10 Best Action TV Series To Stream On Netflix

From Narcos to Jessica Jones, these ten action series are the best to stream on Netflix right now.

With tons of new series being released this year, as well as plenty of older, beloved series being made available on the streaming service, its no wonder that Netflix is the world's most popular streaming service with over 137 million subscribers. In addition, Netflix's original programming provides viewers with quality programming that they cannot find anywhere else.

This has made it possible for fans of any genre to find programming to suit their tastes, including those who are looking for high-impact action sequences with plenty of thrills and spills. Let's take a look at some of the best action TV series that Netflix has to offer.

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10 Queen Of The South

This heart-racing thriller follows Teresa Mendoza (played by Alice Braga), a young Mexican woman on the run after her drug-running boyfriend was killed by a notorious cartel. While focusing on Teresa's efforts to avenge her lover's murder, this series also documents Teresa's rise from struggling money changer on the streets of Sinaloa to queen of her own empire.

With a fast-paced plot and plenty of action in exotic locations such as Bolivia, Malta, Mexico, Texas and Arizona, fans of detailed storylines and unexpected plot twists will love this series. The show's first two seasons are currently available on Netflix, with the third one expected to arrive on Netflix later in 2019.

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9 Fauda

One of the most groundbreaking foreign-language series available on Netflix sees a group of Israeli undercover operatives engage in covert missions in the West Bank; tracking down dangerous militants such as the notorious Abu Ahmad.

This series has received widespread praise, particularly for its sincere portrayal of both its Israeli and Palestinian characters as well as their trials and tribulations.

8 Jessica Jones

One of Marvel's more morbid productions, Jessica Jones follows a young woman whose career as a superhero was cut short due to tragedy. Moving to New York City soon after, Jessica starts her own detective agency as a means of helping those around her. Rather than saving the world like most superheroes, Jessica's main priority is being able to cover her expenses and stay afloat each month.

This grim yet compelling series will provide an addictive storyline for anyone with a taste for noir, as well as superhero fans who are looking for something a little darker than the stories involving the majority of Marvel's stereotypical heroes. It is expected to return to Netflix for a third season later this year.

7 When Heroes Fly

Yet another non-English language series, this story follows four war veterans who reunite years later in order to find a woman they all believed dead; namely the sister of one of them and the former girlfriend of another. This discovery leads them to the jungles of Columbia, where they must confront the traumas of their past and band together in order to find this woman and return her to safety.

This series is ideal for adventure seekers who enjoy seeing characters travel far and wide to carry out daring missions.

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6 The Last Kingdom

Alexander Draymon in The Last Kingdom Netflix

For those looking to be transported back hundreds of years to a time of knights in shining armor, wars that were fought with axes and spears, and hordes of ferocious Viking invaders, look no further. The Last Kingdom series follows the adventures of Uhtred, a Saxon man whose family was killed and village sacked by Danish forces, and who was subsequently adopted by a highly-respected Danish warrior.

This series is great for anyone who enjoys a fictional story with historical roots, realistic and intense violence, and subtle displays of romance along the way.

5 Supernatural

In its fourteenth season, Supernatural is one of the longest running shows on TV, yet it shows no signs of decline. This could be due to the heartfelt relationship between protagonists and brothers Sam and Dean Winchester, the array of intriguing encounters with monsters and human guest stars, or riveting storylines such as Castiel's brief defection to the dark side.

A hit with fans of fantasy and action alike, Supernatural's first 13 seasons are available to stream on Netflix, providing viewers with plenty of binge-worthy content.

4 Bodyguard

Richard Madden and Keeley Hawes in Bodyguard Netflix

This show sees Richard Madden deliver a convincing performance as elite bodyguard David Budd, who is assigned to protect Home Secretary Julia Montague, a controversial political figure whose life is in danger due to a devious plot. While often finding himself at odds with Montague, Budd also struggles with the PTSD that he suffers as a result of his military service in Afghanistan.

While only six episodes long, this show's first season will deliver a pleasurable viewing experience for those who enjoy political thrillers, as it exceeds at dealing with content such as government abuse of power for the sake of national security, the struggles of coping with PTSD, and conspiracies of terror.

3 Daredevil

Yet another successful Marvel series, Daredevil follows the adventures of Matt Murdock, a blind vigilante superhero who has vowed to protect his neighborhood, Hell's Kitchen, from crime and injustice. Filled with tons of well-executed fight scenes and compelling storylines surrounding this troubled yet likable superhero, Daredevil promises to hold the attention of superhero lovers for the duration of its three seasons.

Surprisingly, the series was canceled by Netflix near the end of 2018, however viewers can still enjoy Daredevil's escapades on the streaming service.

2 Money Heist (La Casa De Papel)

Foreign-language television series seem to get an exceptionally warm reception on Netflix, and this one is no different. A Spanish production, this psychological thriller revolves around Tokyo, a young woman with a proven record for pulling off bank heists, as well as seven other robbers, all of whom have been recruited by one man to pull off the largest heist in history.

The mastermind of this heist, known simply as The Professor, conceived this idea with one goal in mind; to take control of the National Coinage and Stamp Factory of Spain and print out 2.4 billion Euros in cash. Each episode is filled with suspense and stunning plot twists, as this group of bandits interact with hostages in the factory, police, media and other members of the outside world.

1 Narcos

Those with an affinity to historical thrillers (with events so compelling that they don't even need to be fictionalized for TV) will fall in love with this series. Based on the rise of infamous drug kingpins along with the Cali Cartel and the Mexican Guadalajara cartel, this show documents the stories of DEA Agents who went behind enemy lines in an effort to win the war on drugs.

The original Narcos series, which was based on events in Columbia and ran for three seasons, was so popular that a spinoff, Narcos: Mexico, was released a year later to the delight of its loyal fanbase.

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