30 Literary Mash-Ups Crazier Than 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter'

By: Paul A. Freeman

Description: Medieval civilization was under threat from the undead. When lion-hearted Richard ruled the roost of England, he decided that to boost His regal reputation he should mount a war to wrest from Turkish men the fount of Christendom; yet in that desert land a zombie plague emerged from ’midst the sand. A necromancer’s alchemistic spell Reanimated corpses bound for Hell (And even bound for Heaven’s pearly gate).

Soon after ’twas apparent that the fate of all on Earth--the evil and the good-- was in the hands of Robin of the Hood whose outlaw men, along with Friar Tuck, against rampaging hordes of zombies struck. They fought to save the likes of you and I, not caring that one slip might make them die. Their tale lies here, within this humble book-- I pray you’ll spare the time to take a look.

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