• 15 Actresses You Had No Clue Were Pregnant In Movies

    It’s actually quite surprising how many movies have turned out totally different as a result of an actress’s pregnancy. For instance, Kate Winslet won an Oscar for her performance in The Reader — a role that Nicole Kidman was interested in before stepping back due to pregnancy. Meanwhile, both Mila Kunis and Isla Fisher had to pull out of their Ted and Now You See Me sequels when they were expecting. There was even the possibility that Annette Bening would have portrayed Catwoman in Tim Burton’s Batman Returns if not for being pregnant with her first child with husband Warren Beatty.

    While most women can continue working almost right up until childbirth, shooting a film can be a demanding endeavor that often requires actors to be a long way from home and stand on their feet for upwards of 10-12 hours a day. Not to mention that it would require the entire cast and crew to work around the pregnancy by having to constantly hide the actress’s growing belly.

    That being said, there are a number of female stars that have popped up in movies during all stages of their pregnancies. But through some clever costuming, camera work, and CGI, there’s a good chance you never expected that these actresses were expecting.

    Here are 15 Actresses You Had No Clue Were Pregnant In Movies.

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    Scarlett Johansson — Avengers: Age of Ultron

    While many actresses have had to be recast as a result of pregnancy, this option wasn’t even close to a possibility when it came to the role of Black Widow in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Since Scarlett Johansson had already appeared as the former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent in three previous MCU films, the filmmakers had no choice but to work around her pregnancy while filming the Avengers sequel.

    Since Natasha Romanoff is known for her form-fitting suits, many of Johansson’s scenes were pushed to the beginning of production before her baby bump would become too noticeable.  Beyond that, a number of stunt doubles and stand-ins filled in for Johansson throughout the remainder of production, which eventually required a CGI version of Johansson’s face to be grafted onto theirs in post-production.

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    Halle Berry — X-Men: Days of Future Past

    Much like Black Widow, Storm from the X-Men franchise is also known for her skin-tight suits, which makes it near impossible to hide the signs of pregnancy after the first few months. Because of this, Halle Berry’s scenes had to be pushed to the beginning of production during X-Men: Days of Future Past. But after just a few weeks of filming, Berry admitted that she was already busting out of the suit.

    The film marked the fourth time that the Oscar-winner has portrayed Ororo Munroe/ Storm on the big screen, starting with the original X-Men released in 2000. After filming on Days of Future Past wrapped, Berry gave birth to her first child with then-husband Olivier Martinez, though she also has another child from a previous relationship.

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    Kate Winslet — Divergent

    While filming her role as Jeanine Matthews in the first installment of the Divergent series, Kate Winslet was actually five months pregnant with her third child. To cover the baby bump, the actress was dressed in dark colors and can be seen strategically holding a folder or an iPad in front of her stomach and many of her scenes.

    Winslet also had a stunt double stand in for some of the more demanding moments, but the actress was happy to return for reshoots after she has given birth so she could perform some of the stunts on her own.

    The actress ended up giving birth to her son in 2013 — her first child with husband Ned Rocknroll. Winslet also has two children from two previous marriages, including one with Sam Mendes, who directed his then-wife in 2008’s Revolutionary Road.

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    Blake Lively — The Shallows 

    While everyone was praising the actress for getting back into shape to star in The Shallows following the birth of her first child, Blake Lively was actually already pregnant with her second daughter!

    While filming reshoots of The Shallows, a 2016 survival horror film that found Lively playing a surfer battling against a great white, the actress became pregnant with her second daughter with husband Ryan Reynolds. While Lively relied on a stunt double during the last few weeks of filming, she did complete many of her own stunt, including the moment where the character breaks her nose, resulting in a real-life injury that found the actress spilling her own blood in the film.

    The Shallows was released on June 24, 2016, to mostly positive views and praise for Lively’s performance, and the actress went on to give birth only a few short months later.

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    Helena Bonham Carter — Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

    If you’re an actress who becomes pregnant before you're set to star in a big-budget film, you might be worried that the director may be tempted to recast the part so they don’t have to alter their vision to film around the baby bump. But luckily that wasn’t the case with Helena Bonham Carter, who just so happened to be dating writer and director Tim Burton at the time.

    After having trouble conceiving for two years, Bonham Carter considered in vitro fertilization, only to become naturally pregnant during the production of Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. The couple previously had a son, born in 2003, and both Burton and Bonham Carter have worked on a number of other films together, including Big Fish, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Dark Shadows.

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    Reese Witherspoon — Vanity Fair

    Based on the classic novel of the same name, this 2004 adaptation of Vanity Fair had been 10 years in the making. But when Reese Witherspoon became pregnant, the 18 weeks of pre-production had to be sped up to accommodate the actress, who plays Becky Sharp, an impoverished youth who climbs the social ladder in 1820s London.

    At five months pregnant, the filmmakers had to strategically hide Witherspoon’s stomach during the shoot, which included putting her in decadent 19th Century dresses and strategically placing her behind furniture and her co-stars.

    At the time, Witherspoon was pregnant with her second child with actor Ryan Phillippe, who was born on October 23, 2003. The couple ended up separating in 2006, and Witherspoon is now mother to a third child with husband and talent agent Jim Toth.

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    Gal Gadot — Wonder Woman

    With the long shooting hours and prolonged action sequences, playing a superhero can already be grueling enough. Now just imagine growing another human being inside of you throughout the entire process?

    Knowing that she would receive special treatment if she alerted the cast and crew, Gal Gadot kept her pregnancy a secret during the early stages while she worked on principal photography for Wonder Women. She hid her morning sickness from her co-workers and powered through the migraines to headline the best movie in the DCEU to date.

    However, when reshoots for the film came around and Gadot found herself halfway into her pregnancy, the actress was required to wear a green cloth over her midsection so the baby bump could be removed during the film's post-production.

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    Julia Roberts — Ocean’s Twelve

    Easily one of the weirder entries on this list, in the sequel to Ocean’s Eleven Julie Roberts reprises her role as Tess, the wife of Danny Ocean, who is persuaded into posing as a pregnant Julie Roberts during her husband's latest heist. As it turns out, the script for Ocean’s Twelve was actually reworked to incorporate Roberts’ real-life pregnancy — which resulted in the weakest film of the Ocean’s trilogy.

    Though Roberts has been involved in many high-profile relationships, including a marriage to Lyle Lovett and an engagement to Kiefer Sutherland, the actress only has children with her current husband, cameraman Daniel Moder, whom she met while filming The Mexican. They have three children together; two twins born in 2004 (with whom Roberts was pregnant during Ocean’s Twelve), and another son, born in 2007.

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    Angelina Jolie — Changeling

    With six children to date, Angelina Jolie is certainly no stranger to being a mother. Between 2002 and 2005 five, the actress adopted three children and would have three more with her then-partner Brad Pitt over the next few years.

    While filming 2008’s Changeling, Jolie found out in the middle of production that she was actually pregnant with twins, but she decided to keep it a secret until filming wrapped. In the movie, Jolie actually plays a mother who is reunited with her lost son only to discover that the boy is not hers at all.

    Jolie actually credited the film with her pregnancy, saying that “I was so emotional about children I think something in me kicked into gear,” and the role would actually go on to earn Jolie an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress in a Leading Role.

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    Anne Hathaway — Colossal

    While filming last year’s Colossal, where Anne Hathaway plays a struggling writer who enjoys getting drunk, the actress was actually pretty far into her pregnancy with her first child. When Hathaway broke the news to Nacho Vigalondo, the film’s director, he was worried that Hathaway would back away from the project. However, the actress was still very enthusiastic about filming, with Vigalondo reacting, “Your character's drunk, you’re bloated, it’s perfect!”

    By the end of the shoot, the cast and crew had to get creative about hiding Hathaway’s increasingly large baby bump, which resulted in her character wearing a lot of baggy sweaters. Though the film would go on to received largely positive reviews it failed to find its audience at the box office, meaning Colossal may very well be a cult monster movie in the making.

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    Naomi Watts — Eastern Promises

    In order to play a midwife in the 2007 gangster film Eastern Promises, Naomi Watts actually began studying up on pregnancy and childbirth. Then she found out she was going to have a child of her own after just two weeks of filming.

    Since the pregnancy was earlier on, there was no baby bump that needed to be disguised in the film, where Watts plays Anna Ivanovna Khitrova, a midwife who helped birth the baby to a drug-addicted teenager that dies in childbirth.

    Much like childbirth itself, David Cronenberg's Eastern Promises is not for the faint of heart, though the film would go on to appear on a number of “ Best of the Year” lists.

    Following production, Watts gave birth to her first son in 2007 and went on to have another boy the following year with her then-husband and fellow actor Liev Schreiber.

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    Jodie Foster — Panic Room

    Since director David Fincher is a such a protectionist — often requiring his actors to perform dozens upon dozens of takes — the principal photography for his 2002 film Panic Room stretched on far longer than expected. At the same time, Jodie Foster, who plays the film’s lead character of Meg Altman, happened to be pregnant with her second child, which resulted in reshoots having to take place after she had given birth.

    In fact, for a film with a rather simple premise that mostly takes place in one house, Panic Room was wrought with other production complications as well.

    Nicole Kidman was originally cast to play Meg but had to drop out due to a recurring knee injury. Therefore, Foster had only nine days to prepare for the role — which also helps explain why her pregnancy ended up corresponding with filming.

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    Isla Fisher — Burke and Hare

    While filming the 2010 black comedy Burke and Hare, which was based on the real-life murder cases in 1820s Scotland, Australian actress Isla Fisher actually hid her pregnancy from the cast and crew. Instead of getting into a full corset to be in character, the three-months-pregnant actress would only pretend to be wearing one, saying that she would only wear a push-up bra to fool director John Landis.

    Since filming took place early on during her pregnancy, Fisher was even able to keep the secret from her fellow co-star Simon Pegg, who said he had no idea she was expecting until the end of the shoot. After production wrapped up, Fisher went on to give birth to her second daughter in 2011, and she currently has three children with her husband and fellow comedic actor Saha Baron Cohen.

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    Emily Blunt — Into the Woods and Girl on the Train

    In the 2014 fantasy film Into the Woods, Emily Blunt plays the Baker’s Wife — a woman that desperately wants to have a baby, but can’t —which is exactly the opposite of the actress, who found herself hiding her first pregnancy from the cast and crew during filming. As a result of her growing baby bump, Blunt worked with the costume department to hide her pregnancy for the camera, putting her in an apron and decadent dresses.

    And if working through one pregnancy wasn’t already enough of a challenge, Blunt went through the same thing again with Girl on the Train two years later. Again, Blunt decided to keep her pregnancy a secret from her co-workers at first, causing many of them to believe that she was taking her business of playing a devastated alcoholic a little too seriously.

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    Cate Blanchett — Charlotte Gray, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

    While many A-list actresses can afford to step down from a role when they find out that they’re pregnant, this exciting news has never stopped Cate Blanchett from backing out of a movie.

    Out of the actress' three biological children, each one of her pregnancies has corresponded with filming a movie, including Charlotte Gray, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

    Since the pregnancies seemed to all be in the early stages throughout the majority of filming, they rarely seemed to cause a hiccup in production. However, Blanchett was ironically cast to play a pregnant journalist in The Life Aquatic, where a fake belly had to be used for half of the shoot until her real-life baby bump actually became noticeable.


    So did any of these on-screen pregnancies surprise you? Let us know!

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