What to Expect from Absentia Season 2

Absentia examines the disappearance of an FBI agent, and her subsequent return to society. Here's everything we know about Absentia season 2.

Absentia Amazon

Absentia season 2 releases on Amazon Prime this summer, but what can fans expect from the new season? It’s been over a year since Amazon's new thriller series, Abesntia, premiered, with a gripping story that chronicles an FBI agent’s disappearance and subsequent return to society.

In Absentia, Stana Katic stars as Special Agent Emily Byrne. Upon investigating a serial killer in Boston, she disappears for a full six years, which leads to her being declared dead in absentia. She’s ultimately discovered alive and with no memory, which makes life even more challenging, especially when she becomes a prime suspect in new murder cases.

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Absentia season 1 ends with narrative resolution, as Emily’s captor is revealed, along with details about her childhood in a orphanage, one that involved behavioral experiments. Meanwhile, she must face the truth about her new normal, as her husband Nick (Patrick Heusinger) re-married, and her son Flynn (Patrick McAuley) essentially has a new mother, Alice (Cara Theobold). Here’s everything we know about Absentia season 2, including its release date and story details.

Absentia Season 2 Release Date

Absentia Amazon

Absentia season 1 originally aired on Sony Pictures’ pay channel, AXN. After being picked up by Amazon, Absentia season 1 premiered on the streaming service on February 2, 2018, and was later renewed for season 2 the following June. Absentia season 2 releases on June 14, 2019, on Amazon Prime. The aforementioned Katic will return as Absentia season 2's lead/co-producer, and Absentia season 2 will begin with the episode "Casualties".

Absentia Season 2 Story

In March 2019, Amazon released a trailer for Absentia season 2. In addition, details about the storyline have been revealed. In the teaser clip, Emily attempts to re-adjust to normal life, but she's clearly still in danger, evidenced by the 72-second trailer's collective imagery. Absentia season 2 will focus on Emily’s struggle to overcome everything that not only happened during her six years in captivity but also during her childhood. She’ll reportedly enlist a Boston detective, portrayed by Angel Bonanni, to investigate her past, hoping to find some clarity about what exactly is going on. The Absentia season 2 trailer suggests that authorities believe Emily is “violent” and “dangerous,” thus making her a threat.

Will Absentia Season 3 Happen?

Absentia Amazon

At this point, it’s difficult to pinpoint whether Absentia season 2 will resonate with viewers enough to warrant a season 3. Absentia doesn’t have the critical acclaim of Amazon’s comedy series The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, but what’s important is that viewers watch and connect with the series lead, Katic. The 40-year-old Canadian-American actress has a strong professional track record, as she starred in ABC’s Castle from 2009 to 2016. Given the mysterious back story of her new character Emily Byrne, Absentia season 2 could easily set up a larger narrative.

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Absentia season 2 releases on June 14 on Amazon Prime.

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