Lost Footage of Adam West As Batman Has Been Found

A company specializing in finding lost TV footage recently uncovered long lost footage of Adam West as Batman teaching road safety to children in the UK.

In the short clip, West, as Batman, explains how he has come to London to take a break from fighting crime in Gotham so that he can stress the importance of practicing road safety in London. In the video, West reminds UK children that traffic is always a deadly danger and then teaches a group of children about the Kerb Drill (looking both ways before crossing the street). He then demonstrates the drill and walks with the children across a street.

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The lost footage, as reported by the BBC, was found by Kaleidoscope, a company that spends its time looking for lost television reels and footage. West passed away last year at the age of 88, but fans all over the world will always remember his performance in the classic 1960s series Batman. Before now, this footage was never seen outside of the UK. It originally aired on British television in 1967, but like a lot of British TV, the footage got lost to time, mostly because the BBC notoriously used to delete its programming on a regular basis rather than archive it. Kaleidoscope will feature the new Batman footage at Birmingham City University this weekend as it launches an effort to find the UK's top 100 missing TV shows, which also includes tracking down more missing episodes of Doctor Who.

Adam West Batman Bat Phone

West last appeared as the voice of Batman in the animated film Batman vs. Two-Face. Even after West's death last year, though, his Batman co-star Burt Ward hinted that fans might still get more of West in a sequel to that animated movie, although there are no details on how that might happen yet. Although West had other roles during his long acting career, it was ultimately his time as the Caped Crusader that defined him. Because of that, he also took on self-deprecating roles in shows such as Family Guy and Futurama.

West's Batman series, though, remains a favorite with fans for its campiness and humor. For many Batman aficionados, West is still a favorite in the role, even topping other notable actors who have portrayed the character since then. This lost footage should please fans of West's Batman as it finds its proper place in Batman's long history.

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Source: BBC

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