Adrift Trailer: Shailene Woodley & Sam Claflin Get Lost at Sea

Shailene Woodley and Sam Claflin star in the first trailer for Adrift. After making their marks in big Hollywood films adapting young-adult novels, the stars of Adrift find themselves doing something much smaller. Woodley is still best known for being the face of the Divergent franchise, which came to a sudden halt after three movies. Claflin, meanwhile, found his biggest role to date by playing Finnick Odair in the final three Hunger Games movies.

Since their respective YA franchises finished, Woodley and Claflin have refocused their careers. Woodley made the move to TV with Big Little Lies last year, but also stepped into the biopic genre with Snowden. Claflin has since starred in the love story Me Before You, 2017's third Dunkirk inspired story Their Finest, and more. Now, they're joining forces and trying to stay alive.

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STX Entertainment debuted the official trailer for Adrift today, offering a first look at the incredible true story Woodley and Claflin are helping bring to life. The movie follows a couple who embark on an ambitious sailing adventure, only to be caught up in the largest storm the Pacific Ocean has ever seen. With their boat in ruins and Claflin's Richard Sharp badly injured, its up to Woodley's Tami Oldham to patch up the ship and return them to safety.

When it comes to true stories, the one Adrift aspires to tell should be an impactful one, and in good hands. Not only are Claflin and Woodley involved, but it is directed by Baltasar Kormákur. The Icelandic director often gravitates towards telling true stories in his films, and did so very successfully in 2016's Everest starring Josh Brolin and Jason Clarke. Kormákur found the right balance in that movie to build up the characters, so that their final destinations had an emotional impact.

Based on this first trailer, it looks like Kormákur will try to use a similar structure with Adrift. The trailer shows the beginning of Tami and Richard's relationship, to establish a connection with the audience early on. Then presumably once viewers have accepted their love, Kormákur will set them off on an adventure that will test them like never before.

Even though this isn't a major blockbuster, Adrift is coming out in the heart of the summer season, and could make it difficult for it to make much of a splash. It is the biggest release on June 1st, but the competition around it is tough. It hits theaters a week after Solo: A Star Wars Story, and Ocean's 8 hits theaters a week after Adrift debuts. With Avengers: Infinity War and Deadpool 2 also likely to still be major players at that point, Adrift will need a strong push to make its mark. This trailer is a nice start, but it will need much more.

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Source: STX Entertainment

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