8 Actors Who Have Mistreated Their Pets (And 8 Who Spoil Them)

Celebrities and animals seem to go hand in hand. They carry their fur babies around in their purses like prized possessions. They pose for ad campaigns with their four-legged friends and create Instagram accounts specifically for their fabulous pets.

Some even go as far as to nab guest spots for their beloved pets in their shows and movies. It seems like every day we hear about some trendy (and expensive) pet product being snatched up by the Hollywood elite in an attempt to give their pampered pups the good life.

We may find such obsessive behavior a little obnoxious or overboard, but it’s certainly better than the alternative. Sadly, that sweet treatment isn’t always the case.

For every loving pet owner, there’s an equally neglectful (and equally famous) one out there too. You would think that they would easily have the money to afford any luxury that their pet would need, especially with the help of their numerous assistants, but some stars simply can’t find it in their calendars, wallets, or hearts to properly care for their pets.

Whether they be exotic and bizarre pets or your regular everyday cats and dogs, no animal is safe in the hands of these irresponsible owners.

From Lena Dunham to Chris Evans, here are the 8 Actors Who Have Mistreated Their Pets (And 8 Who Spoil Them).

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16 Spoiled: Chris Evans

Captain America Chris Evans Marvel

Chris Evans loves his dog and his dog loves him. Being an actor, Evans is naturally kept apart from his pupper for extended periods of time, though.

For instance, when Evans spent ten weeks away from his dog due to a film shoot, he was greeted by a highly enthusiastic Dodger when he finally got back home.

Of course, Evans and Dodger’s relationship began with an adorable story. Evans was filming a scene for his movie Gifted in an animal shelter. He asked about whether the dogs were trained actors or actual shelter dogs. When he learned that the pups were indeed up for adoption, he wanted to take Dodger home with him right away.

The two have since bonded over Dodger’s infamous singing chops. What a good boy.

15 Mistreated: Chris Pratt And Anna Faris

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris in Movie 43

This one is sad-- especially given the devastating news of Chris Pratt and Anna Faris’s recent separation and pending divorce. Despite their popularity and the seemingly unending outpouring of love, Pratt and Faris have had their fair share of problems. Sadly, so did their former pet chihuahua Pete.

When Faris adopted Pete, she promised the animal shelter that she would pay a hefty fine should she ever abandon the little guy herself. Four years later, that’s exactly what she did.

Pete was found roaming around North Hollywood in terrible health and looking half-starved. Pratt and Faris quickly found the dog a new home and the shelter banned the actress from ever adopting there again.

Faris is unable to adopt another animal from the agency unless she can prove that she had been searching for her lost dog the entire time.

14 Spoiled: Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez Getaway

Selena Gomez has been known to get involved in drama-- but that’s just because she wears her heart on her sleeve. Gomez is a fierce advocate for a lot of issues surrounding the health and well-being of others. Naturally then, abandoned and neglected animals are high on her list of priorities.

By 2011, Gomez rescued five dogs.  She found one just sitting alone in a field, while another was abandoned by a neighbor. No matter how they came to be in her life, Gomez’s pups all earned a special place in her heart.

When Gomez added a sixth dog to her pack earlier this year, some fans were immediately disappointed that her new fur baby came from a pet store. However, others pointed out the awful living conditions that many pet store animals endure, praising her decision to once again give a living creature a happy home.

13 Mistreated: The Kardashians


There are tons of Kardashians, so naturally, there have been tons of Kardashian pets over the years. Sadly, most of those pets have met with tragedy and pain. Only a lucky few animals have gained unconditional love from their fashion mogul family.

Kim Kardashian made up a list of the family’s pets and what had ended up happening to them. Let’s just say, this family is bad when it comes to pets.

The Kardashian pets have simply been given away to friends, pastors, and hairdressers for a myriad of reasons. Kourtney gave up a Bengal cat when her son Reign was born and Khloe gave up one of her dogs when she moved in with Rob after her divorce.

To make matters worse, a few of the Kardashian family pets have even sufered painful deaths. When Kim’s white kitten Mercy got sick, it died a few months after being relocated to a hairdresser’s house. Additionally, Dolce the chihuahua was eaten by a coyote

To be fair, Kylie seems to be doing her best to make up for all of them.

12 Spoiled: George Clooney

Up in the Air George Clooney

He may be best friends with some of the biggest superstars in the world, but George Clooney’s heart truly belongs to his 300-pound Vietnamese pot-bellied pig named Max. It comes as a surprise to nobody that Clooney wouldn’t settle for your typical pet.

Max was originally meant to be a gift for Clooney’s then-girlfriend Kelly Preston, who went on to marry John Travolta. When the couple broke up, Clooney got custody, living with and loving his old buddy Max for 18 years. Clooney used to joke that his relationship with Max was his longest-running relationship ever.

At one point, Clooney was famous for his bachelor ways, but it turns out that may have been Max’s doing. Unsurprisingly, a 300-pound pig was a dealbreaker for a lot of Clooney’s potential suitors.

11 Mistreated: Justin Bieber

Another celebrity, another monkey. We get it-- if you had the money would you not spend it on your very own monkey? Of course, you would. Howver, most people actually care for their pets (especially exotic ones) once they purchase them. Such was not the case with Justin Bieber.

Bieber’s poor capuchin monkey was confiscated by customs in German. Bieber was supposed to file paperwork to regain ownership of his “beloved” pet but never did. Then he was supposed to pay a fine or risk losing his monkey to a local zoo… but he didn’t.

To be fair, Bieber seemed to show real remorse for the loss of the monkey in later interviews. However, he also admitted that he was warned not to bring the animal to Germany, as the country considers it endangered, but he chose not to ignore that advice.

10 Spoiled: Lady Gaga

American Horror Story season 6 details - Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga loves her french bulldogs. Gaga is Mother Monster to three french bulldogs-- Asia, Koji, and a new little one whose name is apparently a mystery, though Gaga had a habit of calling him either Cowpig or Moonpig in his early days at home.

Gaga’s puppers are actual models, often being showcased in their fur mama’s photoshoots. In fact, Asia even landed a gig as the face of Coach (thanks to her Instagram fame) and helped launch a pet products line with her proud mom.

Gaga often buys them fancy, bizarrely unique costumes, and basically gives them the run of the house.

Sadly, Gaga’s intense love for her doggies has had some negative consequences. Since her french bulldogs (and those of other celebrities) have become so popular on social media, there has been an uptick in abandoned french bulldogs.

9 Mistreated: Courtney Love

Frances Bean Cobain had to grow up without knowing her father. Eventually, she would go on to lose her mother as well, as Courtney Love would be stripped of all custody of her daughter. 

Court documents involved in the case revealed a tragic detail about the Love/Cobain household: Courtney Love was accused of accidentally killing her daughter’s pets-- as if Frances needed even more loss in her life.

The documents accused Love of indirectly causing the deaths of both a cat that became entangled in fabric and a dog that ate some of Love’s prescription drugs. When Cobain’s grandmother helped Frances escape her harrowing living conditions, she even went through the trouble to get a restraining order against her mother.

This was to ensure that her most recent pet, a dog named Uncle Fester, would be able to escape Love's home.

8 Spoiled: Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus MTV Woody Allen

Miley Cyrus loves her pets. She loves them so much it hurts. When Cyrus’s dog Floyd died in 2014, she did the only reasonable thing she could think of: she sang a tribute song to a giant inflatable replica of him while on stage.

Cyrus also went on a Tweeting-spree after her little Alaskan Klee Kai puppy was attacked by a coyote, sharing her grief with her fans.

She had a similarly intense reaction when her blowfish, Pablow, died just a year later. The singer/songwriter wrote a tribute song to her beloved fish friend and performed the emotional song at a backyard concert.

Cyrus was clearly distraught at the show, as she cried throughout the entire song. She also got a tattoo of Pablow on her arm to keep him near her at all times.

7 Mistreated: Jesse James

Jesse James and Kat Von D

Jesse James is infamous for cheating on his ex-wife, America’s Sweetheart, Sandra Bullock. However, many fans don't know about James' lack of love for his pets.

Sure, divorce is a trying and hectic time, but that doesn’t justify completely losing track of your own dog., which is exactly what James did with his pitbull Cinnabun at the time.

Just one year later, a second pit bull made a violent attack on a random corgi named Buckley, nearly killing the helpless animal.

The victim’s quick-thinking owner punched the four-legged assailant and helped to separate the dueling dogs before poor Buckley was rushed to emergency care. It appears like James didn't do much to help the situation.

James’s assistant was forced to pay for the corgi’s medical bills on his behalf, handing over $250 to the corgi’s owner.

6 Spoiled: Ricky Gervais

Ricky Gervais in The Office UK

Ricky Gervais hates people, that seems pretty obvious. However, he loves animals. The actor, comedian, and producer is a vocal advocate for animal rights, constantly imploring his social media followers to donate and help raise awareness of the struggles facing various animals.

Gervais’ love isn’t solely reserved for wild animals, though-- he also loves his cat. Gervais regularly shows off his kitty, Ollie, on social media. He has posted some photos in the past depicting his Siamese up to some feline hijinks.

Other pictures proudly show off Gervais and Ollie cuddling up and getting cozy for the night. Before Ollie came into Gervais’ life, he had another sweet kitty named Colin. Sadly, Colin passed away, but Gervais retained his deep love for his lost friend, posting a tribute on Twitter 15 years later.

5 Mistreated: Lena Dunham

Girls Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham adopted her shaggy-haired Lamby from an animal shelter. The poor pup had a history of abuse and had gone through three different owners before Dunham opened her home to him.

Unfortunately, the actress began to report violent and aggressive behavior from the dog and did not end up keeping it. Dunham then claimed that she had found a home for Lamby at a facility designed for troubled dogs.

She thanked her boyfriend for being so patient through all of their struggles with Lamby… but the adoption agency claims otherwise.

 The agency claimed that their records show that Lamby was simply given up because his owners didn’t have enough time for him. Nothing about abuse nor about multiple owners was mentioned, which didn't line up with Dunham’s sad tale.

A rep even pointed out that they had pictures of Dunham and Lamby snuggling through the adoption process and reminded everyone how often Lamby was featured with Dunham in public appearances. 

4 Spoiled: Kesha

Kesha is devoted to her pack, so much so that she devoted an entire floor in her home to her furry pals. Kesha’s love for her animals runs in the family, though-- her mother would rather cook for their animal brood than for her own daughter.

Kesha revealed that her mother would often take the time to cook chicken for the litter of pups, but the same can’t be said for her daughter.

In an interview with People, Kesha acted out a routine interaction with her mom: “When I come home she’s like ‘get out of the dogs’ chicken!’ ... And I’m like, ‘what do I eat then?’ and she goes, ‘I don’t care, that’s the chicken for the dogs.'"

In recent years, Kesha has begun advocating for animal rights. She ran a “Cruelty Free” campaign, supporting the ban of testing cosmetics on animals, trading and selling shark fins, and the annual slaughter of seals in Canada.

3 Misteated: Johnny Depp And Amber Heard


Everyone saw that hilariously awkward video of a distraught looking Amber Heard desperately apologizing for falsifying forms and bringing her dogs into Australia illegally, while an uncomfortable Johnny Depp sitting next to her. The world laughed, Depp laughed, but Australia wasn’t laughing.

The video was meant to be an apology to the country and resulted in the charges against Heard being dropped, but nobody believes that the former couple actually wanted to film the video it in the first place.

At the time of the illegal dog smuggling, Heard was told to get her dogs out of the country or risk seeing her pups put down. On top of that, Heard faced expensive charges of over $100,000 and could have been sentenced to ten years in jail.

2 Spoiled: Jeffrey Dean Morgan

He might play one of the most brutal villains in TV history, but The Walking Dead’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan is one of the biggest sweethearts in Hollywood. The zombie drama’s cast and crew constantly praise his friendly attitude and easy going nature. However, it’s not just people-- Morgan has a deep love for animals too.

Morgan has a unique tattoo on his forearm. It includes French word "bisou" in cursive. "Bisou" means “kiss” in French, and it perfectly describes how the Negan actor felt about his little puppy. The dog was visibly sick when he bought her from a bunch of kids at Venice Beach. He chose to name the little pup Bisou.

Bisou went on to lead a happy, healthy life before passing away 12 years later. Morgan got the tattoo as a memorial to his beloved friend.

1 Mistreated: Chris Brown

Given how much trouble Chris Brown’s has been in over the years, it can’t come as a major surprise to discover that he's a bad pet owner. However, it’s still more than a little shocking.

Purchasing pets for very young children has always been a bit controversial, as many activists worry that the pets won’t be given proper care when the thrill wears off or when the animals grow up.

Imagine the outrage when it was revealed that Brown bought his 3-year-old daughter Royalty a capuchin monkey as an early Christmas gift.

Many fans lost it on social media, imploring Brown to realize that a wild animal shouldn’t be treated like a domesticated pet and that wild animals especially should not be kept around young children.


Did we miss any of your favorite celebs and their pets? Let us know in the comments!

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