12Mickey Rourke and Jon Favreau (Iron Man 2)

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When a movie fails, it’s easy to point fingers without knowing the whole truth. With Iron Man 2’s many foibles, one of them in undoubtedly Mickey Rourke’s portrayal of Ivan Vanko, aka Whiplash, who was a one-dimensional and one-note villain. But who is really to

blame for this unexcused blandness? It differs depending on who you ask, but if you were to inquire on Rourke himself, he would choose to call out the Marvel Production team and director Jon Favreau for the failed character.

After Iron Man 2’s somewhat critical backlash, Rourke blamed Marvel Studios for leaving a lot of what he shot for the film on the cutting room floor. The actor stated that he had actually spent time in Russian prisons to wrap his head around the character of Whiplash, and spent months trying to perfect his foreign accent. All of this he felt was undermined after the bulk of his scenes to broaden the character’s scope were left out of the final cut. While he initially blamed the team at Marvel, Rourke stated in an interview that it was the fault of director Jon Favreau for “not having any balls” to stand up for certain creative decisions.

With the two’s mixed history, you can bet that you won’t see Rourke in another Favreau Marvel production if that time ever comes.

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