7 Actors Who Hate Working Together (And 8 Who Are Inseparable)

Hollywood is like high school. You can never truly avoid someone and everyone remembers everything. It’s like being back in school, but as adults with more power and more money. That’s why there are plenty of actors who have grown to love working together throughout the years. On the flip side, there are plenty of actors who absolutely hate working with one another.

For those who love working together, it usually starts out the same. They meet for a movie, figure out they have a connection, and push to work together more. It’s basically like real life. For those who hate working together though, things are a little different.

If an actor continuously has to work with someone they hate, things usually end up going horribly wrong. A lot of the time, it stems from either jealous or money, although there are a few strange and out of the box incidents that can cause hatred between coworkers too.

It’s not like the real world, though. An actor can’t just forget about that one other actor they hated working with. The public wouldn’t allow that.

Instead, feuds last for years on end. Avoidance becomes key for the actors who hate working together. If an actor actually enjoys their onscreen costars, they should count themselves lucky.

Here are the 7 Actors Who Hate Working Together (And 8 Who Are Inseparable).


15 Love: Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet in Revolutionary Road

Leonardo DicAprio and Kate Winslet have been two peas in a pod since their time on Titanic. While the two friends have stayed close throughout the years, they've never admitted to any sort of serious love affair.

While the world might want Jack and Rose to end up together, for now, the two compare each other more to the likes of brother and sister.

In the years after filming the 1997 hit film, DiCaprio and Winslet filmed another movie together, Revolutionary Road, in 2008.

The two friends love working together, with Winslet even admitting they regularly quote Titanic lines to each other and seek out opportunities together. The two are so close that DiCaprio even walked Winslet down the aisle at her 2012 wedding to Ned Rocknroll.

14 Hate: Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson

Fifty Shades of Gray

Put together for multiple movies due to their commitment to the Fifty Shades of Grey series, rumors are continuously circulating that actors Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson actually hate working together.

Although their characters are love interests onscreen, the two actors apparently can’t stand each other and they hate having to spend time together.

While the two actors say they are friends and speak highly of one another, sources say otherwise. Rumors of not liking each other have been circulating since the beginning.

While the two actors try their best to diminish the negative talk, they aren’t necessarily going overboard in trying to say otherwise either. It’s more like the producers behind the series is pushing to show the two as friends rather than the actors themselves.


13 Love: Simon Pegg and Nick Frost

Simon Pegg & Nick Frost in Shaun of the Dead

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost have been friends since basically forever. The two have starred in films together such as Shaun of the Dead, The World’s End, and Hot Fuzz. Besides their onscreen acting work, the two have used their voices together for other films such as The Adventures of Tintin and Ice Age: Continental Drift.

Pegg and Frost have been friends since before they were famous, but fame hasn’t affected their friendship at all. While the two continue to find success, their friendship seems to prosper as they both love working (and playing) together.

In fact, not only does Pegg reguraly write roles for Frost in his films, but the two are inseparable. Pegg was even the best man at Frost’s wedding, and Frost was the best man at Pegg’s wedding. It seems like nothing will split these two up.

12 Hate: Blake Lively and Leighton Meester

Blake Lively and Leighton Meester both rose to fame thanks to the television series, Gossip Girl. They portrayed two best friends who loved each other, yet in real life, they weren’t friends at all.

While some might call their relationship “polite” and “professional,” others called it “forced” and “nonexistent.” While everyone on set seemed to get along with each other (almost), Lively and Meester didn’t mesh with each other at all.

It just goes to show that just because two people have likeable qualities doesn’t mean they will, in turn, like each other.

While a lot of the members of the cast have stayed close throughout the years, Lively and Meester have taken different paths and tend to avoid each other when they are thrown together, like at award ceremonies.

11 Love: Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson

Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson have been through a lot throughout the years. In recent years, Stiller has lost his mother and has split from his wife. Wilson on the other hand has had to fight his way back after depression hit him hard. Nevertheless, the two have always been there for each other, both on and off the silver screen.

Having started their friendship way back when, the two friends have starred in so many movies together, it’s hard to keep track of which one's the best. Their friendship is not something you can fake. They both love working with each other which is why they both continue to do so.

Wilson chalks up their golden onscreen connection to their easygoing friendship: “From when we first became friends, walking around New York, I think that we are still sort of laughing at the same things and our dynamic is still pretty similar.”

10 Hate: Sofia Bush and Chad Michael Murray

Sophia Bush and Chad Michael Murray liked each other at first sight. The two One Tree Hill stars even got married. Sadly, the two couldn’t make things work and had to divorce, only to have to work together for years after the breakup. Even though the show revolved around Murray’s character, he left the show only for Bush to take over as the star.

While Bush and Murray thought they were in love, their marriage only lasted for five months. Needless to say, a lot of love was lost between the two actors.

After Murray left the show, it seemed unlikely that the two would ever want to work together again. When asked if she keeps in touch with her former spouse, Bush had this to say: “My mother once said to me that if you don't have anything nice to say, not to say anything at all.”


9 Love: Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling were thrown together by fate, but their friendship was pure choice. Plenty of people want the two actors to be together in real life because their onscreen connection is so infectious. That being said, the two actors are just really good friends and that’s the reason why they work so well together.

Having started their friendship while on set of the 2011 movie, Crazy, Stupid, Love, the two actors have completed two more films since their original first onscreen appearance together. Stone even won an Oscar for starring opposite Gosling in La La Land.

The chemistry they have with each other makes them both better actors, hence why the movies they do together are always so great. There’s a good chance audiences will see the two of them together again in the future.

8 Hate: Julianna Margulies and Archie Panjabi

The Good Wife won many awards during its run including a 2010 Golden Globe award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series – Drama, given to Julianna Margulies. As the star of the show, Margulies kind of gets to say what she wants, only to receive it.

That’s why when Margulies started having trouble with costar Archie Panjabi, Panjabi slowly made her way off the series. In fact, the two had hardly shared a scene together towards the end of Panjabi’s time on the show.

Needless to say, Margulies and Panjabi hated working together. While neither have truly talked about it, it’s basically like the white elephant in the room that everyone knows about. The two disliked each other and will most likely never work together again. It’s easy to replace a supporting role, but not as easy to replace the lead actor in a series.

7 Love: Miles Teller and Shailene Woodley

Miles Teller and Shailene Woodley first worked together as love interests on the film, The Spectacular Now, back in 2013.

Since then, the two shared the screen during the Divergent movie series. Having done multiple movies together, the two have created a solid friendship with one another. Even as both of their careers continue to prosper, they’ve kept up with each other.

Woodley once mentioned how she hopes she and Teller can be like one of those famous onscreen couples, “like Leo and Kate” for example.

Although the two played two people who hated each other in the Divergent series, Woodley still holds a place in her heart for Teller. When Woodley won the “trailblazer” award at the MTV Movie Awards, Teller was the one who presented her with it.

6 Hate: William Shatner and George Takei

The William Shatner/George Takei feud has never been a quiet one. While the two were part of the Star Trek series for quite some time, the actors didn’t necessarily enjoy working with each other.

Even now, when they should both be long over it, the feud still lives on. Needless to say, you won’t ever see these two actors work with each other again.

Takei says he invited Shatner to his recent wedding, but heard no word from Shatner. There are claims that Shtner had problems with everybody, not just with Takei.

Of course, Takei claims that Shatner likes the publicity, hence why the feud has never seemed to die down. Neither actor truly talks about it directly ever and both seem to want nothing to do with each other.


5 Love: Everyone from Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants

While The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants filmed quite a long time ago, all four main actors (Blake Lively, America Ferrera, Alexis Bledel, and Amber Tamblyn) have all remained incredibly close. If they were offered up to do a reunion movie, there’s no doubt that they would all be on board.

Back before each individual actress found success in her own way (with the exception of Bledel who found success beforehand on Gilmore Girls), they all met to film The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants.

While each actress has been successful, they have always made time for one another. While some of them reflect on not liking certain people they’ve worked with in the past, they are never talking about each other. The sisterhood seems to live on.

4 Hate: Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Catrell

Although they were on Sex and the City together, along with the movies that followed afterwards, actors Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Catrell have never enjoyed each other.

In fact, many people blame the lack of yet another Sex and the City movie on the fact that Catrell is supposedly jealous of Sarah Jessica Parker, her star status, and the amount she gets paid.

The feud between the two has been dubbed “never-ending” due to the fact that it always comes back around every few years. When Sarah Jessica Parker received a pay bump in salary on the series due to being not only the lead actress, but also an executive producer, Catrell wasn’t pleased and wanted a raise for herself too.

Everything has simply gone downhill from there. If fans want another film, they’ll have to wait because both Parker and Catrell hate working with one another.

3 Love: Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper

Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper have starred in four movies together. When they worked together on the set of Silver Linings Playbook, the two ended up together every year for three more years after that.

Their other films include Americana Hustle, Serena, and Joy. Although Cooper is much older than Lawrence, the two love working together and have become great friends.

Many rumors have circulated about Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence striking up a relationship. Unfortunately, neither seem to have interest in one another, with Cooper essentially swearing off Lawrence.

While the two love working with each other and will hopefully join forces together again soon, neither seem to have any interest in being romantic with one another. They would just rather stick to being friends.

2 Hate: Will Smith and Janet Hubert

Will Smith and Janet Hubert The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Janet Hubert once portrayed Smith’s aunt on his hit show, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. However, she was later replaced after disagreements began between her and the lead star of the show, Will Smith himself. Now, years after the show ended, the feud has lasted and regardless of the past being the past, the two actors still won’t work with one another.

Hubert says what happened revolves around what every Hollywood argument seems to revolve around: money. Hubert claims Smith didn’t help her or any of his castmates with their salary negotiations.

Since Hubert has continued to talk badly of Smith since leaving the show decades ago, Smith has obviously moved on. Needless to say, he never wants to work with Hubert again and the feelings seem to be the same on Hubert’s side.


1 Love: Tina Fey and Amy Poehler

Sisters review - Tina Fey and Amy Poehler

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler have been friends for years, starting way back when. The actors were close when on Saturday Night Live together and continue to do movies together semi-regularly.

They are also seen together not filming and have done well at being award show hosts in the past. Not only are they both extremely talented, but they both love working together.

Poehler and Fey seem to bring out the best in one another. Even though both found success on their own shows after they were done on SNL, neither lost contact with one another. Some of the films they have done since then include Baby Mama and Sisters.

They were also, of course, brought together again for Tina Fey’s movie, Mean Girls. Needless to say, audiences haven’t seen the end of Poeler and Fey working together.


Can you think of any other actors who hate working together or any who love each other? Let us know in the comments!

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