15 Actresses Who Could Play Captain Marvel (If Brie Larson Doesn't)

Captain Marvel Movie Announced


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Marvel can't be accused of going after big name talent to fill their universe. They are always on the lookout for actors and actresses whose careers are hot, and that's exactly what happened last week, when it was revealed that recent Oscar winner, Brie Larson, was in early talks to fill the role of Captain Marvel in the character's upcoming solo film. It's a huge step for the studio, as this will be their first female hero to get her own film and franchise.

While Marvel would probably like to lock things up with Larson, it's not a done deal yet, and could fall by the wayside. If that happens, we've come up with a list of actresses that could easily be on deck for the studio. Sure, some of them might be considered a bit of a long-shot, but stranger things have happened.

Here's Screen Rant's 15 Actresses Who Could Play Captain Marvel (If Brie Larson Doesn't):

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The Huntsman: Winter's War - Charlize Theron
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16 Charlize Theron

The Huntsman: Winter's War - Charlize Theron

Ultimately, Theron would be the perfect choice to play Carol Danvers in this universe, if it was 10 years ago. Not only does she look the part, but she is an Academy Award-winning actress who stole the show in the incredible action film, Mad Max: Fury Road. Her name alone would be enough to pique the interest of even the most casual movie goer.

Although there’s no doubt that Marvel would love to have her in the MCU, this probably isn’t the role that we’ll see her in. Marvel has long term plans for the character, and at 41 years of age, it is unlikely that the studio would bring her in at this point. While a mature Carol Danvers isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s not going to happen at this stage in the game.

15 Katee Sackhoff

Katee Sackhoff in Big Bang Theory

Sackhoff has been the favorite of a small, but very vocal group, to play the character for as long as Carol Danvers has been talked about in regards to the MCU. Rumors then began to swirl when geek god, Joss Whedon, tweeted out a picture of the actress as Captain Marvel. She does have her own geek cred from her role as Starbuck on Battlestar Galactica, and has more than proven her ability to do action, and do it well. Her turn in the Power Rangers short is fantastic, and it’s easy to see where she would bring an interesting dynamic to the character.

The main problem is that she doesn’t have enough star power to actually land the role. Marvel is always looking for talent that is hot and on the rise, and unfortunately, Katee is not at that point in her career. While she may be the sentimental pick, Marvel isn’t going to gamble their first major female hero and her franchise on sentimentality.

14 Blake Lively

Blake Lively in The Shallows

Lively has already played a character named Carol in a superhero film, starring as Air Force pilot Carol Ferris opposite her soon-to-be husband Ryan Reynolds in DC’s Green Lantern. As we all know, that didn’t turn out so well. Blake definitely looks the part, and at five foot ten, she has that statuesque quality. Her take on Captain Marvel would probably be different than what fans were expecting, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

While she’s famous enough, it has more to do with her personal life than her talent and body of work. She hasn’t done anything so far to suggest that she would be capable of carrying her own franchise, (we'll have to wait and see what happens with The Shallows) and like some other women on this list, it’s unlikely that Marvel is going to bank such an important franchise on someone who may not be able to deliver when they need her to the most.

13 Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde in The Change-Up

Wilde is an interesting choice, because although it seems like she’s been around forever, she’s still only 32 years old. She’s already in the Disney family, having starred in their attempted Tron reboot, Tron: Legacy. I’m sure Marvel won’t hold that against her. Rumors swirled last fall that the actress was Marvel’s pick for Carol Danvers, and although nothing official came of it, she’s an interesting choice. She brings a down-to-earth quality to the characters that she plays, which would be a welcome change for a super-powered being in this universe.

Like many ladies on this list, Olivia fits into that 30ish sweet spot. Old enough to bring a maturity to the character, young enough to be able to play the character for the next ten or so years. She’s also at a point in her career where she’s still looking for that big break, and a role in the biggest movie universe around would do wonders. It would be foolish to think that Marvel hasn’t considered her for this, or other roles in the MCU. Whether or not she can carry an entire franchise is the only reason to pause on this pick.

12 Mia Wasikowska

Alice Through the Looking Glass Posters - Mia Wasikowska

Wasikowska is probably not a name that comes to mind when you think of Captain Marvel, but it’s not outside the realm of possibility. She is an extremely talented actress that manages to transform into the characters that she plays. While she’s a little on the short side, there are plenty of camera tricks to make her look taller, and her take on the character would definitely be unique. She has shown that she is able to carry films, and her star as a leading lady is on the rise.

Mia is already in the Disney family, having starred in their Alice In Wonderland franchise, so they already know what she’s capable of. She also lands in that sweet spot they’re aiming for age-wise, which looks to be mid-to-late 20’s/early 30’s. Given the flop that Through The Looking Glass was for the studio, however, it’s unlikely that Marvel would come knocking right now.

11 Katheryn Winnick

Katheryn Winnick in Vikings

As soon as Kevin Feige announced that the studio would be making a Captain Marvel film, there was a huge swell of support for Winnick to be cast as Marvel’s first female superhero. Fan art showing the Vikings actress in the iconic costume ran rampant, placing her on just about everyone’s list of possibilities. Which isn’t surprising, because she not only looks the part, but is also one of the best things about the aforementioned, Vikings. Her work on the show is incredible and shows that she can not only do action well, but can also stand up to the big boys.

While she would make an excellent choice for Marvel’s first major female superhero, she does have a couple of things going against her. At the age of 38, she seems to be outside of the age range that Marvel is looking at. Aside from that, there is no guarantee that Winnick would be able to carry her own franchise, as she hasn’t had a great deal of leading lady experience. Her lack of star-power, however, is probably the biggest reason why Marvel won’t come calling anytime soon.

10 Priyanka Chopra

Marvel boss, Kevin Feige, has stated that the MCU version of Captain Marvel will be Carol Danvers, but that doesn’t mean that the character has to be Caucasian. Marvel is always looking for hot talent, and no one is hotter these days than Chopra. A huge star in India, she’s also the lead in the ABC drama, Quantico. Her role on the series shows that not only can she do action, but also has no problem carrying an entire show.

Priyanka is already on the Marvel payroll, as she is voicing Ms. Marvel in this year’s the Avenger Academy video game. Could this be a sign of things to come? Probably not, as it seems the studio is going with the traditional comic book look for the character. That doesn’t mean we won’t see Chopra in the MCU eventually, and honestly, she could make the perfect Kamala Khan. A great back up option in case things with Carol Danvers go south.

9 Teresa Palmer

Teresa Palmer

Palmer is probably most well known for her lead roles in the films Warm Bodies and The Choice, but she’s also been linked to Marvel in the past, having tested for the role of Jessica Jones in the studio’s Netflix universe. This also wasn’t her first brush with comic book films, though. She was initially cast as Talia al Ghul in the infamous 2007 Justice League Of America film that was cancelled due to the writer’s strike. Her film roles, although questionable choices, have shown that she is leading lady material, and would have no problem carrying her own film and franchise.

Teresa hits that sweet spot that Marvel seems to be aiming for with the character, as she just turned 30 earlier this year. She also went through stunt training for her role in I Am Number Four, so she can do action and wire-work. Although she lost the Jessica Jones role to Krysten Ritter, you’ve got to think that the studio has kept her name in their back pocket.

8 Natalie Dormer

While Dormer might not be the first name to pop into your head when you think Captain Marvel, she would definitely make an interesting choice. Her turn as Margaery Tyrell on Game Of Thrones proves that she can do drama exquisitely, but it’s her role as Cressida in the Hunger Games trilogy that really shows the edge she could bring to the character. She’s a bit of a chameleon, able to bring something different to every role she takes on. It would be easy to see her going toe to toe with Tony Stark in future installments of the franchise.

Technically, she’s already been in the MCU, as she played Private Lorraine in Captain America: The First Avenger. It was such a bit part, that most fans probably didn’t even realize it was her, although it is a pretty memorable scene. Although, that doesn’t seem to be an issue for Marvel these days, anyway, as they just cast Kenneth Choi in Spiderman: Homecoming. Don’t be surprised if Dormer ends up in one of the big comic book franchises soon, this time in a bigger role.

7 Evan Rachel Wood


Wood is the type of actress that seems to be at the top of everyone’s casting list, and there’s a reason for that. She’s a damn fine actress. Her career to this point has consisted of mostly smaller indie films, so this would be a big step for her, and one that she might not be willing to take. She would bring a certain gravitas to the character of Carol Danvers, as well as a bit of all American-girl appeal and wisdom, as Evan Rachel has an old soul vibe about her. It’s what made her the perfect choice for ancient vampire queen Sophie-Anne on True Blood.

There’s no way that Marvel hasn’t considered Evan Rachel for pretty much all the roles they have available, but as stated above, it’s really more a matter of whether or not she’d be interested in stepping into a massive franchise. She has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, so there’s no doubt the physicality required for the role wouldn’t be a problem. It’s more a matter of her even being interested in the part and all of the other stuff that comes with it. Roles like this have a tendency to thrust the actor headfirst into the spotlight, and not everyone is interested in that sort of fame.

6 Gugu Mbatha-Raw

Gugu Mbatha-Raw Beyond the Lights

Mbatha-Raw could be just what the doctor ordered, if Marvel is willing to shake things up a bit and hire an excellent actress, without worrying about fanboys getting their undies in a bunch. The actress is coming off two critically acclaimed performances in Belle and Beyond The Lights and is just at that perfect crossroads in her career where her next big project can make or break her. She has proven that she can carry a film with ease and her version of Carol Danvers would be one to behold. She brings a real inner strength and toughness to her characters, and you can’t take your eyes off her when she’s on the screen.

There is no doubt that Gugu is already in Marvel’s sights, although it’s probably not for this particular role. She brings some geek cred with her, having appeared on Doctor Who, and it won’t be long before she makes her appearance in one of the comic book universes. It’ll be interesting to see who persuades her to join their team first.

5 Rebecca Ferguson

Mission Impossible Rogue Nation Rebecca Ferguson Stunts

Ferguson burst into the limelight with her turn as Ilsa Faust in last year’s Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation. She stole the show, even outshining star Tom Cruise, and put herself at the top of everyone’s dream casting lists. Literally, for the last year, for just about every movie out there. She’s not only a fantastic actress, but she’s also got great action instincts, and has no problem going toe to toe with the best in the business.

As we’ve stated before, Marvel is always looking for whoever is red hot at the moment, and Rebecca fits that bill perfectly. She is a rising star that would be able to take the character and make it her own. This would be the perfect vehicle for her to really break out into the mainstream and get herself noticed by casual moviegoers and fans alike. Rumors ran rampant last year that she was Marvel’s top choice for the role, which isn’t a huge surprise to anyone.

4 Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain in The Martian

Chastain has made it no secret that she’s looking to break into one of the comic book universes, stating that she would love to play a superhero, provided that the role was the right one. And it seems that Marvel has their eye on the red-headed stunner, too. She has already been considered for the roles of Black Widow in Iron Man 2 and Maya Hansen in Iron Man 3. Jessica has proven that she can play just about any character, and her version of Captain Marvel would be something to behold. She brings a sort of toughness with an underlying vulnerability to her roles, which would be a perfect fit for the character in this universe.

It seems that the actress is holding out for a lead role, and if things don’t work out with Brie Larson, Carol Danvers just might be the perfect fit. She’s a critically acclaimed star with enough recognition to get butts in seats, but not so much as to overshadow the character. Just the thing Marvel covets in their choices.

3 Lily James

Lily James as Elizabeth Bennet in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

James is already a Disney sweetheart, having played the lead in last year’s critically acclaimed live-action Cinderella. Although the majority of her roles have been on the dramatic side, including her stint on Downton Abbey, she did show she’s capable of doing action in this year’s Pride And Prejudice And Zombies. While the film was panned by critics, James’ performance was considered a bright spot, and that’s because she brings something special to her roles. Her Carol Danvers would be charming, but with an inner strength that would shine through when needed.

Lily has leading lady written all over her and there’s no doubt that Marvel knows that. She just needs that one project to launch her career into the stratosphere, and a stop in a comic book universe could be just the ticket. Captain Marvel could very well be that role, if things with Larson fall by the way side. James has all the qualities that Marvel looks for in their talent, so don’t be surprised if she ends up in the MCU sooner rather than later.

2 Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt in Edge of Tomorrow

Before the Brie Larson news hit the web, Blunt seemed to be the top choice for the role, and with good reason. She is an incredible actress who has more than proven herself in all genres in which she’s attempted. If there had been any doubt before, her work in the action film, Edge Of Tomorrow, showed that she’s more than capable of going toe to toe with the boys of the MCU.

She’s also already on Marvel’s radar, in a big way, as she was the initial choice to play Black Widow in Iron Man 2. She was forced to drop out due to a scheduling conflict, and the role went to Scarlet Johansson. She was then offered the role of Peggy Carter in Captain America: The First Avenger, but she declined. At this point, it’s only a matter of time before she shows up in this universe.

1 Conclusion

Captain Marvel Movie Updates

So, those are our choices for actresses who we could see taking on the Captain America mantle if things fall through with Brie Larson. Did your favorite choice make our list? Did we miss anyone? Age and such aside, who would be your dream pick for the character? Let us know in the comments!

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