Adam Sandler & Jennifer Aniston Circling Netflix's Murder Mystery

Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler in Just Go With It

Just Go With It stars Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston may reunite on Netflix for the action-comedy Murder Mystery. Sandler of course has become one of Netflix's signature stars thanks to a string of films beginning with 2015's The Ridiculous 6. Last April, Netflix reported that viewers had spent half-a-billion hours watching Sandler movies on the streaming service. That explains why Netflix continues churning out Adam Sandler vehicles, like this year's The Week Of co-starring Chris Rock.

Last year, Sandler garnered actual awards buzz for his performance in the Netflix-distributed Noah Baumbach film The Meyerowitz Stories. Thanks in part to Meyerowitz, the Cannes Film Festival recently changed its rules and will no longer allow Netflix movies to appear in competition. Like Sandler, Jennifer Aniston has also recently set her sights on the streaming world, developing a series for Apple TV together with Reese Witherspoon.

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As reported by The Tracking Board, Sandler and Aniston may soon join forces at Netflix by starring together in the action-comedy Murder Mystery. Netflix currently seeks a director for the project, which was originally set up at TWC-Dimension. Charlize Theron is a producer on the project, along with James D. Stern, Beau Flynn, and Tripp Vinson.

Adam Sandler and Native American extras in The Ridiculous Six

Aniston and Sandler last starred together in the 2011 comedy Just Go With It, which went on to gross $215 million worldwide. Their potential new project Murder Mystery follows a married couple who go on the honeymoon cruise they never had, hoping to give their floundering marriage a little kick in the pants. When one of their fellow passengers turns up dead, the couple find themselves involved in a murder mystery (hence the title).

Once upon a time Sandler and Aniston both commanded huge salaries as feature film stars, but those days appear to have ended for both actors. Of course nowadays, stars whose film careers have hit the skids can always find a safe landing spot on TV or streaming. Sandler has made a whole second career out of creating content for Netflix, racking up huge numbers for the service. Sandler's Netflix work has mostly not impressed critics, but as we've learned with the streaming service, reviews don't mean a lot to them as long as they're getting views.

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The older viewers Netflix tends to target with their comedy offerings should flock to Murder Mystery when it lands on the streaming service. In addition to that project, Netflix is also developing Wine Country, a comedy starring and directed by Amy Poehler and co-starring Tina Fey among others. Murder Mystery and Wine Country will make a fine mom-and-dad Netflix-night double feature down the road.

Source: The Tracking Board

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