Ace Ventura & Major League Reboots Could Be On the Way

As part of a rebranding strategy, Morgan Creek is exploring the possibility of rebooting classic properties like Ace Ventura and Major League.

As part of a rebranding strategy, Morgan Creek is exploring the possibility of rebooting classic properties like Ace Ventura and Major League. This comes at a time where every production company and major studio around is trying desperately to mine its own back catalog in search of a future hit. While those who'd prefer original film and TV content continue to take issue with this reliance on franchises, it seems unlikely to stop being the norm in Hollywood anytime soon.

1994's Ace Ventura: Pet Detective was of course the film that first rocketed star Jim Carrey to superstardom, and it remains one of only two films of Carrey's to see him return for the sequel, 1995's Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls. Ace also starred in his own animated series, albeit without any Carrey involvement. Often cited as one of the best sports comedies out there, the original Major League hit theaters in 1989, and starred notable names like Charlie Sheen, Tom Berenger, and Wesley Snipes. Two sequels followed, both of which failed to match the original's success.

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The news of potential Ace Ventura and Major League reboots comes via a new Deadline report about Morgan Creek's current attempt to revitalize its brand, including changing the name of the company from Morgan Creek Productions to Morgan Creek Entertainment Group. Morgan Creek is focusing on adapting its properties into TV series, but is also open to film continuations as well, with a film possibly serving as a companion piece to an accompanying series. For example, Ace is seen as being a viable franchise for either film, TV, or both.

Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls

The current plan for Ace Ventura is not to remake the original films, but instead craft a continuation of the franchise that focuses on a long-lost son or daughter that steps in to take over Ace's pet detective business. Morgan Creek says they would welcome Carrey's return as Ace, but that's probably more wishful thinking than anything, given Carrey's general dislike of doing sequels. Specific plans for how Morgan Creek plans to revamp Major League have yet to be revealed, although it should be noted that Sheen expressed interest in returning to the franchise earlier this year.

Outside of Ace Ventura and Major League, Morgan Creek is also exploring a reboot of the Young Guns franchise, as well as a TV series adaptation of Nightbreed, which creator Clive Barker would reportedly be involved with in some capacity. David Cronenberg is also said to be supportive of rebooting his 1988 psychological thriller Dead Ringers as a series. One shouldn't expect all of these reboots and revivals to hit at once though, as Morgan Creek wants to make half their production portfolio franchise continuations and the other half original projects.

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Source: Deadline

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