Star Wars: 17 Things You Never Knew About Thrawn


17 Thrawn Was Envisioned As The Opposite of the Emperor

16 Thrawn Kicked Off the Expanded Universe


15 Fans Think Thrawn’s Name References His Creator

14 Lucasfilm Has Wanted To Bring Thrawn Back For Decades

13 Thrawn Owns The Holy Grail

12 Thrawn Also Owns Some Star Wars Concept Art


11 Thrawn Cameos In Plenty of Video Games

10 Thrawn is Responsible for the First Order

9 Thrawn's Voice Actor Was Nominated for an Annie Award

8 Thrawn’s Voice Actor Is Galen Erso/Hannibal’s Brother


7 Thrawn Was Among the First Non-Movie Characters To Become an Action Figure

6 Thrawn Worked With Anakin Skywalker

5 Thrawn is Available as a Lego Figure

4 Thrawn Inspired An Entire Race in The Old Republic


3 Thrawn Joined The Empire With Noble Intentions

2 Thrawn Was the First Legends Character To Become Canon

1 Coruscant Made Its Debut Alongside Thrawn


  As exciting as Thrawn’s history might be, though, it’s exciting to see where the character goes in future. Now resurrected and able to escape his untimely assassination, Grand Admiral Thrawn is free to appear time and again throughout the Star Wars stories that will be told in coming years. While not all elements of his backstory have made it into modern canon, the future is looking bright for this red-eyed Imperial, and his continued opportunities to make life difficult for the Rebel Alliance and the New Republic. Do you want to see Thrawn make his big screen debut in Episode 8 or 9, or should he be left out of the live-action films? Let us know in the comments!

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