'Ed Wood' Writers Scribing Burton's 'Addams Family'

The screenwriters responsible for Tim Burton's Ed Wood biopic will write the script for a stop-motion animated version of The Addams Family, which Burton will produce.

The creepy and kooky clan known as The Addams Family will grace the big screen once again, in a stop-motion movie that will be produced by Tim Burton.

Screenwriters Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski penned the script for Burton's biopic about infamous filmmaker Ed Wood and will reunite with Burton once more for The Addams Family, which is being financed by Illumination Entertainment and Universal Pictures (the duo responsible for this summer's hit Despicable Me).

The Addams Family was originally created by cartoonist Charles Adams, who portrayed them in a series of one-panel comics for The New Yorker.  The characters eventually became the stars of their own TV show during the 1960s; two theatrically-released feature films in the early 1990s; and even their own Broadway musical a few years later.

Burton was previously rumored as a possible director for this new incarnation of the Addams Family - a natural fit, given his dark tendencies and preference for stop-motion animation.  However, considering that Burton is already set to direct Monsterpocalypse and Dark Shadows after he has completed work on his feature-length version of Frankenweenie, the possibility of him doing Addams Family is highly unlikely.

Addams Family movie 1991 director Barry Sonnenfeld

Director Barry Sonnenfeld (Men in Black 3) was responsible for the first two Addams Family movies, which were darkly comedic ventures that successfully appealed to mainstream moviegoers.  Burton's Ed Wood remains his least successful film at the box office, but was a critical hit back in 1994 and received much praise for its appropriately warped portrayal of the titular character's strange life.

This new Addams Family movie will likely strike a tone somewhere between that of those three films - twisted and ghoulish in design, but probably a bit more kid friendly than Sonnenfeld's movies.  Whether that translates into more tickets being sold remains to be seen.

We will keep you updated on the development of The Addams Family movie as more information comes our way.

Source: Deadline

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