Adam Sandler in Talks to Join Will Ferrell in 'Three Mississippi'

Love him or hate him, Adam Sandler has proven to be a consistent box office draw. From cult classics like Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore to the mainstream success of 2010’s Grown Ups, the man has a built-in fanbase that flocks to theaters to see him yuk it up onscreen. It’s little wonder then that the latest Will Ferrell project is courting him to join the cast.

The film in question, Three Mississippi, involves two families who square off each Thanksgiving for an annual football game. Sandler would play the leader of the losing team, in a role that was originally intended for none other than Mark Wahlberg.

According to Vulture, the project was designed as a reunion for The Other Guys director Adam McKay and stars Wahlberg and Ferrell. However, Wahlberg has committed to military thriller Lone Survivor, the filming of which conflicts with Three Mississippi, and McKay and Ferrell are currently focusing on the much-hyped Anchorman 2 (it’s kind of a big deal). Sean Anders – who collaborated with Sandler on this summer’s That’s My Boy - is taking McKay's place as director.

With Anchorman 2 on its way to theaters, Ferrell’s career is ready for a recharge, something that Sandler could certainly use right about now. While the actor has never been a critical darling, last year’s Jack and Jill was even more maligned than his usual fare. The film currently sits at a cringe-worthy 3% on Rotten Tomatoes and swept the Razzie Awards.

In addition to a Grown Ups sequel, Sandler has signed on to co-write and star in Candy Land, the latest board game to film adaptation. However, a team-up with Ferrell could be a smarter career move for him, given that response to trailers for That’s My Boy – which co-stars Andy Samberg – has been mixed, to say the least.

Still, with that film’s director at the helm, it’s anyone’s guess if Three Mississippi will showcase Sandler and Ferrell at their best or if it will instead emerge as a missed opportunity.

We’ll bring you the latest on Three Mississippi as details emerge. In the meantime, are you excited about the prospect of Sandler joining Ferrell on the big screen? Let us know in the comments.


Source: Vulture

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