13 Actors Who Could Play The New Vixen On Legends of Tomorrow

Who Will Be Vixen in Legends of Tomorrow?

Last year, actress Megalyn Echikunwoke nabbed the voice role of DC hero Vixen in an animated web series named after the character. After the first season of the series, Echikunwoke even made her live action debut on Arrow as the same character. When news that the spinoff series Legends of Tomorrow would have a rotating cast of heroes, fans began suggesting that nearly every hero that has ever appeared on Arrow or The Flash could make an appearance, including Vixen. Unfortunately, Echikunwoke’s schedule will not permit her to appear on the second season of the fledgling TV series, but Vixen will make an appearance nonetheless, so a new Vixen will be cast for the series.

Here are 13 Actors Who Could Play The New Vixen On Legends of Tomorrow.

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Madeleine Mantock
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13 Madeleine Mantock

Madeleine Mantock

Madeleine Mantock is definitely an actress on the rise. Although she had a short stint on long-running medical drama Casualty, it was her American television appearances that raised her profile. Mantock was a part of the cast of The CW’s The Tomorrow People. She played the best friend of main character Stephen Jameson. Currently, the actress is a series regular on AMC drama Into The Badlands. Veil, Mantock’s character, is a doctor who gets pulled into a complex world full of murder and violence while trying to hide her secret relationship with Sonny, the main character played by David Wu.

Being on martial arts series Into The Badlands and not getting in on the action must be a hard pill to swallow for Mantock. With the AMC drama having short seasons, Mantock could return to The CW to save time on Legends. She’s an exciting actress who shines through regardless of the role. On The Tomorrow People, she was the powerless best freind of various people with super-abilities, but she still became a fan favorite. Like we mentioned above, her Badlands character does not throw a single punch, but is still compelling as Veil, the doctor who must save the life of the man who killed her family.

12 Sharon Leal

Sharon Leal in Boston Public

Sharon Leal has been juggling film and television roles for some time now. The actress got her start on daytime soap opera Guiding Light. For years she played Marylin Sudor on Boston Public. She went on to appear in films like Dreamgirls and the Why Did I Get Married? film series, while making guest appearances on several shows, including Person of Interest and Suits. Leal committed to Freeform series Recovery Road as a series regular, but the network recently cancelled the drama.

Leal is no stranger to The CW, having starred on Hellcats, so it may be time for her to return to the network. While she has recently been working in film, she did return to Grimm this season. The actress has a strong presence on screen and could shake things up for the heroes on Legends.

11 Christina Moses

Christina Moses in Containment

Christina Moses recently landed her first series regular role... on the now canceled freshmen drama Containment. The series centers on an outbreak that quickly turns into an epidemic and results in the city being put under quarantine. Moses plays Jana, a data recovery specialist who finds herself trapped in an office building in the city. Jana takes on a leadership role in her new circumstances trying to survive. Her other credits include guest appearances on Nikita and Rosewood.

While she may be best known for her role on Containment, this is all about Nikita. The CW-series-that-could starred Maggie Q as a rogue operative trying to take down the evil corporation that trained her to kill. Moses played one of the highly trained operatives who went on from the program to start a family. When she meets Nikita they help one another, even though Nikita is unaware that Moses’ character is working for the bad guys. We have been waiting for years for the actress to return to television kicking ass and taking names, but it has not happened. Since Containment was canceled, Moses immediately popped to mind when news that there would be a new Vixen came out.

10 Nikki Amuka-Bird

Nikki Amuka-Bird

The Nigerian actress has regularly appeared on television and film for some time. In recent years, she has made guest appearances on several shows, including Scrotal Recall and Sinbad, but it was her stint on Luther that raised her profile. Amuka-Bird played Erin Gray on the Idris Elba-starring drama. At first, her character worked under Elba’s Luther, but during the third series she transformed from a difficult subordinate to someone actively trying to take down her former boss. The actress will soon appear on Cinemax series Quarry and has recently nabbed a lead role opposite Phoebe Fox in BBC film adaptation of Zadie Smith’s NM.

Amuka-Bird is a strong candidate for the role of Vixen. She’s a talented actress who has played strong characters in the past. When you hold your own opposite someone as talented as Elba, then you definitely get some respect. While Amuka-Bird may be known for her British television credits, she will be appearing in upcoming Quarry, so maybe more US roles are in her future.

9 Joy Bryant

Joy Bryant in About Last Night

Many people may remember Joy Bryant as Gina on Honey or, more recently, NBC drama Parenthood. Each dance-related role was very different. While on Honey she was the best friend of Jessica Alba’s titular choreographer, her Parenthood character, Jasmine, was a dancer herself. After 6 seasons on the NBC family drama, Bryant went on to make a guest appearances on Love Bites and a recurring role on Fox drama Rosewood.

The Parenthood alum has been trying to make her way back to television full time and luckily, she nabbed a role on Amazon’s Good Girls Revolt. She still found some time to show up on Rosewood, so she could make some time around the Amazon series to play Vixen. It would be a buzzy role for the actress to get some more attention and traction in her post-Parenthood career.

8 Afton Williamson

Aften Williamson

Afton Williamson has put together a string of roles on popular series, but has yet to have her big break. She had short stints on shows like Homeland, A Gifted Man, and The Following before becoming a series regular on Banshee. She made a couple of appearances on NBC drama Blindspot recently. Her newest project, The Breaks, is a hip hop drama that aired on VH1 as a movie. The network has recently ordered the movie to series for an undetermined number of episodes.

With VH1 shows having short runs, Williamson could probably fit a season on Legends of Tomorrow in her schedule. The under-utilized actress could get a chance to shine as Vixen. She has enough experience to be an interesting pick, but not so much that she wouldn’t be considered for a role on the CW drama. Williamson had roles that kept her out of the action on both Banshee and Blindspot, so Legends of Tomorrow is her chance to kick some ass.

7 Meagan Good

Meagan Good

Meagan Good has spent much of her career playing roles in various films. Her credits include Stomp The Yard, Waist Deep, Saw V and Think Like A Man. She is no stranger to television though, having played Nina Jones on Nickelodeon favorite Cousin Skeeter. In recent years, Good has tried her hand at starring in television shows. Unfortunately both series, Deception and Minority Report, were not renewed for second seasons. While she has a role in upcoming film Deuces, Good also recently had a recurring role on Code Black.

In recent years, the actress has appeared on a series of freshmen dramas that weren’t renewed, so maybe joining an already successful series is the right move. Good is a talented actress who has the action chops to kick ass as Vixen. Her recent roles have seen the actress playing characters from the future and present, so a character from the past would be a great challenge.

6 Meta Golding

Meta Golding

Meta Golding is a criminally underutilized actress. After a decade-long string of guest appearances, Golding landed a role on Day Break in 2006. Unfortunately, the series was canceled after 13 episodes. Golding went on to recur on Criminal Minds and appear on The Tomorrow People before nabbing the biggest role of her career. Joining the Hunger Games franchise as Enobaria took the actress’ career to a new level. She went on to nab a role on failed NBC drama Love is a 4 Letter Word.

Meta Golding can kick some ass on screen. Simple as that. The talented actress was relegated to the supporting cast on both of the Hunger Games installments she appeared in and now she deserves her opportunity to take a front seat. Golding deserves to be the hero in the spotlight, and playing Vixen would do just that.

5 Enuka Okuma

Enuka Okuma

Canadian drama Rookie Blue was hit and ran for 6 seasons, airing on ABC in America. The drama centers on a group of rookies in a police precinct and follows them through the start of their career as they try to figure out how to be police officers. Enuka Okuma played Traci Nash, one of the original rookies on the drama. Traci began as a single mother, trying to balance being a mom and a cop. By the end of the series she found love twice, the first ended in her becoming a widow and the second time around she arrested her lover. Okuma recently joined Shondaland for a few episodes on How To Get Away With Murder as the terminally ill Nia Lahey.

Traci Nash was a tough cop who cared for her family and could have a good time. Rookie Blue provided years of proof that Okuma could make us laugh and take on life-crushing dramatic scenes. The actress was attached to a pilot on ABC, but it did not get ordered to series, so she joined ABC drama How To Get Away With Murder. She was amazing playing Nia Lahey as she lost the battle with her terminal illness, so now is the time for Okuma to have a little fun. Fun being kicking ass alongside White Canary and the rest of the Legends team.

4 Meagan Tandy

Meagan Tandy in Teen Wolf

Meagan Tandy may be playing a debutante competing on a reality show on Lifetime’s UnREAL at the moment, but she has definitely proven just how much fight she has in her. Before appearing on the popular Lifetime drama, Tandy had a recurring role on Teen Wolf. Braeden, Tandy’s character, is a former US Marshal turned mercenary who helps the main characters on the series through their various supernatural troubles. The gun-toting badass is set to return for the upcoming sixth season. Tandy likes to keep busy because, while she recurred on Teen Wolf and Survivor’s Remorse, she also made several guest appearances on other series.

Tandy may be playing a debutante now, but she’s no stranger to action. Playing Braeden for years is proof of the young actress’ ability to kick some ass. It could be compelling to see a Vixen who is learning how her powers work. Not starting with Vixen unaware of her powers, because Kendra did that, but someone not as far along as Echikunwoke’s. The one thing viewers see on UnREAL is Tandy’s ability to play a vulnerable girl, which is something the tough-as-nails Braeden does not have, and she could infuse that into the role of Vixen.

3 Meaghan Rath

Meaghan Rath

Meaghan Rath played the resident ghost on Syfy’s American adaptation of British drama series Being Human. Sally Malik, Rath’s character, was the character who went through the most changes over the course of the series. She started out as a scared ghost unaware how to use her powers and came out the other end a powerful being who sacrificed everything to save her friends on several occasions. Rath followed her 4 season stint with a mix of dramatic and comedic roles including recurring roles on Banshee, New Girl and Secrets and Lies. The actress was attached to 2 comedies last pilot season and chose Fox’s Cooper Barrett’s Guide to Surviving Life, but unfortunately for Rath it was canceled after its first season.

Echikunwoke plays a very stoic and serious Vixen, and if Legends of Tomorrow went a more comedic version, then Rath would be a great pick. A funnier version of the character would differentiate the new Vixen from Echikunwoke’s. Tapping into her comedic side on the drama could allow Rath to use all of her talents. Also, during the actress’ time on Banshee, she skirted around the action, but never really got into it. Now is her chance.

2 Adina Porter

Adina Porter in The 100

Since 1990, Adina Porter has appeared on a myriad of television shows, though her long string of guest appearances ended in 2002 when she appeared on American Dreams. A few years later she played Lettie Mae Thornton on HBO drama True Blood. While the actress has never stopped guest starring, she has landed recurring roles on The Newsroom and The 100. WGN American drama Underground is the latest stop in Porter’s role, in which she plays Pearly Mae.

Dr. Martin Stein is the oldest member of the team, but when it comes time to fight, Jefferson Jackson takes center stage, so Adina Porter as Vixen could be amazing. On True Blood she was a nagging mother and The Newsroom found her playing booker Kendra James, but her The 100 role was a game changer. Porter plays sword-wielding badass Indra on the series. Choosing an older actress of color would be an exciting move and a fantastic way to separate the new Vixen from Echikunwoke’s.

1 Nicole Beharie

Nicole Beharie

Nicole Beharie bust onto the scene when she appeared in Michael Fassbender-starring film Shame. She followed that role up with appearances on series The Good Wife and and film 42. The actress made her a full time move to television when she nabbed the female lead on Fox drama Sleepy Hollow. Beharie played the strong and powerful Abbie Mills who is thrust into the strange world of ghosts and monsters opposite Tom Mison’s Ichabod Crane. After 3 seasons Beharie exited the series, which was met with some uproar from fans of Sleepy Hollow.

Legends of Tomorrow should take advantage of Sleepy Hollow’s lapse in judgement. They let a fiercely talented actress go and a quick return to television would be amazing. Now while a seasons-long stint may be what the actress wants after her first major television experience, a season on The CW drama could also be possible. With the high degree of potential cast member changes then Beharie could have her role on the second season before heading elsewhere. Beharie would excel as the ass-kicking hero, so she would be a great fit.


What other actors could play Vixen on Legends of Tomorrow? Let us know in the comments!

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