8 Actors Feuding Behind The Scenes (And 7 Best Friends That Will Shock You)

While the illusion of fiction is one that audiences love to keep up with and studios try to protect, the truth is that a lot of secrets hide behind the scenes of movie and television productions.

Hollywood is notorious for feuds, and not all of them are as public as the one between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford (as recently portrayed in Ryan Murphy’s Feud TV series). For the sake of the projects they are working on at a given time, actors will go to great lengths to hide their disdain for a co-star, and when the news breaks out to the press, it usually means that things have escalated to a high degree of seriousness.

For the most part, studios don’t seek out actors with egos that are perceived as big, so being involved in a public feud is usually not a positive thing for anybody involved. This is definitely why these disagreements often hide behind colorful terms such as “creative differences” or “scheduling conflicts.”

But while there are many actors who secretly hate each other, there are also those who secretly love one another, and end up forming friendships that the general public is completely unaware of.

These are 8 Actors Feuding Behind The Scenes (And 7 Best Friends That Will Shock You).

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Vin Diesel as Dominic Toretto and Dwayne Johnson as Hobbs in Fast and Furious 5
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Vin Diesel as Dominic Toretto and Dwayne Johnson as Hobbs in Fast and Furious 5

Though the Fast & Furious series of films keeps going strong, shattering box office records and greenlighting ninth and tenth installments, it’s not all good news in the franchise.

Vin Diesel is, by every standard, the main star in the Fast & Furious movies. He’s the protagonist and the actor/producer who has been driving it (pun intended) to new directions as the years go by. However, as Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson joined the cast in 2011’s Fast Five, it felt palpable that this series of films was now breathing new life and becoming more than just car chases and “bro culture.”

This divide in critical perception seems to have bothered Vin Diesel, because the actor has been in an ongoing feud with Dwayne Johnson for years now – and it’s all about Fast & Furious.

Thing escalated even more as The Fate of the Furious came out and the actors were never seen acknowledging one another or discrediting reports that they consistently bumped heads during the film’s production.


Oscar Isaac and Christian Bale

Christian Bale (The Dark Knight, American Hustle) and Oscar Isaac (X-Men: Apocalypse, Ex Machina, Star Wars: The Force Awakens) were taken to a desert to shoot a film called The Promise, and besides the actual movie, the experience also yielded a friendship between the actors that is probably just as interesting as the work they set out to do.

Bale and Isaac are known for being transformative actors who are not scared of going all-in during every project they work on. While both of them have done films that generated Oscar buzz, they’re also not scared of getting involved with blockbuster franchises and big-budget superhero movies.

Oscar Isaac said of Christian Bale: “This was all built on this film alone. It was nice to be able to develop a deep and intimate friendship together.”


Though they have never officially confirmed it, Lena Headey and Jerome Flynn used to be a couple in the early 2000s, and it seems like things did not end well. Years later, as HBO’s Game of Thrones became a hit TV show where Headey portrays Cersei Lannister and Flynn plays Bronn, things got complicated yet again.

According to reports, the actors won't even speak to one another even though they have scenes together in the show. Something very serious must’ve happened during or after their romantic break-up, as it is quite uncommon for Hollywood exes to have such a public disdain for one another.

Since Bronn is Tyrion’s bodyguard, and Tyrion is Cersei’s brother, the Headey and Flynn were forced to share this fictional connection on screen, but word out there is that they absolutely despise one another.


The Helen Mirren and Russell Brand friendship should probably be placed in a Hall of Fame of weird, fun, and unlikely friendships.

The pair met and bonded during the shoot of 2011’s Arthur reboot, in which Brand played the title character and Mirren played Lillian Hobson, his nanny. The actor acknowledged the fact that he had great respect for Helen Mirren, who so brilliantly played Queen Elizabeth II (which earned her an Oscar for Best Actress Oscar) in 2006’s The Queen.

Though she is best known as a serious actress in drama films, Mirren has also dedicated some of her time to comedies (and lighter movies in general) aside from Arthur, such as RED (and RED 2), National Treasure: Book of Secrets and Pixar’s Monsters University.


Castle was a very successful television series for ABC. It ran for eight seasons between 2009 and 2016, and reached nearly 200 episodes. But whenever a show depends heavily on a duo of protagonists, you have to make sure that those co-stars never burn any bridges between them, or you’re in for a bumpy ride.

That’s exactly what happened with Castle, and the show did not survive after stars Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic began feuding. The series was renewed for a ninth season, but it was quickly announced that Katic would not be returning. Barely a month later, ABC announced that it would cancel the ninth season altogether.

Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic have been discreet about their feud, but it was serious enough to end the show that solidified their careers.


Another unlikely (but real) friendship is the one between Quantico star Priyanka Chopra and Suits actress Meghan Markle. The two have been seen several times together, having dinner in Los Angeles, drinking cocktails in the Caribbean, and linking up to watch Hamilton on Broadway.

Most recently, Priyanka Chopra played a villain in the Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron ill-fated reboot of Baywatch. Meghan Markle already has a solid career on TV after 7 years on Suits, but the actress has also been seen in films such as Horrible Bosses and Remember Me.

In an interview with Wendy Williams, Chopra came to Markle’s defense as she felt that Williams was reducing the Suits actress to being “Prince Harry’s girlfriend.”


Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele and Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey

The Fifty Shades of Grey on-screen couple may share a chemistry that has brought millions of people to the movie theaters, but according to reports, actors Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson do not share a love for one another behind the scenes.

If you’ve ever watched any Fifty Shades of Grey interview with Dornan and Johnson, this probably does not come as a major surprise. The two have been famously awkward and cold around one another during press tours for the franchise, and did mostly individual interviews while promoting Fifty Shades Darker.

With Fifty Shades Freed still looming over a 2018 release, the pair will have to put up with one another until next spring, at the very least. If the Twilight drama between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart taught us anything, is that sometimes it’s better to just keep calm, do your job, and move on once the franchise ends.


Pedro Pascal is now a hot-shot Hollywood actor with major roles in Netflix’s Narcos and HBO’s Game of Thrones. But according to an interview of his with Seth Meyers from 2016, the actor has been very good friends with American Horror Story’s Sarah Paulson for a long time, and she was actually instrumental in him to securing his Game of Thrones role as Oberyn Martell. Even Meyers, who is also a friend of Paulson’s, seemed completely surprised by Pascal’s story.

Pedro Pascal and Sarah Paulson have seemingly never worked together on anything major and, also apparently, don’t even frequent the same social circles in Hollywood, which is what made the actor’s reveal so surprising. They have both worked on Law & Order, but always in different years and/or different iterations of the show.


If you were a kid or a teen in the 2000s, you most likely know Drake and Josh from Nickelodeon’s Drake & Josh.

Since the show ended in 2007, Drake Bell and Josh Peck have been trying to find ways to further their careers individually. Drake released three studio albums, voiced Spider-Man in cartoons, and was featured in a couple of movies. Josh also did extensive voice work (including the Ice Age franchise), was in the main cast of Fox’s Grandfathered, and became a YouTube and Vine star.

But it seems like Drake and Josh were never able to get past whatever happened between them after Drake & Josh ended. The actors have been seen on and off together, but for the most part, all of their interactions look staged and dubious.


For Dakota Johnson’s birthday in 2016, Cara Delevingne posted a picture of the two of them together and seemingly wearing matching t-shirts. Also, Delevingne was holding a phone in which Taylor Swift appeared to be video chatting with the actresses.

Dakota Johnson is mostly known for her protagonist role in the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise, while Cara Delevingne is remembered for Suicide Squad, Paper Towns, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, and a very successful modeling career. Though Delevingne was publicly part of Taylor Swift’s so-called “squad” of friends, it was surprising for everyone that Dakota Johnson was also somewhat part of the whole thing, since the actresses have never worked in the same project.

After that picture was posted, Johnson, Delevingne, and Swift were spotted hitting New York clubs together a couple more times.


The Fast & Furious drama does not end with The Rock vs. Vin Diesel.

It is widely known that Universal is interested in a Fast & Furious spin-off featuring Hobbs, Dwayne Johnson’s career in the franchise. While there have been no official statements in regards to the film, co-star Tyrese Gibson seems very passionate about stalling the standalone film as much as possible.

The root of the issue is that Tyrese Gibson believes that the Hobbs spin-off would essentially push back production on the ninth Fast & Furious installment, which already has a release date for April 2019.

Tyrese took to Instagram to say that the cast of this franchise is a family, and that Dwayne Johnson should respect his co-stars and fans and show his commitment to the ensemble movies instead of the standalone project.


The Penguin from Gotham and the guy yelling questions in Billy On The Street have something in common: they’re really good friends!

Robin Lord Taylor and Billy Eichner had been college roommates and started to host a New York-based comedy show together called Creation Nation. The show eventually landed Eichner a special correspondent gig on Conan, from which Billy On The Street came to life. Though Taylor’s career took longer to take off, he became the undisputed star of Gotham as the show premiered in 2014.

Billy Eichner can now be seen on American Horror Story and Hulu’s Difficult People. He’s also set to voice Timon in 2019’s The Lion King live-action reboot from Disney. Robin Lord Taylor has a role in James Franco’s The Long Home, which has a tentative release date for 2017.


This story gets very complicated.

During the promotional tour for Paper Towns, Cara Delevingne had an infamously awkward interview that divided opinions among Hollywood people. Richard Madden (who played Robb Stark in Game of Thrones) tweeted out about the incident, calling Delevingne “unprofessional” and “ungrateful,” to which the actress replied by tweeting back the following response: “I have no idea who you are but I think it's little desperate for a grown man to be bad mouthing someone they don't know.”

Well, a year later, it turned out that actress Suki Waterhouse, Bradley Cooper’s ex and one of Cara Delevingne’s best friends, started to date Richard Madden. So now the feud has become even bigger and more random than it already was.


What are the odds that two actors who have known each other for a very long time would suddenly be the breakout stars of completely different shows at the very same time?

2016 was the year of Sterling K. Brown, who was the breakout star in both The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story and This Is Us, both of which earned the actor Primetime Emmy Awards in 2016 and 2017, respectively. But on the comedy side of TV, one of the biggest stars of 2016 just happened to be Brian Tyree Henry, who played the Paper Boi rapper in Atlanta, and is one of Brown’s best friends.

Their friendship was brought together on screen in 2017 as Brian Tyree Henry was featured in an episode of This Is Us as a cousin to Sterling K. Brown’s father.


It’s been nearly 50 years since the original Star Trek series – featuring William Shatner as Captain Kirk and George Takei as Lieutenant Sulu – came to an end.

Though five decades have passed and, most recently, these two actors have been seen together trying to present a more amicable relationship, reports are that Shatner and Takei still very much dislike one another. George Takei has made it very public that many actors in the Star Trek had a problem with William Shatner, who was apparently perceived as self-centered behind the scenes.

During Comedy Central’s 2006 Roast of William Shatner special, Takei attempted to take jabs at his co-star with grace and restraint, but still described him as a “rich, gooey cake,” which left Shatner looking dumbfounded.


Did any of these friendships or feuds surprise you? Are there other unlikely friendships or secretive feuds between actors going on behind the scenes? Let us know in the comments below!

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