San Andreas isn’t the only disaster movie on the way in the first half of 2015. The long-abandoned David O. Russell political romantic comedy Accidental Love (formerly known as Politics of Love and originally called Nailed) is finally staggering its way to theatrical and VOD release in February, as the producers desperately try to scrape back some of the millions of dollars that were sunk into it.

Accidental Love stars Jessica Biel as a woman who is shot in the head with a nail gun just as her boyfriend (James Marsden) proposes to her. She doesn’t have the life insurance to pay for the removal of the nail, so Biel’s character is left to succumb to wild mood swings that include extreme bursts of lustful desire. This drives her into the arms of an unscrupulous Congressman (Jake Gyllenhaal) as she campaigns on behalf of other people with bizarre injuries.

The trailer for Accidental Love has now been released and all of the stars look very young in it, probably because the film was shot in 2008. Production was shut down 14 times, actor James Caan dropped out over the course of the disastrous shoot, and not all of the scenes had been filmed by the time production wrapped for good. The trailer credits the director as “Stephen Greene”, which is almost certainly a pseudonym for Russell that’s being used to keep his real name off the finished product.

Accidental Love looks like a bit of a mess, based on the trailer, and it probably doesn’t help that it had quite a messy premise to begin with. If it pops up on Netflix then it might be worth checking out as a curiosity, but this probably isn’t a must-see in theaters… or anywhere, really.

The release of the trailer was accompanied by a stunningly bad poster with an equally terrible tagline.

Accidental Love poster Accidental Love Trailer: The Film David O. Russell Disowned

Accidental Love is on VOD from February 10th, 2015, and hits theaters on February 20th.

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