Adam Sandler & Chris Rock Reunite for Netflix's The Week Of Trailer

Netflix has released the official trailer for Adam Sandler's latest Netflix movie The Week Of, which reunites him with buddy Chris Rock. As much as most critics and some film fans like to give Sandler a hard time for his career choices, there's no denying that he still has quite the loyal fanbase. For proof of that, look no further than Sandler's deal with Netflix. In 2015, Sandler signed on to star in four original films for the streaming giant, which went on to draw viewership levels so high that Netflix raced to lock Sandler in for four more films last year.

From a business standpoint, it would appear that Sandler made quite the shrewd move. His last few theatrical efforts had seen diminishing financial returns, to the point where some questioned if he was about to be knocked off the A-list. In many ways, the success of Sandler's Netflix pact proved that he still very much had fans, even if said fans didn't seem as willing to go out to the theater to see his films as they once had. By becoming the first such big star to jump on the Netflix original movie train, Sandler got in on the ground floor of what looks to be only a growing trend, with fellow A-lister Will Smith now also set to star in more than one Netflix original movie.

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Those looking forward to checking out Adam Sandler's latest Netflix film can rejoice, as it's on the way soon, and the service today released its official trailer. Titled The Week Of, the comedy reunites Sandler with close friend and frequent collaborator Chris Rock. Check it out above.

The fourth and final film made as part of Sandler's original Netflix agreement, The Week Of stars Sandler and Rock as fathers who are about to watch their respective daughter and son get married. Being the father of the bride, Sandler wants to take care of the ceremony, but his low-budget efforts lead to more than one disastrous outcome. Rock - father of the groom, and a successful surgeon - practically begs Sandler to let him step in and rescue things, but Sandler refuses to give up, and is determined to give his daughter the wedding of her dreams.

The Week Of also stars SNL vet Rachel Dratch and Sandler pal Steve Buscemi in supporting roles. Rock and Sandler starred together previously in Grown Ups, its sequel, and football comedy The Longest Yard. Rock also made a cameo as himself in Sandler's prior Netflix film Sandy Wexler, which was set in the world of show business. If The Week Of gets streamed to the same degree as Sandler's past Netflix efforts, the service will be heading into this new four-film deal knowing for sure that they made the right choice.

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The Week Of arrives on Netflix on April 27.

Source: Netflix

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