12 Actors Who Could Play Nathan Drake In Uncharted

Nathan Drake

Uncharted 4, the final installment of the video game series, was just released this week to stellar reviews and bittersweet goodbyes. Since 2007, Nathan Drake has been our modern Indiana Jones, climbing brick walls and fighting bad guys for ancient artifacts. But what made Nathan so interesting was his personality. The creators didn’t want a cardboard cutout of a stereotypical action hero; instead, they created someone with a distinct personality. On his adventures, Nathan would always make sarcastic remarks about the crappy situations he’s in and even expresses fear at certain things. Even though he was pulling ridiculous stunts, he was still relatable in a way because he was just a regular dude.

For a while, an Uncharted movie has been in development hell. It’s been switching directors and actors and doesn’t seem to have anything set in stone. Though Mark Wahlberg was set to star as Nathan, he dropped out—leaving the role for the taking. There’s been much debate over who should play the iconic character mainly because it’s hard to imagine anyone taking that on, especially with the reputation that video game movies have.

Though some of these picks may not be realistic right now, these 12 actors would be among the best picks for the role. An honorable mention goes out to Nathan Fillion. He has the comedic and dramatic talent fit for Nathan's character, but we tried looking for other stars that could be the face of the potential franchise. If he was ever cast for the role, no complaints would be made.

Here are 12 Actors Who Could Play Nathan Drake In Uncharted.

12 Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt Jurassic World

Whenever the question of who should play Nathan Drake comes up, one of the most common answers has been Chris Pratt. Okay, in this day and age, Chris Pratt would probably be too expensive, but that doesn’t change the fact that he would be perfect in the part. He may not look anything like Nathan Drake, but he captures his spirit so well, that it wouldn’t matter.  

Pratt has always had that jackass personality in him, whether it was on Parks and Recreation or Guardians of the Galaxy. He knows how to have fun in his roles, whether they be serious or comedic. Sure, Nathan Drake may be similar to Star Lord and Owen Grady from Jurassic World, but the fans can’t get enough of it. They love that sarcastic yet suave attitude he gives off and it was made to play that character. Since he was in talks for the younger version of Indiana Jones, that’s a sure sign that other studios feel the same way.

Sadly, this casting will only remain a fantasy. Surprisingly enough, he was actually offered the part, but turned it down for unknown reasons. So while it will never happen, we can still dream, right?

11 Zachary Levi

Zachary Levi

Zachary Levi is athletic, charismatic, and—most importantly—smart. For five seasons, Levi played the hacker genius Chuck Bartowski on NBC alongside Adam Baldwin and Yvonne Strahovski. While he may not scream “action star,” his intelligence is what makes him a viable candidate.

Nathan Drake is an autodidact, who has self-taught himself all his crazy moves, history, and just knowledge of the world in general. That personality trait fits with Levi’s quirkiness that he radiated in Chuck. What’s even better is that he just looks like a regular dude. One of the best things about the Uncharted series was that Nathan Drake wasn’t just a cardboard cutout of an Arnold Schwarzenegger type. He doesn’t have a Rambo body type and doesn’t act like he has one; he’s just a normal person with human problems. Even though he’s doing impossible stunts, he’s still relatable in a way (especially in Uncharted 4). Levi’s appearance helps promote that normalcy and shows that an average looking person can also explore the world.

10 Charlie Cox

It might be strange to suggest the solemn and depressing Matt Murdock to play the lighthearted and fun Nathan Drake, but Charlie Cox has shown that he would be a good candidate in multiple ways. The most obvious example is his role in Daredevil. As the blind superhero, he overcomes many boundaries to save Hell’s Kitchen from warlords and ninjas. And who can deny that the hallway fight scene was anything short of amazing? But he wasn’t always the brooding type.

In 2007, Cox starred as the naive, daydreaming Tristan Thorne in Matthew Vaughn's Stardust.  To go from a romantic idealist to a gloomy superhero shows a kind of range that should be taken advantage of. Also, Cox brings so many different layers to Matt Murdock—varying from sarcastic to even oddly optimistic at times— that it would be fascinating to see what he would do with Nathan’s distinct personality.

9 Scott Eastwood

Scott Eastwood

Scott Eastwood’s stunning eyes and roguish physique already make him a big contender for the role. He hasn’t been in too many successful films (with his most recent being a film based off of a Nicholas Sparks novel), but he’s slowly making his way up there. Just a few months ago, he reportedly was on the short list to be Han Solo in the new Star Wars spinoff, which shows that he has that sly and slick nature that captures Nathan’s spirit.

At only 30 years of age, he’s in a perfect position to commit to a multiple film contract. As of this year, he seems to be a little busy due to being attached to Suicide Squad in an unknown role. Seeing as how that movie is guaranteed a sequel or two, it all depends on who his character is and how important he will be to the plot (theories have speculated that he would be Deathstroke or Jason Todd); Regardless of who he plays, it shows how versatile his acting is, going from romantic dramas to DC films. Hopefully he would consider taking on treasure hunters after hanging with The Joker.

8 Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper in Burnt

If Hollywood wants to attach a bankable star to its film, then Bradley Cooper would be the way to go. With both comedy and drama under his belt, Cooper has the skills and personality to take on the famed adventurer. Since The Hangover ended a few years ago, he has mainly stuck to smaller scale films instead of franchises. And with everyone and their mothers jumping into big budget franchises nowadays, it would only be fitting for someone as talented as him to get one as well.

Some may think he’s too old for the part at 41-years-old, but it’s important to remember that Harrison Ford was 39 when he first starred as Indiana Jones. For Nathan Drake, age doesn’t matter, and starting him off older than usual wouldn’t affect the story at all. In fact, it may even make more sense for the story; having someone who is older and well-versed in expeditions explains the ridiculous stunts that Nathan can pull off.

7 Oscar Isaac

Oscar Isaac as Poe Dameron in Star Wars 7

Oscar Isaac may be a hot commodity right now, but no one can deny his ability to disappear into his character. In just the past few years, he’s been an egotistical scientist, a folk singer, and a cocky pilot. With that much on his resume, it would not be surprising for him to take on an explorer part.

And with his role as Poe Dameron, the confident pilot from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, he already has the look and feel of an adventurer. His go-getter attitude works so well for that character and could easily translate over to land expeditions in lieu of adventures in a galaxy far, far away. Plus, him being a person of color could make for a compelling story. When was the last time we watched a film about a Guatemalan traveler looking for treasure?

6 Chris Pine

Chris Pine

Besides Star Trek, Chris Pine hasn’t had much opportunity to display his acting chops. He’s only been in cheesy romantic comedies that didn’t last very long at the box office. Hollywood even tried to make him the star of another franchise, the failed Jack Ryan:Shadow Recruit (Pine has even mentioned in interviews that he has regretted the role)

There’s no doubt that Pine has the amount of charisma it requires for Nathan Drake. His version of Captain James Tiberius Kirk shows that he can be an outspoken playboy but also dedicated to his mission and flight crew. The chemistry between him and his co-stars (whether they’re friends or foes) proves that he can shine alongside anyone on screen. Sure, he’s been involved in Star Trek since 2009 but, so far, there hasn’t been any indication that there will be any more films after this year’s Star Trek Beyond. If the end is truly near, then he will be available for a brand new series.

5 Toby Kebbell

Toby Kebbell

Toby Kebbell is likely to become the next Andy Serkis with all of the mo-cap work in his filmography. Kebbell is best known for his motion capture performance of the emotionally scarred chimp, Koba, in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, and his next role will be motion captured as the orc, Durotan, in Warcraft. It’s even been reported that he provided the facial expressions for King Kong in the upcoming film, Kong: Skull Island. And while his animal characters have been popular, there is one human character that he hasn’t been able to shake: Victor Von Doom. Josh Trank's adaptation of Fantastic Four is the worst reviewed comic book film in history, despite having great actors leading it. It’s frequently said that Victor Von Doom was one of the worst parts of the film, taking a traditionally scary villain and making him shockingly tame.

Kebbell is a fresh and rising star who is bound to get into more big budget pics. Both Kong: Skull Island and Warcraft have the potential to turn into bigger series, But he should have an opportunity to take on a leading role. At 33, he’s young enough to get involved with Uncharted without the fear of getting too old down the road. If he could convince the audience to feel for a motion captured chimp, then he would have no problem convincing them that he can be a fun, snarky thrill-seeker.

4 Jensen Ackles

Jensen Ackles in Supernatural Season 11 Episode

After over 11 years on Supernatural, Jensen Ackles has more than proven himself that he needs a  role in a big budget film. The only movies he’s been in have been low budget horrors and a Batman animated film. He hasn’t been able to show that he can be someone other than Dean Winchester.

Nathan Drake may be similar to the demon hunter, but that only means that Ackles would be able to perform with no problems. Dean Winchester’s personality is a mixture of a hardened soldier and a sarcastic jackass, combined with the occasional tenderness. He deeply parallels Nathan’s feelings and struggles in the Uncharted series. Plus, Ackles can pull off many facial expressions that can vary from a rugged man who has seen some shit to an infectious smile that everyone will fall in love with. And since Nathan has some many layers to him, that talent will be most needed.

3 Dan Stevens

Dan Stevens

Unless you are a Downton Abbey fan, you most likely haven’t heard of Dan Stevens. Even though his filmography isn’t that big, the work that he has done is severely underappreciated. Even though his speciality has been mainly period dramas and romances, he has slowly shown us that he’s more than a guy in a top-hat.

In 2014, he starred in Adam Wingard’s thriller, The Guest. Downton Abbey fans and thriller film fans don’t usually mix, but both audiences couldn’t help but fall in love with his psychotic charm. While Nathan Drake certainly isn’t psychotic, Stevens will have no problem encapsulating Nathan’s human qualities. Above all, The Guest was a character study, making the characters more than just tropes. If Stevens were to land the part, he would make Nathan Drake an actual person, rather than just an emotionless action star.

2 Brett Dalton

Brett Dalton

When the voice of Nathan Drake (Nolan North) thinks that you’re a great fit for the character, then that should be enough of a recommendation. Brett Dalton has mainly dipped his feet in the villain roles—most notably Agent Grant Ward in Marvel’s Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.. As an agent of HYDRA, he was always a big obstacle for Coulson and his team, even going as far as assassinating Rosalind Price. And while some fans found it very easy to hate him on the show, there were others who were still torn between hatred and love, despite the things he did. The ability to stir those sort of emotions in the audience is a rare talent that not many can do.

Dalton also isn’t a stranger to the video game world. He voiced and motion captured his character, Mike, in last year’s Until Dawn— the wildly successful horror game that had him and his friends running from a serial killer while on vacation. Having the experience of both video game and cinematic mediums (as well as the uncanny resemblance), Dalton’s take on Nathan would most likely be the closest version to the game.

1 Robbie Amell

Robbie Amell As Ronnie Raymond aka Deathstorm on The Flash

He hasn’t had many roles, but the few he’s been in prove that Robbie Amell would be the perfect Nathan Drake. He may have played a love interest opposite Mae Whitman in The Duff, but fans mainly know him as Ronnie Raymond— the feisty half of Firestorm from The Flash. Amell was an easy pick because he practically plays a version of Nathan on the show. His sarcastic quips meshed with his ability to take on multiple metahumans show that he can properly balance both elements together.

His head-butting chemistry with Martin Stein reflects Nathan’s relationship with Sully in the Uncharted series—they trust and respect each other, but would not hesitate to punch each other’s teeth out.  Also, it helps that  Amell looks like he would be related to him with the similar sharp jawline and hairdo. At 28 years old, some might consider him too young for the role and not credible in being so knowledgeable in history and such at his age. The writers could easily work around that or give him a backstory that explains why he’s so intelligent.


Can you think of any other actors who should be considered? Let us know in the comments!

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