The Addams Family: Every Single Main Character, Ranked

For decades the Addams Family has been entertaining fans with their unique brand of macabre magic, worming their way into American pop culture like a maggot through a corpse. Beginning with Charles Addams' drawings in 1938, the First Family of Fright has been immortalized with a television series in the '60s, several cartoons, a few live-action films, and most recently an animated movie. Audiences have delighted in the crazy calamities that befall Gomez, Morticia, and the rest of their brood because of their loyalty to one another and an infectious love of their particular way of life.

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Each character in the Addams Family mythos is distinct, with a perfect amalgamation of humor and horror. There's Lurch, the towering butler who mopes around the manor, and Thing, the disembodied hand always ready with a high-five or an invitation to arm-wrestle. In a haunted house full of hijinks, which character is the best?  Here's every single Addams Family main character, ranked.


Short in stature but big in personality, Cousin Itt is one of the most memorable characters in the Addams Family for obvious reasons. Made entirely from human hair, with no discernible body, he speaks in gibberish only Addams' can understand and frequently wears a bowler and sunglasses.

He was created for the '60s television series, the reoccurring joke being that Cousin Itt attempted dozens of careers without any conception that he might not get them due to his physical appearance. He's appeared in the '90s  live action films  as well as the 2019 animated film where he's the smallest he's ever been.


Gomez's mother and mother-in-law to Morticia (though sometimes this is reversed depending on the iteration), Grandma Addams (or Grandmama) has always been somewhat of a mysterious figure in the Addams household. She mixes potions and spells for a variety of purposes, leading to the neighbors viewing her as a witch.

Never one to keep her opinion to herself, she regularly speaks her mind whether her barbarous commentary is warranted or not. Creator Charles Addams described her as a "disrespectful old hag", who has been portrayed by such talents as Blossom Rock in the television series, Carol Channing in the animated series, and most recently Bette Midler in the 2019 animated film.


Though Debbie appeared in just one Addams Family film, her portrayal by Joan Cusack was iconic enough to be on this list. With her pastel outfits, vampy style, and bouncing blonde hair, she was the antithesis of everything the Addams Family stood for (except where murder was concerned).

She attempted to get her hands on the Addams Family fortune by marrying Uncle Fester and then killing him, but Fester actually enjoys taking a bath with a toaster and getting blown up by dynamite. Debbie (or the "Black Widow" as the authorities called her) got her just desserts and proved that good girls can be bad.


With his striped shirt, shorts, and doe-eyed expression, Pugsley may not present as impressive a visage as the other Addams, but make no mistake, he's an Addams through and through. In the '60s television series he's depicted as a gifted engineer, often building guillotines, torture devices, and other complicated apparatus to inflict pain on his sister Wednesday.

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In the '90s film, he became more of her dim-witted accomplice, which made the eldest Addams less inventive by far. In the new 2019 film, he retains his ingenuity and his creativity to nefariously brilliant results. Like his sister Wednesday, he loves spiders, killer robots, and dynamite.


Everyone needs a thing for something, but rarely do they have a Thing, the Addams Family helper and family pet that has a variety of responsibilities around the Addams Family homestead. Thing appears in every incarnation of the Addams Family, though his presence isn't always explained.

In the '60s television series, he's a "Thing" too horrible to be seen,  save for his human hand that emerges from a box (there's a sign outside the manor that reads, "Beware of the Thing"). Thanks to advances in movie magic by the '90s films, he could be a disembodied hand that runs around the manor.


The lugubrious manservant to the Addams Family is almost as well known as they are, and in fact, the towering mute has been with them so long, he's become one of them. His immense height (6'9") and strength sometimes make the delicate tasks of butlering onerous, but he manages with a grimace and a moan.

The original television series never really described where he came from, though he did have a normal-sized mother that made an appearance. In the animated series, it was implied his father put him together like Frankenstein's monster. In the 2019  animated film, he escaped from an insane asylum and the Addams struck him with their car.


Christopher Lloyd Uncle Fester

The always hilarious Uncle Fester is literally a bright light in the gloomy Addams home - he generates 110 watts of electricity at random and can illuminate a lightbulb by sticking it in his mouth. He was portrayed as Morticia's uncle at first in the '60s  series, by in the '90s live action films he was Gomez's fraternal uncle.

Part of the charm of the hunched, bald galoot is the fact that he never takes anything seriously. He gets migraines for fun, just so he can put his head into a giant vice grip and turn it. Despite his bizarre behavior and looks, he loves his niece and nephew dearly and idolizes their parents.


The morose daughter of Morticia and Gomez Addams has become a pop cultural icon since she first appeared in the cartoons of Charles Addams. Her macabre sensibilities communicated in her deadpan humor made for some of the biggest laughs in her various incarnations. Her favorite pastime was torturing her brother Pugsley.

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Originally she was introduced as six years old, with a fascination with sharp objects and spiders. In the '90s live-action films she was depicted as a little older, and played by Christina Ricci in a performance that has gone on to define the character for new generations.


The sultry, sophisticated matriarch of the Addams Family is a gothic siren that floats through the Addams manor with the grace of a specter and the pallor of a corpse. She enjoys clipping the heads off of roses, holding seances to communicate with dead relatives, and driving her husband Gomez into fits of romantic ecstasy.

Over the years, Morticia has become an icon and role model, influencing everyone from Vampira to Elvira with her clingy black dress, black hair, and supernatural charm. When she isn't summoning the dark forces and joining their hellish crusade, she's a loving mother and devoted wife.


As the charismatic matriarch of the Addams Family, Gomez Addams embodies all of those qualities that make the spooky family what it is.  He's fiercely loyal, extremely eccentric, and a romantic at heart. He's a proud father to his children, a loving husband to his wife, and he'll fight to protect them from harm until his last breath.

Gomez was immortalized in the '60s television series by John Astin, and in the '90s films by Raul Julia. His sense of theatricality with his devotion to swordplay and performance, his passionate regard for his wife, his boundless energy, and his zest for life have always made him a very popular character.

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