15Halle Berry As Catwoman

Halle Berry in Catwoman costume

For awhile Halle Berry was on top of the world. She was an X-man and a Bond girl. She was a triple threat, easily earning herself a Golden Globe, Emmy and an Oscar. However, she made one crucial career mistake: she agreed to play Patience Phillips in the 2004

film Catwoman.

With a devastating 9% Rotten Tomatoes score and four Razzies, Catwoman was a hot mess. Most described the film as shallow and boring. Berry herself referred to it as a “piece of s**t,” while collecting her own Razzie for the titular role.

Berry’s resumé became a lot more sparse (and a lot less impressive) after she donned those infamous cat ears. Berry has slowly started to regain the star power she once had, but things have never fully gone back to the way they were.

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