16 Adult Jokes You Completely Missed In Pixar Movies

Pixar movies may be made for kids, but the adults need to get something out of them too. Did you catch any of these jokes?

Let's be frank: for every fantastic, world-building, and visually-stimulating animated movie for children that makes its way to theaters there's another one that's cheaply produced, shoddily animated, and just pretty terrible. These are the bane of the existence of all parents - mindless garbage that their kid loves and they are forced to endure because they love their kid.

Luckily for us, there's a company called Pixar who keeps turning out many, if not all, amazing, wonderful films for kids and adults alike. There's great characters, beautiful scenery, and a plot that works for both kids and kids at heart.

Due to this, Pixar knows you are watching, and rewards you for it. In every film, they are able to slip in a few jokes that are going to fly over the head over kids, but will make you spit out whatever drink you're sipping in the theater. Some of them are actually pretty shocking and we applaud the cojones on the Pixar higher-ups for letting them slip through.

We present to you: 16 Adult Jokes You Completely Missed In Pixar Movies.

16. Toy Story 2's Big Surprise

In the Toy Story sequel, we were introduced to Woody's extended gang, including his horse Bullseye and his female cowgirl compatriot, the acrobat and yodeling Jessie.

When these toys are all brought together in Andy's room, Buzz stammers his way through an enamored introduction, failing to get his words out: "Uh, ma - ma'am?" he says to her, "I, uh, um, well, I just wanted to say you're a bright young woman with a beautiful yarn full of hair. A hair full of yarn. It's ah... um... I must go."

However, it's the next moment that really impresses Buzz, as Jessie skateboards on a Hot Wheels track, soars through the air, and grabs onto the door knob, opening the door.

Buzz's stunned reaction: his wings pop open with an audible spring noise. It's as awkward as it is amusing. We love a little juvenile humor that is in no way made for juveniles.

11 Cars' Biggest Fans

Headlights in Cars

In the first Cars, we're introduced to Lighting McQueen, hotshot hot-rod of the racing circuit. He's first in all the races, gets all the glory, has all the fans. Two of those admirers include Mia and Tia,  fangirl cars painted in Lightning's signature red and covered in his stickers. They straight-up tell him: "We're like your biggest fans."

This doesn't end with just spoken admiration. When they meet for the first time, the two in synchronized motion flash their headlights at the star as they get dragged away by security. Lighting's response: "I love being me."

We can say that we had never thought about what part of the body headlights would be if a car was personified, but clearly, Pixar has and, honestly, it's a little weird and a lot hilarious.

14. Ratatouille's Little Secret

Disney Dirty Joke Ratatouille

It's not easy keeping a secret, but it has to be even harder when that secret is an rat who is controlling your body by the hair and helping you become the greatest chef in Paris.

We don't know, it's never happened to us, it just seems hard.

This is why when poor Remy has to tell Colette about his "disturbing secret," he doesn't really know where to start. So he tells her that he has "a little... tiny... something."

Colette's first reaction to this? She quickly glances down below his waist with a disgusted look on her face.

It's a moment that happens so quick that you almost miss it, but it's obviously there when you re-watch. Don't worry Remy! Everyone knows it's not the size of your adorable, intelligent rat; it's all in how you use him.

10 Things get clucked up in The Good Dinosaur 

As anyone who's ever worked on a farm (or played any Legend of Zelda game) knows, chickens can be a real pain. This is what the plucky dinosaur Arlo from The Good Dinosaur learns as he tries to help his family out with their livestock.

During his round of chores, the little green hero gets chased out of the pen by an angry chicken during his first round of feeding. Gathering up his courage, he heads back into the pen and let's them know what's what: "Alright, you cluckers, you're about to get fed," he says with madness in his eyes.

The play-on-words had to be missed by most kids, but we imagine if they started going around calling people "cluckers," their parents wouldn't be too happy.

9 Finding Nemo Has Something Different

Everyone has something a little special about them. This is the lesson Nemo's new schoolmates try to show him on his first day of school in Finding Nemo. One is "H2O intolerant," one is "obnoxious", and the little pink octopus has a tentacle that's a little shorter than the other ones.

The joke here is one that will only be understood by the best marine biologists: on a male octopus, the one shorter tentacle is actually not a tentacle at all - it's the octopus' genitalia. Now, granted, in Finding Nemo, the little octopus is female, so there's no real cause for any kind of outcry. However, the joke is still just as obscurely adult as it is amusing.

8 Toy Story's Dark Toys

Pixar's first film is a lighthearted story about the adventures our toys have when we're not looking. However, as the film progresses, things actually gets pretty dark, especially as we're introduced to Syd, a monster in child form who likes to play Frankenstein with his toys - ripping them apart and creating hideous creations from the pieces.

One of these sad creatures is a pretty weird joke made for an adult audience. There is a pair of female legs wearing high heels attached to a lime-green fishing pole. Here, Syd has created a literal "hooker" to play with alone in his bedroom. We understand that teenage boys' minds may be the dirtiest thing on the planet, but yeah, this is a little too much for us.

7 Cars 2's Awful Party

This may literally be the dirtiest joke Pixar has ever done, and we guarantee it went over the head of almost everyone.

In the sequel to the original, the main group of villains are known as The Lemons, or a group of cars who are older and rundown. At one point, they come together and throw a celebration, complete with lemon decorations. They even declare that "it's a great party."

They throw a literal lemon party.

Now, some of you may be scratching your head at the joke. That's probably for the best. A lemon party is an extremely NSFW meme. Do not - and we can't stress this again - DO NOT go searching for it. It's awful. So a true tip of the hat to Pixar for a subtle shout-out to something truly terrible.

6 Inside Out Know's Whats Up

Inside Out

Do you control your emotions or do your emotions control you? This is an important question that the brilliant Inside Out tried to answer. We loved watching the different representations of Riley's governing emotions process all the changed in her life and their conversations with each other made the film.

One of the best ones comes when Fear worries that there could be a bear attack and Disgust points out there are no bears in San Francisco - the city Riley and her family have just moved to, and one with a famously large gay population. Anger's response is simply: "I saw a real hairy guy, he looked like a bear."

Well played Pixar. There are, indeed, bears in San Francisco after all.

5 The Incredibles Got Busy

Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl

We're not sure how much kids know about the "birds and the bees" (probably more than we think), we just didn't think they'd point it out in a Pixar movie like The Incredibles.

After the Incredible family reunites on Syndrome's evil island, they're all caught together by the villain. When he arrives, he notices their matching uniforms and says to Mr. Incredible, "Oh no, you married Elastigirl?" Then, realizing there are kids in the mix, he responds with a fantastic quote made, truly, only for adults: "And! Got! Busy!"

We hope some kid, somewhere out there, turned to his or her parents and asked, "What did they get busy doing?" Ah, the joyful curiosity of children, isn't it wonderful?

7. Toy Story 3's "Ascot"

Toy Story 3 Ken's Dating Tips ads

Wrapping up our fun adult humor in the Toy Story trilogy, there's a scene where star-crossed lovers, Barbie and Ken, finally meet. Obviously there's sparks flying the long-awaited moments happens. It's like they were made for each other or something!

We couldn't help but laugh at one particular exchange during their first meeting. Ken says to Barbie, "Love your leg warmers." Barbie then replies, "Nice ascot," emphasizing the S sound just a little bit more than she should.

Their meeting is quickly broken up, but we enjoyed this tête-à-tête filled with sexual tension so thick, you could cut it with a plastic toy knife. We can't wait to see what additional adult humor comes up in Toy Story 4.

4 Cars' "Top Down"

In our research we discovered a true gem from Cars that had to be on here. It's such a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment that we think almost everyone hasn't seen it.

As Mack and Lightnight drive down the highway (to the oh-so-subtle tune of Rascal Flatt's cover of "Life is a Highway"), they pass by a rest stop. Mack wants to take a break but Lightning pushes him on past it.

Did you happen to read what the sign on that stop said? It proudly declares that it's the Top Down Truckstop, with a sign underneath reading "All Convertible Waitresses." We don't know what kind of relaxation Mack was looking for, but we don't think it was kid-friendly. It's probably best that they drove on by.

5. Up's Musical Humor

Kevin the Snipe Up - Pixar Spinoffs

Even Up, arguably the most heart-wrenching film in Pixar's repertoire (oh god, that first montage, it still makes us sob), isn't against throwing in a little childish humor made for adults.

This is a deep -cut joke that doesn't actually come from what we see on screen, but from the film's score. One of the big plot points of Up is that the dastardly Charles F. Muntz wants to capture the legendary and elusive Snipe, a giant colorful flightless bird. Carl and Russell work hard to keep this creature out of the villain's hands, but it doesn't always work the way they want.

Buried in the middle of Up's beautiful score, done by the great Michael Giacchino, is a track that simply reads: "Giving Muntz The Bird." It's a title that any kid might take literally and would cause any adult to chuckle.

4. Finding Dory Gets Poked

Hank (Ed O'Neill) and Dory (Ellen DeGeneres) in Finding Dory

Hank, the gruff, grumbling, and in the end, lovable octopus (voiced by Al Bundy himself, Ed O'Neill) that helps poor Dory in Finding Dory has not had an easy life. All he really wants to do is live in the safe aquarium instead of going back to the ocean, but that definitelydoesn't go well for him.

During one epic chase scene, poor Hank is dragged through a tank until a female finger touches him lightly and he ends up inking all over himself and the tank. Yikes, that's embarrassing.

Aw, it's okay, Hank. We've all been there. Don't worry even one tentacle about it (especially not, you know, that one that's a little smaller than the rest.)

3 A Bug's Life

Little country bug Flik goes to the big city for the first time in A Bug's Life and discovers many things he had never experienced or even seen before: bright nightlife, new sights, a whole collection of strange people, and of course, booze.

Wait, what was that last one?

Yes, Flik finds himself at his first ever bar - the aptly named Bug Bar - where a mosquito lands next to him and hilariously orders a "Bloody Mary, O+" He then sucks up the red droplet, gets bloated, woozy, hits his head on the bar, and passes out onto the floor.

It's a quick throwaway gag but one that's pretty funny the more you think about it. Oh, those crazy bugs.

2 Monsters, Inc.'s Bathroom Humor

When a kid goes missing, you sometimes have to look everywhere to find them, even in the most awkward of places.

When Boo runs off from her surprised de facto-caretakers in Monsters, Inc., Mike and Sully go on a hunt throughout the monster world to find her. Sully starts think she may have gone missing in the men's restrooms and begins to search everywhere for her

This is where Mike walks in, finding Sully peeping under the stall. He stops, gives him a suspicious stare and asks, "What are you doing?" What indeed? Was he trying to meet up with the San Fransisco bear of legend?

We're usually not a fan of toilet humor, but when it's this literal, it does make us laugh for sure.

1 Brave Goes There

Pixar Brave Bears

Without a doubt, one of the funniest parts of Brave were the triplets: first as mischievous kids, then as hijinx-causing adorable bears. Harris, Hubert, and Hamish started off as three princelings and younger brothers to Merida, but they were turned into bear cubs by The Spell Cake, infused with magic from the witch.

In one particularly adult moment, the triplets need to get Merida out of her cell and chase down Maudie to get in. When they have her surrounded, one dives headfirst straight into her bosom to retrieve the key, with the camera going straight down into her cleavage. At this, one of the other little bears points and laughs. Honestly, we're not ashamed to say we did the same.


What other Pixar jokes went over our heads that you love? Leave them in the comments!

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