8 Actors You Had No Idea Were Married (And 7 Who Are Still Available)

Keeping up with your favorite celebrities’ personal lives is no easy task. Some are going from one relationship to the next, and others have quietly settled down without so much as giving fans a heads up. Not that these famous faces owe us anything, but inquiring minds do want to know!

With all the new and interesting talents gracing our screens as of late, it’s easy to forget which actors are, in fact, walking the red carpet with rings on their fingers. But never fear! After a doing a bit of digging and sleuthing, we’ve got the scoop on some of your favorites.

Here you’ll find a long and healthy list of actors and actresses you had no idea had tied the knot, as well as some who are still in the running for a life-long mate.

Let us give you the rundown of who’s surprisingly taken and who’s not. Here are 8 Actors You Had No Idea Were Married (And 7 Who Are Still Available).

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15 Joseph Gordon-Levitt - Married

Though he's been a star since childhood thanks to his roles in Angels in the Outfield and 3rd Rock from the Son, how much do we really know about Joseph Gordon-Levitt? We  know he’s a fantastic actor who’s great with accents, can mimic walking a tightrope pretty well, and also serve as Batman's sidekick. But did we all know he was a doting husband and father, too?

Yep, Gordon-Levitt’s been married to Tasha McCauley - the co-founder of Fellow Robots, which produces service robots - since 2014 and the couple has had two sons together. Now, both Gordon-Levitt and McCauley are so notoriously quiet about their private lives that even a small glimpse at the two in public can spark tabloid fodder.

14 Daisy Ridley - Available

Daisy Ridley’s been on our radar for a few years now and ever since joining the Star Wars franchise, she’s been capturing the hearts of young sci-fi fans everywhere. Luckily for you Rey fans out there, Ridley is, in fact, single.

The actress has been open about the navigating the awkwardness of dating since becoming a star and even took some advice from Carrie Fisher about what to be wary of on the dating scene. In an interview with Vogue, Ridley explained that Fisher warned her about the difficulty of dating once becoming an international star. But it looks like Ridley seems is doing alright for herself.

Although she’s reportedly dating her Murder on the Orient Express co-star Tom Bateman, Ridley’s been mum on whether she’s looking for something serious. So, for now, all your Rey-inspired dreams can remain intact.

13 Gal Gadot - Married

Gal Gadot as Diana Prince in Wonder Woman

Who doesn’t have a crush on Gal Gadot these days? She’s beautiful, talented, charming, poised, tough, intelligent, and she’s Wonder Woman! But did you know that she’s also a happily married mother of two?

Yep, the armored goddess of Themyscira herself is married to Israeli businessman Yaron Versano. The two met all the way back in 2006 through some mutual friends and shared wedding vows nearly two years later in 2008. Together, they have a six-year-old daughter named Alma and another nearly one-year-old daughter named Maya. So, it looks like Gadot and her family are very settled and very happy.

Tough luck for all of you guys and gals out there who are hopelessly in love with Gal Gadot!

12 Henry Cavill - Available

Henry Cavill Superman

Everyone’s after a little superhero action these days and actor Henry Cavill has certainly given audiences lots to love and lots to ogle at. From luscious locks to sculpted abs, the Superman star has made his way into the hearts and minds of DCEU enthusiasts everywhere. Is it any wonder that Superman super fans are wondering whether he’s got a sweetheart he’s mad about?

While Cavill still hasn’t got a ring on it, he does have heart eyes for one lucky gal: Lucy Cork, a Hollywood stuntwoman who Cavill is more than happy to gush over.

Cavill recently opened up about the challenges of balancing fame and relationships, as fans and haters alike have criticized his romances in the past. It doesn’t look like that hate will be warping any part of his relationship, though, as Cavill seems committed to showing Cork as much love as he can on social media!

11 Adam Driver - Married

Adam Driver and Joanne Tucker

With his impeccable acting skills and unique looks, Adam Driver has risen to fame rather quickly. And with fame comes fans’ desires to know just what goes on behind the scenes. As Driver’s star rises, fans of The Last Jedi actor are becoming more and more curious about whether he’s attached to someone. And we’re sad to report that he is!

Driver has been married to long-time love Joanne Tucker for nearly five years. Little is known about their relationship as they both strive to keep their personal details behind the curtain. One thing we do know is that the two met during their days at Julliard, where both studied their passion for acting... and for each other, apparently. Good on them!

10 Taraji P. Henson - Available

Taraji P. Henson has stepped into a wide variety of roles over the course of her long career. The Oscar-nominated actress has played everything from loving mothers and no-nonsense police officers to rockstar mathematicians and action heroes. But in real life, there’s one role Henson hasn’t tackled just yet: wife.

After the murder of her son’s father in 2003, Henson reportedly took a long and necessary break from relationships to focus on herself and her career. The decision seems to have paid off. In that time, Henson’s career has taken off and she’s looking as great as ever. Recently, though, the actress confirmed she’s dating former NFL star Kelvin Hayden. Are there wedding bells in her future? Possibly!

9 Christina Hendricks - Married

Geoffrey Arend and Christina Hendricks in Brooks Brothers Wedding Commercial

When Christina Hendricks comes to mind, what do you think of? Flaming red locks, an Old Hollywood bombshell kind of beauty, Saffron on Firefly, Joan Holloway on Mad Men. But here’s one thing we bet you don’t think of: her marital status.

Fans of the film and TV star may be surprised to learn that she is, in fact, married to fellow actor Geoffrey Arend, whom she met through Mad Men co-star Vincent Kartheiser. Arend and Hendricks swapped rings in 2009 and have been engulfed in marital bliss ever since.

Arend, who’s known for his roles on Body of Proof and Madame Secretary, is a well-regarded screen and theater actor in his own right. Aside from that, though, he’s  the envy of every Joan Holloway-obsessed fan!

8 Idris Elba - Available

Idris Elba as DCI John Luther in Luther

Man Crush Mondays would be nothing without the likes of Idris Elba, who’s on just about everyone’s celebrity crush list. The dapper don, who hails from the UK and has graced our screens with powerhouse performances in The Wire, Beasts of No Nation, Luther, and Pacific Rim, is miraculously unmarried.

Sure, he’s been married a time or two, but right now it’s anyone’s guess when the next nuptials will take place. While Elba does have a current girlfriend - Sabrina Dhowe, a model and former Miss Vancouver - we haven’t heard wedding bells just yet. So, ladies and gents, let your minds and hearts run wild with your fantasies of walking down the aisle and into Elba's heart.

7 Jason Momoa - Married

Jason Momoa is basically the man of everyone’s dreams. He’s tall, muscular, sweet, and talented, making Aquaman the apple of a lot of people’s eyes. Unfortunately for most of us who have a tireless and agonizing crush on this man, he’s super married... to actress Lisa Bonet.

Momoa and Bonet fell in love in 2005, after mutual friends introduced the two thespians. They had a daughter, Lola, in July 2007 and a son, Nakoa-Wolf, in December 2008. While Momoa and Bonet have basically been married for nearly 12 years, they didn’t officially tie the knot until October 2017.

Momoa has gone on record to say that he’s been mad about Bonet since his future wife was starring on The Cosby Show. Momoa was just a kid then!

6 Jon Hamm - Available

Jon Hamm - Black Mirror White Christmas

In times past, you may have heard that Jon Hamm was attached at the hip to actress Jennifer Westfeldt. While the two were together for nearly 20 years, they parted ways back in 2015, returning Hamm to bachelor status.

The split from Westfeldt reportedly took a toll on Hamm, who has a history of alcohol abuse, and he hasn’t seemed too eager to jump back into the dating scene. In recent months, though, he’s been spotted out and about with the likes of Jenny Slate and Dakota Johnson, but neither of those couplings has been solidified just yet.

Whether the former Mad Men star has his eyes set on playing the field or finding new, long-lasting romance, we’re sure he’ll find the right lady-friend sometime soon.

5 Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig - Married (to each other!)

Actress Rachel Weisz is a familiar face to movie fans around the globe. From 1999’s The Mummy to 2015’s The Lobster, Weisz has done everything short of playing James Bond. But what if we told you that she was married to Mr. Bond himself, Daniel Craig? Bet you wouldn’t believe us!

She is married to him, though. The power couple began dating in December 2010 and were married in 2011 with a small ceremony that took place in New York. It’s reported that only four guests were in attendance, including Weisz’s son and Craig’s daughter from previous relationships. 

Their love seems to be the only good thing that came out of the critically panned Dream House, which they co-starred in together and fell in love while filming.

4 Danai Gurira - Available


Katana-wielding Michonne may have Rick’s heart on The Walking Dead, but actress Danai Gurira hasn’t snagged a heart of her own just yet. In fact, not much is known about Gurira’s personal life and, perhaps, she prefers it just that way. But one thing’s for sure, whoever’s on the receiving end of her affections is one lucky person.

Gurira boasts an incredible talent for acting and storytelling, as well as an innate intelligence that makes the rest of us look pretty silly. She speaks four languages, was nominated for a Tony for her play Eclipsed, and kicks tons of zombie butt on The Walking Dead. You can’t ask for a more accomplished partner in crime!

3 Adam Brody and Leighton Meester - Married (to each other!)

Adam Brody is known to audiences everywhere for a number of things: starring in The OC, giving teen girls heart palpitations, and... marrying Leighton Meester?

That’s right. Brody wed the Gossip Girl star back in 2014. The teen heartthrobs became enamored with each other after meeting on the set of The Oranges in March 2010. They dated until their engagement in November 2013 and then married in a private ceremony in February of 2014. Their daughter, Arlo, was born just a year later in August 2015.

The marriage between the two actors was a dream come true for die-hard fans of both Gossip Girl and The OC. Their respective characters, Blair Waldorf and Seth Cohen, were considered a match made in heaven by fans even though they never crossed paths on either show. 

2 John Boyega - Available

The latest installments of the Star Wars franchise would be nothing if not for John Boyega’s acting skills, dastardly good looks, and wholesome charm. Just a couple of years ago, few of us knew just who Boyega was. Now, he’s one of the most sought-after actors of the moment… and he’s still pretty single!

The actor once said that a new relationship had been ruined by his starring in Star Wars. Seems a bit silly, if you ask us! But that hasn’t stopped him from looking for love. Boyega’s recently been seen out and about with a potential new lady, though he hasn’t tied the knot just yet. And you know what that means: there’s plenty of opportunity for all you Star Wars fangirls to work your way into Mr. Boyega’s heart.

1 Jeffrey Dean Morgan - Married(ish)

Negan may have multiple wives on The Walking Dead, but actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan only has one special lady in real life. Hilarie Burton is her name and she’s got quite the impressive resume. She's most recently been feature in Fox’s Lethal Weapon and TV fans may remember her from her time on One Tree Hill and White Collar.

Acting aside, she’s been playing a special role in Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s life since 2009. In March 2010, the couple had a son named Augustus and they reportedly wed in 2014. According to a 2015 report, though, Morgan actually denied that the couple was married but that hasn’t stopped fans and news outlets from speculating. Earlier this year, Morgan and Burton announced that they were expecting a second child - a girl - sometime in 2018.


Did any of these surprise you? What other celebs keep their love life under the radar? Let us know in the comments!

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