Dodged Bullets: 14 Actors Who Were Almost Superheroes

John Krasinski as Captain America

It was only recently that John Krasinski was the surprise favorite to claim the most sought-after superhero role since Superman Returns - that of Steve Rogers in The First Avenger: Captain America.

Apparently the part "was his to lose" after impressing producers during two screen-tests, and Krasinski sat ahead of Channing Tatum, Ryan Phillippe, Mike Vogel and Garrett Hedlund. Chris Evans, of course, eventually leapt over all of them (without even auditioning) to claim the last of Marvel's 'Big Four' and also book his spot in The Avengers.

Evans has had few detractors since he won the coveted role of Rogers, and with good reason. He has that rare ability to seriously act and also buff up big-time, Captain America-style.

Locking Krasinski in as the Cap would have been an adventurous move, given his comedy background - most notably starring as Jim in The Office - but so was casting Michael Keaton as Batman and Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man. Krasinski has a genuinely likable quality, and also just happens to stand six-foot-three. But could he have played the ultimate military tough guy?

Like many before him, Krasinski is left to wonder what might have been...


So that is our list of the actors who almost were superheroes. What did you think? Did we leave anybody out? Sound off in the comments.

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