Adi Shankar Wants to Make Chronicle 2 in Bootleg Universe

Chronicle (2012) - Dane DeHaan

Eclectic Hollywood producer Adi Shankar has an interesting portfolio of films to his credit; ranging from well-received drama/thrillers like The Grey and Lone Survivor to critical and/or cult favorites like Killing Them Softly and Dredd. However, he's also the driving force behind the "Bootleg Universe": a collection of short films based unofficially on pre-existing licensed properties.

Now, the movie maverick says he wants the next "Bootleg" project to be a sequel to the found-footage superhero saga Chronicle. Released in 2012, the original Chronicle used found-footage techniques to tell a dark superhero story wherein three high school friends gain superhuman abilities from a crashed piece of space debris. When one begins to use his powers for violent revenge against his enemies and tormentors, another is forced to confront him in a city-wrecking battle. The film was directed by Josh Trank, who went on to helm the infamous Fantastic Four reboot in 2015.

The supposed revelation (which may or may not have been seriously intended, given the satirical tone that many "Bootleg Universe" entries have taken) came about during a conversation on Twitter between Shankar and Chronicle screenwriter Max Landis; wherein the two swapped ideas and intentions for a hypothetical short-film follow-up to the original Chronicle film. An "official" sequel has long been discussed, but has stalled several times. You can check out Shankar and Landis' exchange, below.

@Uptomyknees @sleepofgiants I think we need a 10-12 min version, and I don't want to be the one that truncates your script.

— Adi Shankar (@adishankarbrand) January 22, 2017

The so-called "Bootleg Universe" first came into notoriety with Dirty Laundry, which featured actor Thomas Jane reprising his role as Marvel's The Punisher in an unofficial capacity. Similar shorts built around the Spider-Man nemesis Venom and Judge Dredd (whom Shankar had previously produced an official film about) followed, along with Power/Rangers; a satire of overly-dark adaptations of youth properties built around the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers franchise and directed by Joseph Khan.

Shankar is next slated to produce the (non-"Bootleg") dark satire Bodied, which has a top-secret plot but is said to focus on racially-tinged conflicts in the world of rap battles. Khan is scheduled to reunite with the producer to direct the film. Landis is next set to write and direct a remake of An American Werewolf in London - the original version of which was created by his father in the 1980s. He's also currently prepping a second season of the Douglas Adams novel series-based BBC TV show that he created, in the form of Dirk Gently's Holisitc Detective Agency.

We'll continue to bring you all and any Chronicle 2-related details as they become available.

Source: Twitter

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