Adrianne Palicki's 'Wonder Woman' Costume Revealed

Ever since NBC’s Wonder Woman series was announced, fans of the DC Comics legend have been debating what David E. Kelley’s interpretation of Diana Prince’s famed superhero costume would look like.

With Entertainment Weekly's release of the first official photo from the pilot, we see exactly what Adrianne Palicki will look like when she takes to the streets to fight crime.

Inspired by elements from both the classic and re-envisioned look of Wonder Woman, Kelley may have made his first big mistake when it comes to bringing this famed character to the small screen.

By simply mimicking the look of the comics, instead of delivering his own vision of the character, Kelley has come across one of the least acknowledged traits of superhero costumes – most direct interpretations of superhero costumes look terrible when they’re taken outside the medium of comics or animation.

You can see Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman below: (click for larger version)

While the colorful, and fantastical, wardrobes of iconic comic book characters look wonderful on the page or in animated features, these same eye-popping colors and cleverly designed outfits simply cannot exist in a three-dimensional world.

Without someone taking the time to decide the best way to interpret these characters and their outfits for other mediums, you will always end up with embarrassingly uninspired costumes - the same as the one pictured above.

Not only does the costume look ridiculous, but it somehow manages to make the always beautiful Adrianne Palicki unattractive – to such an extent that many will have to look twice at the image to make sure it’s not the WWE’s Chyna dressing up for Halloween.

Since the start, Kelley’s resume, which is filled with television legal dramas, has brought doubts about his ability to fully realize a superhero television series. After the script for the pilot leaked out, those doubts grew exponentially. With the release of this terrible image, the naysayers appear to have won.

While filming of the Wonder Woman pilot is currently underway, and it’s possible (although, extremely unlikely) that the finished product could be amazing, I’d be lying if I said that I’d be surprised if this pilot ever sees the light of day, let alone picked up for a series.


The fate of Wonder Woman will be decided in May, at NBC’s upfront.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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