Adrianne Palicki To Play Wonder Woman For NBC

David E. Kelley’s Wonder Woman has finally found its lasso-throwing, invisible plane flying superheroine.

Adrianne Palicki (Friday Night Lights, Red Dawn) will star as the multifaceted Wonder Woman. Besides donning the (hopefully) familiar red, blue and gold outfit, Palicki will also have to play Wonder Woman’s two alter-egos: Diana Themscira (which the public knows) and Diana Prince (her “secret” identity).

As today’s casting descriptions revealed, Diana Themscira will be the publicly known C.E.O. of Themyscira Industries – a company that serves no other purpose than to sell Wonder Woman merchandise and fund Wonder Woman’s crime fighting adventures.

Diana Prince will be the more vulnerable (read: every woman) personality who Wonder Woman uses when she doesn’t want society to know who she is. Of course, no matter which emotional hat Wonder Woman chooses to wear, one thing will remain the same: she continuously yearns to live a normal life.

Putting aside the interesting portrayal of Wonder Woman that Kelley has written and her numerous, generic (annoying) friends - you can read our thoughts about that here – one has to look at Palicki and wonder whether she’ll be able to fill the role.

While Palicki is most known as the tough-as-nails Tyra Collette from Friday Night Lights, which may help her pull off the powerful C.E.O. personality, she hasn’t really had many action roles. Even though Palicki will star in the upcoming Red Dawn remake and has had roles in both Smallville and Supernatural, she has yet to prove herself as a capable action star.

Given that Kelley’s Wonder Woman pilot revolves mostly around the superhero aspect of the character's life, Palicki might struggle to fill that role. Fortunately, when it comes to the two other personalities, Diana Themscira and Diana Prince, Palicki will most certainly be able to pull it off – thanks to her stint down in Dylan, Texas.

Wonder Woman Costume

Of course, Palicki’s success as Wonder Woman, Diana Themscira or Diana Prince (whatever you want to call her) really won’t be up to her. If television history has shown us anything, it’s that the series creator and executive producers are what makes or breaks superhero series.

While David E. Kelley has done some wonderful television work in the past, his most recent television ventures haven’t exactly been up to par – even when they fall within his known genres. With Boston Legal, Boston Public, Ally McBeal and The Practice under his belt, an action series of this magnitude does appear to be a far reach.

Although, if Kelley does get everything with Wonder Woman correct from his end, it appears that Palicki has the capabilities to convincingly pull off this role.

David E. Kelley and Bill D’Elia (The Practice) will serve as executive producers. Jeffery Reiner (The Event) will direct the pilot written by Kelley.


If picked up, Wonder Woman will debut this fall on NBC.

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