subscriptions may seen to many, especially to younger people who choose chord cutting more and more every year. The channel will nevertheless be available across Canada for those who choose to subscribe even with the high cost of TV cable packages

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Keep an eye on as more information on the 24-hour Adult Swim channel rolls out in the coming months.

Source: Corus Entertainment

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