Adam Warlock Returns To Marvel Comics Ahead Of Infinity War

Spoilers for Infinity Countdown: Adam Warlock #1


As Marvel heads towards its next big event in the comics and in theaters, Infinity Countdown: Adam Warlock brings a key Avenger back into the fold. Next month, Marvel's Infinity Stones event will take center-stage in the comics as the powerful gems land in the hands of various heroes and villains. From the looks of things, the revived Logan, Captain Marvel, Super-Skrull Kl'rt, Loki, and Gamora will each get ahold of one of the items, with Magus teased as the sixth member of the group.

Adam Warlock debuted as 'Him' in Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's Fantastic Four #66 in 1967. Eventually, his role in stopping Thanos from obtaining the Infinity Gems or Stones led to his evil alter-ego Magus appearing. Warlock and Thanos both served as through-lines for The Infinity GauntletThe Infinity War, and The Infinity Watch. Over the years, the character has died and been revived multiple times, with his most recent absence seeing him disappear inside the Soul Stone (responsible long ago for further evolving Warlock). But now Warlock has escaped Soul World with the help of a surprising ally: Kang the Conqueror.

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Infinity Countdown: Adam Warlock #1 released today, detailing the pairing of Warlock and Kang as they seek to prevent the death of the Marvel Universe. A mysterious force has gained control of the Infinity Stones and no matter what the heroes (and villains) have tried, nothing can save them. Kang himself has even attempted to fix things over a hundred times, but nothing has worked. But joining forces with his past self and Warlock may just be the key.

The comic, written by Gerry Dugan (Deadpool) with art from Michael and Lauren Allred (Silver Surfer), retells Warlock's story for the uninitiated before Kang reveals his plan: he's going to send Warlock back in time to get the Soul Stone so he can help save the universe. Thanks to the Allreds, the comic pops with Kirby-like intensity. And there's an added irreverence similar to the pair's work on F4 and Silver Surfer. It's that touch that helps to humanize both the egotistical Kang and the powerful Warlock, thus providing an interesting prelude to Marvel's next big event.

In the end, Kang sends Warlock back to ancient Egypt where Am Rama Tut (Kang's past self) takes over the plan. Of course, to avoid messing with time, Warlock can't be allowed to affect anything. Tut's solution: seal Warlock in a tomb until 2018. Meanwhile, the future Kang is confronted by a shadowy figure and presumably meets his end. And the real kick is that Magus has returned to this reality as well. The main Infinity Countdown comic will be paired with a number of tie-ins, including books featuring Darkhawk, Daredevil, and a Black Widow who's still alive.

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