10 Actors Who Drive Dream Cars (And 5 Who Don't)

Hollywood celebrities are often some of the wealthiest people in the United States. Their ability to play pretend in front of cameras has launched some actors into celebrity status all over the country and the world. Often times these famous celebrities have more money than they know what to do with-- a problem most people wish they had.

Hollywood actors and actresses sometimes use their money to donate to charities, throw lavish parties, or buy anything they could ever want. One common trend that most celebrities share is their purchase of luxurious cars that most people could only dream of. 

While some celebrities spend thousands of dollars on Ferraris, Porches, and Teslas, others prefer to sport more modest cars. Certain stars might like to drive around less expensive cars to avoid unwanted public attention or they might just not feel the need to drive around in an extravagant set of wheels. 

Regardless of their reasoning, certain celebrities drive costly cars that are out of most people’s price range while others drive cars that a broke college student could afford. 

So sit down and shift gears from your normal routine to learn about the 10 Actors Who Drive Dream Cars (And 5 Who Don't).

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15 Dream Car: Lindsay Lohan

Hollywood has seen the good and bad side of Lindsay Lohan. After growing out of her Disney roots, Lohan starred in the cult classic Mean Girls.

Beginning in 2007, Lindsay Lohan started showing up in the news for her substance and alcohol use and car crashes. Sadly for car enthusiasts, she did not crash a normal car, but rather Mercedes and Porsches.

A few months ago, Lindsay Lohan was seen visiting a McDonalds like any normal person might do, but she was driving something a bit nicer than most people. Lindsay Lohan has recovered from her substance and alcohol-fueled past and now drives a Porsche Panamera.

The car costs around $100,000 but that has not stopped Lohan from ruining this one too. She was hospitalized after a crash in her Panamera in 2012. LiLo may want to consider taking a break from driving or let Herbie do the driving for a while.

14 Dream Car: Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr. is another actor who has made an incredible comeback from substance and alcohol addiction. He is most known for playing Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

We all know how well Marvel is doing right now and with how popular Iron Man is-- Downey’s wallet is also doing more than alright. 

Robert Downey Jr. has an impressive collection of cars which leads many to joke that he has a better selection than Tony Stark himself. 

Audi has been partners with Marvel ever since Iron Man in 2008 and Downey seems to have taken a liking to them.

The company gifted him an Audi R8 Spyder after it appeared in Iron Man 2, and he recently showed up to the red carpet premiere of Spider-Man: Homecoming in an Audi R8 Spyder V10. 

13 Don't: Ludacris

Ludacris, Christopher Brian Bridges,  may have started off as a rapper but he has made quite the name for himself as an actor. First acting with Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg in The Wash, Ludacris later found himself in a more popular movie series-- The Fast and the Furious. 

Ludacris has played the character Tej in five of the eight Fast and Furious movies, and while he drives some sick cars on screen, it does not quite translate to real life. 

He may have some luxurious cars in his collection, but his favorite is his 1993 Acura Legend. Ludacris had this car before he became famous and it has always had a special place in his heart.

Acura admired his love for the car, so they even restored it for him after his crash in 2015. Not all rappers need expensive cars to be happy.

12 Dream Car: Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton may be the great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton of Hilton Hotels, but she definitely went into another line of work. From modeling, to acting, to shopping, Paris Hilton seemed to be everywhere in the early 2000s. 

While her acting career began to taper off near 2008, that is also the time she bought herself a custom Bentley GT Continental for Christmas. This Bentley is no ordinary Bentley, however.

Oh no, Paris Hilton decided to go all out Barbie and have the car be made pink inside and out. 

West Coast Customs, now a show on The Discovery Channel, fulfilled her request and made her a pink GT Continental with a pink exterior, pink rims, and pink interior. The rims and seats even have her initials etched into them. The car is valued over $200,000.

11 Dream Car: Arnold Schwarzenegger

Even at 70 years old, Arnold Schwarzenegger is still probably one of the toughest manly men out there. Schwarzenegger has gone from bodybuilder, to actor, to governor, and now back to acting, and his vehicle is exactly the type of car you would think that the Terminator would drive. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger may have sold his Bugatti Veyron for $2.5 million earlier this year but now he drives around a military-grade Hummer H1. At the beginning of March, Schwarzenegger was seen driving his beige Hummer in Los Angeles when he went to lunch with some friends. 

Given that this is a man whose first words were “I’m back” after he woke up from open-heart surgery, this car choice makes sense. You can’t get much tougher than a military-grade Hummer. 

10 Don't: Conan O’Brien

Being one of the most famous talk show hosts and getting the occasional acting gig means that Conan O’Brien could afford a wide variety of cars.

Instead of buying a car that you might see Robert Downey Jr. driving, though, Conan prefers to stick with his Ford Taurus SHO. Conan bought this car in 1992 and has loved it ever since.

The car has been his trusty sidekick, next to Andy, and he doesn’t really feel the need to replace it with a more expensive one. The car has been used in a lot of his comedy sketches including one where Brad Pitt speeds away in his Taurus.

Conan may not be able to comfortably purchase a Bugatti Veyron, but he can surely purchase a better car than a 1992 Ford Taurus SHO. 

9 Dream Car: Zooey Deschanel

Tesla cars have come a long way since their launch in 2008. Creator Elon Musk has successfully made electric cars popular, even though they are not exactly affordable. 

Celebrities often have over $100,000 to throw towards a new Tesla and over a dozen Hollywood stars already have, including Zooey Deschanel. 

Zooey Deschanel is the proud owner of a Tesla Model S. The Model S can go from 0-60 in 2.5 seconds, travel 355 miles before a charge, and has features such as ultrasonic sensors, autopilot, and even a 007 Easter egg.

That’s right, a car with a hidden Easter egg. When you type in the code "007" on the touchscreen, James Bond’s Lotus submarine car, from The Spy Who Loved Me, will appear on the screen and you get the ability to raise and lower your car.

8 Dream Car: Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio is one rich, Oscar-winning actor who has a deep love for the environment. He has continually marched in rallies and given speeches in regard to the issue of global climate change.

DiCaprio even went as far creating The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, which is “dedicated to the long-term health and wellbeing of all Earth’s inhabitants.”

With climate change being a topic that Leonardo DiCaprio is this passionate about, it makes sense that his set of wheels would reflect this.

DiCaprio owns the eco-friendly electric hybrid Fisker Karma. He bought this car since electric cars obviously eliminate toxic fumes from regular gas guzzling cars and because of the extended-mileage capability. 

The Fisker Karma looks like a sleek sports car and is priced around $100,000, but at least if you bought one you’d know that Leonardo DiCaprio would be proud of you.

7 Don't: Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood is an American actor-turned-director who has directed several Oscar-nominated movies such as Million Dollar Baby and American Sniper.

Eastwood may be a four-time Oscar Winning director, but his choice of cars definitely does not reflect this. In his ripe age of 87, Eastwood does not deem it necessary to get some flashy car that he can positively afford. Instead, Clint Eastwood drives around an old GMC Typhoon. 

In the '90s, the GMC Typhoon was faster than many sports cars, getting to 60mph in 5.6 seconds. The GMC Typhoon was only sold in 1992 and 1993 and was a turbocharged sport SUV. 

The Typhoon may not be some lavish sports car, but it is a car we can see Clint Eastwood driving.

6 Dream Car: Kim Kardashian

It seems like you can't even go one week without hearing something about the Kardashians. Whether it is from their show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, which has been on for a staggering 14 seasons, or some eccentric photo of Kim pouring champagne into a glass resting on her bottom, there is always something going on with the Kardashians. 

Given that Kim Kardashian is married to Kayne West, there is plenty of money to go around that Kim shows off with her choice of cars. Their car collection contains an Ashton Martin DB9, a Lamborghini Aventador, a Mercedes SLR, and most notably, a Ferrari 458 Italia. 

The Ferrari 458 Italia can go from 0-60 in three seconds and ranges in price from $150,000-$275,000 depending on the features you get. Cost is no obstacle, though, when it comes to the Kardashians. 

5 Dream Car: Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld may be out of the Hollywood spotlight at the moment, but his hilarious role on Seinfeld will never be forgotten.

Anybody who is a fan of Jerry Seinfeld should know that he has a passion for sports cars, especially Porches. The celebrity has chosen an expensive collection, but thankfully he’s got enough dough to fuel his addiction. 

Seinfeld has quite the car collection including the Porsche 356/2, which is dated back to 1949. He has dozens of cars from throughout the decades, but his crowned jewel may be the Porche 959. 

This white Porsche 959 goes for around $700,000 and is actually quite rare, which is why Seinfeld had to have it in his collection. Most people collect movies or bottle caps, but Jerry Seinfeld owns a multi-million dollar car collection. 

4 Don't: Christian Bale

Christian Bale is one talented actor. Bale has bared it all in movies like American Psycho and suited up as a superhero in The Dark Knight trilogy.

Even though he has gone above and beyond to make his roles authentic, he is known for being quite the hot head, especially after the Terminator: Salvation incident. 

Bale has made a ton of money through out his acting career and even won Oscars for his talent. Despite his massive amount of money, Bale prefers to sport around a Toyota Tacoma. 

The Toyota Tacoma may not be very fuel efficient, but Bale may just be using this low-key car to avoid unwanted attention from fans.  

Whatever his reason, a Toyota Tacoma is not something you would imagine Bruce Wayne picking up girls in. 

3 Dream Car: Cameron Diaz

Elon Musk made it his mission to make his line of cars spell out the word that summarizes the look of the vehicles. Model S, Model 3, Model X, and the upcoming Model Y make up the naming convention “S3XY” and celebrities seem to love his cars. 

Cameron Diaz is just one of the many celebrities who opted to purchase one of the popular Tesla models. Diaz has been seen driving around a Tesla Model S while going to the gym and shopping, but the look of her car is not what most people would expect. 

This Charlie’s Angel went with the basic model with the standard stock rims and interior, but that does not mean that the car isn't expensive. Her model of the car still starts out at $75,000, which is still out of the average person's price range. 

2 Dream Car: Chris Tucker

Chris Tucker is widely known for being a Hollywood funny guy, which is surprising when you realize that he only has 19 acting credits in his short filmography. 

Despite being in some serious IRS debt a few years ago, Chris Tucker still knows how to drive in style. Late last year while attending the SAG Awards in Hollywood, Tucker showed up on the red carpet wearing a tuxedo and driving an Aston Martin Vanquish. 

Chris Tucker has made people split their sides with laughter, and now he seems to be making people’s jaws drop with his choice of vehicle. Hopefully, he will be able to bring the laughs and sweet cars when he returns to his role of Detective James Carter in Rush Hour 4.

1 Don't: Colin Farrell

From evil wizards to futuristic spies, Colin Farrell has been all over Hollywood. Farrell is another actor who does not need a fancy car to live in happiness. This actor has been spotted multiple times driving around in an old Ford Bronco.  

He is said to have bought the car for $11,000, which is nothing compared to some of the other luxurious cars on this list. Farrell may have bought a cheaper car to try to avoid his fans, but he does not really have a history of being annoyed by his fans. 

Even when you are rich and famous, sometimes driving around an old beater and saving a ton of money is better than worrying about wrecking a multi-million dollar car. 


What are some of your favorite celebrity cars? Let us know in the comment section!

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